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Hi, i have a briggs and straton 5hp engine, i currently have it striaght piped with a stainless steal 1 inch diameter pipe thats about 2 to 3 feet long, and a K&N air filter on it, i was wondering if there is anything i can do to supercharge or put a turbo on it, or anything else to get maxium performance, i top out at about 32-35 mph which is pretty nice but id like to go faster if possible. Thanks!

-- jake (, August 10, 2002


How much money do you want to spend. The easiest way to go is with Hansen's supercharger system.( I own an Emmick Sprint go kart that I am currently rebuilding. It also has a Briggs 5hp racing engine. I am going to attempt to install a Ford air pump for a supercharger. I have no idea if this will work but it is worth a try. I have found numerous sites where people have "said" they successfully supercharged a go kart. The only problem would be keeping the head on. I can max out at 65mph right now but I want to reach 80.

Good luck and keep the pedal to the metal. If you would like the web addresses to some of these sites feel free to ask. Let me know if you come up with any new ideas in the mean time.


-- Mike Hullibarger (, August 28, 2002.

cool i found someone else that likes to throw turbos on stuff. when i was younger my friends and i put a small turbo on a kholer 8hp and that thing hauled butt. it didnt really increase top end because you can only rev so high but it got there noticably faster and it sounded cool too.

-- toyota dude (, January 08, 2003.

maybe try an electric bed inflator with propane or something?

-- david pearce (, March 06, 2003.

if anyone has proven plans that works, i would be greatfull! sounds like a cool idea! THANKS! PARKER, AT

-- mc parker (, March 11, 2003.

an electric bed inflator and propane? that is the stupidest thing I have ever heard. Heres what ya do. get a fire extinguisher and fill it with jello brand choclate pudding it has to be jello or it wont work. now stick the hose directly in the carb and squeez the trigger and hang on. but any way I've used a leaf blower attachment for a weedeater, it doesent pull too much power to run and makes good boost just run it with a chain and gear it up so it spins about 7000rpm with the engine running at top speed. you cant turbocharge a 5 hp briggs and stratton they dont make a turbo small enough. the engine has to make enough exaust pressure to spin the turbo the smallest one I've ever seen was for a 900cc superbike.

-- adam (, March 18, 2003.

I have a go-cart powered by a raptor 5hp briggs racing engine it goes somewhere around 30mph. Just last night i started a conversation with my father about this very topic. We cocluded that supercharchging would be much easier than usin a turbo because we figured we could use a smog pump off of a car. A smog pump seems like the right size compared to the engine.

Another thing to consider is fuel delivery, if you want to use a carb the easiest way would be to place the supercharger between the crab and the engine. IE: Bolt the carb to the intake of the smog pump and feed the exhaust port of the smog pump into the engine. Of course you could always convert it to fuel injection. There are many ways to do this, you could make it real complex if you electronicly inject it but this requires a battery and probably a way to charge the battery. Another fuel injection method would be to use a constant displacement mechanical fuel pump.

Yet another thing to consider is fuel and compression. By using a blower on an engine you raise the cylendar pressure. So if you are using gas you may raise the pressure to high and cause detonation, an uncontrolled explosion in the cylendar, which can very easily damage your engine. There are ways to correct this, one is to lower the compression of your engine but that would require altering the engine either the head, the stroke, or the piston. You can also retard the ignition allowing for max cylendar pressere after TDC (top dead center) this alows you to keep a high compression ratio and efectively increase the power output of your supercharged engine. Since most of these engines use a magneto style inginition you can retard the ignition by moving the sensor a few degrees or using an offsetting the flywheel a few degrees. Which is mainly done by using an offset keyway. However you won't have this problem if you use alchohol or racing gasoline as they can be used in engines with higher compressions. But alchohol carbs are quite expensive, however if you create your own fuel injection you can run whatever fuel you want. By switchching to alchohol or fuel injection or both you already increase your power outpuit and then you can increase it more by supercharging it.

Mechanically aspirating your engine will not give you a higher top speed, but will alow you to accelerate more quickly. Top speed is dependant on the gearing and the rpm of your set up. Since you can produce more power however you can change the gear ratio to give you a higher speed. But remember this is a give and take system, the lower the ratio the higher the top speed but a lower acceleration. A higher ratio alows you to accelerate quicker but you'll be running your top rpm at a slower speed. This is what makes a torque converter so cool. The torque converter i am reffering to is not like the ones for automatic transmision cars it is a device made for gocarts which actively changes the gear ratio to alow for gereat acceleration and great top speed. This whole thing about gear ratios is why cars have transmissions, the transmisions contain different gear sets which have different gear ratios. While on most go-carts the engine drives the axel with a fixed set of gears.

