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How to design and install sprinkler, drip system to water lawn, garden, landscape.

The Liberty Dollar American inflation-proof currency. A national organization for the repeal of the Federal Reserve Act and the Internal Revenue Code. Issues currency that is backed by warehouse receipts of gold and silver.

Tom Grisham's Gun Talk Down to earth commentary on firearms.

some of you may have seen these, some may not,,, just posting them

-- Stan (, August 10, 2002


There's a group who believe the 1929 depression was caused by some of the worlds wealthiest buisnessman in order for them to gain the possesion of the nations gold and have federal reserve notes ( the current U.S. currency ) replace the silver and gold certificate dollars that were once the U.S. currency. Gold and silver certificates dollars were suppose to be actual representaion of the valuable metals and could be cashed in for gold or silver. And federal reserve notes are like a credit slip . Gold and silver coins used to be the currency before the gold and silver certificates and people were convinced that gold and silver were heavy , and it would be easier to carry around the gold and silver certificates which could always be traded in back for gold or silver. Golds value at the time was $35 dollars an ounce. But after everyone turned in their gold for the gold certificates the value of gold went up sharply, makeing the gold certificates low in value . It was believed to be a conspiracy of these wealthy buisnessman to obtain large ammounts of wealth (gold )at the expense of the people who were left with the lower valued paper . The group also believes that president John F. Kennedy wanted to and was going to try to repeal the Federal Reserve act and that's why he was assasinated. I'll see if I can find that web site. I actually don't understand the whole thing , I'm just drawing on memory of what I read . And memory isn't one of my strong traits .

-- SM Steve (, August 11, 2002.

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