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I wanted to pass this along to any VCD lovers reading this. I've finally released this site, after 1000's of hours of work over the last few months. (Note the "dot-US" !!)

VCDHelp.US has been months in the making, and has finally been released to the public as a free VCD supersite, so to speak. The collection of tutorials is growing daily, as is the number of available downloads (hosted right on the site, by the way.... no annoying redirects to tucows, etc)

You'll find everythjing you ever wanted to know about VCD creation on this site, or your money back. (That's why I made it free! LOL)

Jake Russell Webmaster -

-- Jake Russell (thejake420@hotmail.invalid), August 10, 2002


Hmm... Not to be nitpicky or anything but the name sounds similar to the already well-established

-- (no@spam.wanted), August 10, 2002.

I agree it sounds like a ripoff of the already undisputed Not to be rude but I did take a peek and it is decent but not high quality like Is your next venture gonna be something like ?? Try for something original and I'd be happy to visit your site ;)

-- sa (, September 13, 2002.

Apparently we haven't looked at the site. There is nothing similar about and other than the name (which was suggested because of the "Help Us" reference in the URL...) is rapidly becoming the busiest VCD tutorial site on the web, and certainly has the most traffic of any related site on the web. While we've only been around for a few months, the content speaks for itself, as does the user-friendly interface.

While growing by leaps and bounds, I've also managed to keep it ad- free, something which the .com has been blatantly unable to do. No pop-ups, no 10,000 banners all over the place... just good, on-topic content, and a large download area (which is actually hosted by me, rather than redirecting people to Cnet like some folks tend to do...)

Jake Webmaster

-- Jake Russell (thejake420@hotmail.invalid), November 03, 2002.

Unrelated, but it seems to fit here...

I'm proud to announce that got its 1,000,000th hit early this morning. Thanks to everyone who was part of this explosive growth, and a warm welcome to those who haven't been by yet.

Jake Webmaster -

-- Jake Russell (thejake420@hotmail.invalid), November 08, 2002.

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