Please keep in mind that i have not done, tried, or tested any of these things as of yet. In order to implement any of these ideas alot of work, thinking, and calculating must go into it, so that the end result is the safest and most efficient way to make power out of your setup.

-- John (, April 07, 2003.

leaf blower. take a car battery charge it up,put it between your legs and you have a power source. you will want to put a reostat in the curcuit for tuning purposes,(some of these blowers can move as much as 380 cfm. which is about the amount of air a 2.0 liter engine consumes at 5000 rpm the variable resitor will allow you to reduce this and precisely control air flow it will also extend battery life unlike some kind of blow off valve.)you want the smallest blower you can find.then using the vac attachment,your new intake,you want to cut it down and mount your carb on top of the open end or close the open end and put a side draft on the side or something.just so everything is sealed and all the air flows through the carb.then pipe the outlet into the engine.this setup has many advatages because its relatively simple and cheap,also introducing the fuel before the impellor will give you awesome fuel dispersal but run high octane fuel with an octane booster!!!!!!!!!!!. better safe than sorry.

plan b the second possible solution to this problem is sort of the same but uses the highest flow computer case fans you can find.epoxy them together edge to edge so they are flat then fabricate a box that tapers at both ends put the carb on one end and the engine on the other make sure the fans blow into the engine. i would use at least six fans and use a reostat as above.

-- kyle (doc ) goldston (conal, April 10, 2003.

where can you buy a 12 volt leafblower? maybe that is possible with a power inverter? anyway I am experimenting with a 12v bed inflator pump controlled by a motor speed controller, running off of a motorcycle battery, but when I run the pump the engine runs lean and dies. It needs more fuel, obviously. I have a blowtorch rigged to the intake, and have succesfully ran the engine on pure propane, opening the blowtorch valve to let propane in, and then disconnecting the bottle before starting, so it will not run for more than a few seconds. Im afraid to run it on propane with the bottle connected, as I dont feel like being around if it splodes. does anyone have a good idea on some kind of simple, pressurized fuel delivery? (besides chocolate jello?)

-- david pearce (, April 11, 2003.

Hey finnaly some people just like me.... yeah i'm bent on pure horsepower also... trying to turbo/suercharge eveything... One thing i have expermented with (i've gotten results... but it needs to bemore refined and tweaked) is (if you are creative) taking a dust buster and a few old vaccuum cleaner hoses some scraps of plastic and tons of hot glue and making a custom shroud around the output of the dust buster(those stupid little grates on the outsides that blow all the dust that you are about to pick up in every direction) and feeding it into your carb. Thing is seeing how I did this to a lawn tractor i already had a 12V power source and plugged it into reostat (very large one from Hope it helps... in the near future i will be trying that smog pump idea.. i like the sounds of that.


-- Aaron Rathbun (, April 15, 2003.

Ahhhh.... All this crap you all are talking about. Can't even supercharge a brigs??? Ahhh. I've been in the business for 3 years. Everything is supercharged around my place. Some examples you want?? Here's a few. A "hot" 91 Surf Blue FESTIVA, with a 4-71 huffer with dual dominators. Only 1350cfm's a peice. Don't wanna drown it you know. Also is my Ryobi 1.75hp weed wacker. Now this baby can sling the grass with my newly innovated triple hair dryer derived air compressor. Sure you need to run 3 extension cords to your work area, but man you can take down hedges with this sucker. I recommend the Pamida brand 5 packs of extension cords, you're going to hit a few when the torque gets out of hand. And finally, my latest accomplishment is a supercharged cigarette lighter. Yeah, seems like a waste of time your thinking. But 4 packs a day is what I smoke. So you can see the benifits it gives me. There are 3 main things to my mega-powered lighter 1 fanny pack with pint size propane tank, first, drain the propane, second add nitromethane. 2. Ignightor in the end of your hose "attached to the tank of course" 3 2 9 volt batteries wired to my 280 motor from my racing lamborgini R/C car, attach a mini-spool squirrel cage to that. BOOM you got a 1 foot flame on your hands. Sorry, but details are mey little secret. Will send blueprints for packs of Old Golds.

