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Hi, Sometimes when I'm downloading Mpegs from the internet It turns to be a corrupted file but I'm not sure since I find a lot of files that act the same. The story is let's say a 150Mb file but win media player says it's just 54 sec or 2 minutes or so. It will play until the end (about 17-18 minutes) but I can't jump forward or backward and when I try that I never find my self in the same place. I tried to encode the files again to be a VCD compatible but It didn't work out. I'm using WinXp and Mpeg1 on my Win Media player are decoded by Ligos Decoder. Most of the files are fine but am I missing something here ? Thanks in advance . Lior

-- Lior Mizrahi (, August 10, 2002


The simple answer is that many of the people who make movies available for download don't know what they are doing when they encode. You get what you pay for. You download movies for free, there are no guarantees they'll work when you get them.

-- Root (, August 12, 2002.

The "mpeg" file you downloaded sounded more like an ASF file. The person you downloaded from might have change the extension from *.asf to *.mpg (something like that). Although asf format was created by microsoft, strange enough wmp can only play but can't browse it (u can't jump to the middle of the show). Try using Cyberlink powerdvd, it is the only player I had ever used which can browse asf files (it needed a few seconds to browse to the part u desire).

-- signsix (, October 28, 2002.

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-- idiot head (, January 01, 2004.

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