Now to really make your 5 horse scream, your going to need to tear her down and get to that camshaft. Your going to want a healthy supply of 6013 welding rods to get those lobes up to .890 inch. Careful not to overheat it too much or you'll lose the temper. Next, remove your head, mill off .020 inch, and use 5-6 tubes of JB weld to make some serious squeeze. You'll need a Splitfire or Bosch Platnium +4 to light this baby off. Finally use some 2" thick walled steel tubing to route the exhaust from that horsepower robbing muffler, straight into your intake manifold. Not only will your motor be creating the optimum amount of boost per stroke, you'll have zero emmisions and be saving the environment. So you won't have to feel guilty about smoking your 5th pack of Old Golds.

If this info helps I encourage you to contact me so we can set up a deposit to my Paypal account.

- Dabid

-- Dabid J. Sabjula (, April 19, 2003.

Ok Dabid, Congradualtions!!!you get the award for the biggest dumbass of the year! you cant run an engine on its own ehaust gasses. I hope you blow yourself up with your turbo lighter. Any ways for the rest of u guys, Do you want to turbo your engine up to 40 hp with 20 dollars? Use a smog pump from a car. they prduce like 60 psi of boost and can be driven from a belt off the flywheel and they are easy as hell to rig up. basically u get a wheelstanding gokart or mini drag bike, u pick your application

-- chris Gorman (, April 25, 2003.

I don't think you are going to get 60psi from a smog pump, about 5-10 psi is about what I recall. If you need a real boost get a turbocharger and take off the exaust section, and replace the exaust turbine with a pully and run that to your power take off. If you want to be a ground breaker why not make a power exaust scavenger? hook the thing to your exaust and create neg pressure on your exaust pipe.

-- Kimric Smythe (, May 02, 2003.

I have read somewhere on the internet that a smog pump is capable of 60 psi at approx. 8000 rpm. The site is here. I just got my mower engine running w/ fuel injection yesterday and I have a smog pump that is almost ready to go on, once I get it working ill post some results.

-- david pearce (, May 03, 2003.

Well the first thing I would do well ill list some things to do:make bottom sproket bigger,get a better air filter,get a torque converter, get a racing clutch,change gear ratios,change the oil,run synthetic oil.if you do this you go fast because I put some of that stuff on my gocart and it went adout 115 mph.

-- Spencer smith (, May 12, 2003.

hey im new here but am very interested in supercharging ect. i have built an 80cc motorized scooter and have thought about charging it but its a 2 stroke motor will it just blow the fuel out the exhaust. i know they use tuned pipes but i just wondered if its possible. also i have bee told 2 things one makes more sense than the other.

1. you have to suck through a carb when supercharging 2. you can blow through the carb because the shape of the venturi it creates low pressure howeva the air goes in. but wont this create pressure when it reaches more boost than the engine is sucking and blow the fuel back up the line??

can you please set me straight. i am new to this topic and only know the basics. you might want to check out this awsome site of a turbochargewd barstool cheers

-- oliver nice (, May 14, 2003.

soz for some reson that link doesnt work ill try it again soz if it doesnt work.

-- oliver nice (, May 14, 2003.

hey soz i dnt think that link worked ill post it again

-- oliver nice (, May 14, 2003.

that guy with the barstool is nuts! I have read about two stroke engines that were supercharged but I think they were engines in giant boats, however they were using poppet valves, not ports. I think you are right about the blow through carb, to solve that the fuel pressure would have to be higher than the boost pressure you are running. david

-- david pearce (, May 15, 2003.

Supercharging with a smog pump will be the easiest way, but a decently fabbed turbo setup will not only be cooler, but more efficient. The problem is you'll need a pressurized oil supply to feed the turbo bearings. Gong with a draw-through carb setup will be easier as well, no matter which power adder you use. With a blow- through, you have to have pressurized fuel to the carb and if you use a float-type carb, collapse-proof floats.

You also cannot just take the exhaust housing off of a turbo and hook up a pulley(which would make it a centrifugal suprcharger). The turbo's turbine and shaft are one piece so you'e have to make new shaft with a pulley mount. Plus, with the turbo's center section, you wouls still need an oil supply.

-- Rich (, May 18, 2003.

I'm new here but I feel I might have hit the jackpot with a recent project that might be of intrest to all. I have a 17 hp briggs that I just put on a street cart and wanted even more power. obviously, they just dont make turbos small enough even for a 550cc briggs. Well, i was sitting outside looking at this thing trying to figure out how to supercharg it...the shroud had a hole on it and i noticed that a sh!tload of air was coming i took the shoud and moulded in a duct to collect air from the cooling fins on the flywheel. I then had to seal the bottom half of the cover so dirt didnt get in. As for the air filter...I used bondo to make a duck over the flywheel and put a big filter from a chevy 350 on it. Looks cool, and flows better than anything. I tested the motor and here's what i got....idle: 2psi 2,00rpm: 5psi 3,000rpm: 7.5psi 4,000 rpm 8.2 psi 5,000rpm 8.9 psi and 6,000rpm was a solid 9.3 psi. Now, all of u out there that think psi is the only thing that matters....use the pudding idea above. What really matters is the VOLUME of air...example: 300cfm of air at 12 psi has roughly the same power gain as 150cfm at 24psi. Now back to your flywheel.. This sucker is made just to move LOTS of LOW PRESSURE air. which is good till about 10 psi (I did hit 10.3psi @ 7,500rpm...but i dont think i would like to run her that fast with it mounted behind me) anyhow, I've recently had the kard dynoed at the motorcycle proformance shop where i work. I ran it on 110 unleaded race gas, w/ a ported head that has an extra spark plug, stock carb. she made 47.8 hp @ 6,000 rpm and 43.9 ft/lbs of torque @ 4,800 rpm (thats where the flywheel is most efficient at pumping air) This was all measured at the rear wheel. So its safe to say I have a 50 hp B&S motor! This was all done with an air duct!!! total cost was about $30..(bondo, sheet metal, tubing, filter, extra spark plug and wire.) best part, I did it in just 2 days. thats how easy it is!! hope this helps someone. and if you still dont believe me, email me and I will send pics.

-- steve (, May 19, 2003.

Here's what you could do.. 1. You first take a shop vac that has a reverse button, so the air will blow out the hose. Hook it up directly onto the intake on the carburetor. This will increase horsepower. 2. Take a hose and attach it onto the muffler or exhuast pipe. Install a small air filter towards the other end of the hose. Using that end put it onto the intake of the carburetor. This way all of the exhaust will be recycled into boost. It may not be a lot, but it will increase horsepower. 3. Place your mouth over the carburetor and blow as hard as you can. If your dumb enough to think these will work, then your dumb enough to give it a try. Who knows? It may just work!

-- J-Dawg (, May 21, 2003.

I have a 5.5 hp Honda GX160 motor on my go-kart and im trying to supercharge it, i was going to use the smog pump idea and connect the pully to the motor output shaft, how much hp do u think it will give me? Also, will it blow the motor?

-- Geoff Warner (, May 22, 2003.

Anyone got some pics of how this smog pump thing works?

-- duzn tmatter (, May 22, 2003.

Okay, I've personal experience with this idea.

Turbocharging a 2-stroke: This is really complex. Basically it involves an active valve on the exhaust. Remember that the fuel intake also pushes the remaining exhaust gasses out; timing is crutial. In otherwords, get a 4-stroke! Tuned-pipes and engine porting are really the only 2 viable options here. That, and N2O works wonders in 2 stroke applications.

Supercharged briggs: This is fun; I've done it several times just out of curriosity. Basically, you need a smog-pump (I used one off of a Chevy 350, but just as long as it has an intake and exhaust tube, you're probably going to be okay), 2 "Y" valves, and some appropriate hose. Setup goes like this: Carbeurator (pref. the "CV" style Mikuni's) to "Y" valve. Run one end of the "Y" to the smog- pump, and the other end to another "Y" valve. Then, run the exhaust of the smog pump to the remaining end of the 2nd "Y" valve, and then attach the "Y" to the engine's intake. Now, you'll have to rig the valves to open when the throttle is opened (supercharger ON) and close when the throttle is closed; I used solenoids, but you can use whatever you want. If you don't use "Y" valves, it'll be a PITA to start, it'll respond VERY sluggishly, and not be much fun to operate. Now you've got to gear the smog-pump correctly. This is where you're you're going to make or break your engine (literally). You HAVE to find out how much pressure the pump is capable of generating at a certain RPM. Some can produce only 1-5PSI at around 6,000rpm, and others will easily produce 10-15psi at 4,000 rpm. Overboosting your engine will lead to craked pistons, thrown rods, and my favorite, the exploding cylinder head! Depending on your engine's compression ratio, and as a realistic goal, keep the boost between 1-5lbs for 89-octane fuel, 3-7lbs for 91octane, and 6-12lbs for 150 octane/alchohol. You're going to have to play with carbeurator settings/jets. You'll have to run it very rich when it's not using the now-supercharger. You'll also REALLY want to use a tuned pipe for exhaust. The stock cam is okay for most boost applications (very little overlap). You will want to retard the timing by 20degreese ATDC, to avoid detonation (and on a briggs, it really does go BAANG!). If you blow your engine or get hurt, don't blame me. In reality, it doesn't require a degree in thermodynamics/fluid dynamics to supercharge a 4-stroke engine, but to do it properly requires an intimate knowledge of the 4-stroke process, air-to-fuel ratios, how air acts under pressure, and how to counteract the BAD things that can happen to your now supercharged engine. I suggest buying a few old running lawnmower engines to play with. Safety first!

(stupid dial-up internet sucks; apologies if there are any copies of this message)

-- full name (, May 25, 2003.

I've seen these smog pumps used on 12hp Kohler cub cadet pulling tractors, these are serious horsepower machines.The tractor I saw was called "Magnum Force", guy was from Terre Haute,IN. Must guys had to rev the engine first and thing let clutch out,but this guy dumped the clutch first then hit the gas....unbelievable sight..pulled out the end. Tractor was on alcohol ,belt driven pump carb hooked to intake side of the smog pump via radiator hose and clamps,exit side to intake port on the engine via radiator hose.The guy said 60 hp is what she had,true stuff this smog pump business!

-- Billy (, May 27, 2003.

smog pumps are great ideas and it would work ..however it might take a lil of power away...because to run the pump you have to use the power off the engin to power it

-- connor (, May 29, 2003.

stick a 3 hair driers that blow cold hair out not hot air.This will make it much faster.

-- philip (, June 04, 2003.

Have u thought about using dry ice to cool the air? It would make the air denser. This equals more oxygen getting into the engine thus creating more horse power! Please e-mail me if u like my idea.

-- anonymous (, June 07, 2003.

Can you turbo charge any type of engine ?

-- FIB (, June 10, 2003.

Let me here more about using a hair dryer as a turbo charger, thanks

-- Frank (, June 10, 2003.

not to hyjack but i just tore a 5 hp tech. motor off my dingo, and replaced it with a 71 honda cb 350 (325 cc) motor. If i get 2 smog pumps do you guys think itll make a considerable amount of boost considering the massive air consumption diff?

-- Jason s t (, June 11, 2003.

Yes a smog pump will currently putting a gm smog pump hooked to an electric motor that spins 6000 rpm on my 11 horse briggs.a gm or ford smog pump is capable of 5psi of boost,if you can get your hands on one from a porsche its capable of 7psi.

-- david dziengelewski (, June 12, 2003.

if you have a 8 hp B&S engine and you put a hair drier on it what would the hp turn into?

-- FIB (, June 12, 2003.

Guys send me some pics & video of your projects

-- FIB (, June 12, 2003.

My friends and I are working on the smog pump supercharger for a E-Z- GO golf cart 9HP with 2 cylinders, would this be a viable method of supercharging and would it make a big difference liek it does on a B&S?

-- Geoff Warner (, June 13, 2003.

i have a tecumseh 3.5 hp engine go-kart, and i know pretty much nothing about engines, and i was wondering if someone could give me easy directions to make my go-kart go faster

-- steven penske (, June 15, 2003.

e-mail me and i'll let you know a few tips. i won't put it out for everyone to read. i've been building 5 hp engine for racing karts for @ 10 years, some national engines, mostley super stock .i have a few engines on hand that i will build to your needs. paul

-- paul (, June 21, 2003.

FIB or Frank whatever ur name is... How do u expect to put a hair dryer on a 1975 8HP Snapper riding mower.. U want to make it do atleast 40 u need 2 hair dryers.. theres an idea.. All u have to do is take out the heating coils and rig up tubing to the carb. By the way thats Super charging.... Well hope ur plan works... Be looking forward to the results. thanks: Chad Meyers

-- Chad (, June 21, 2003.

Ok some how i came across this form frm yahoo, and this is a very helpfull form i wouldof never thought of useing a leaf blower i always thought of useing some form of a eletric engine like a leaf blower to give more air flow to the engine, i tried this on my 83' volvo deisel wagon and that f*ucker blew so much black smoke out i think it might of gave me a hole 10 more hp to the orginal 70 hp the enigne was capitble of doing.... but another trick i tried a while ago was hooking a air compressor directly into the intake of the engine and closeing off any part of it where air could leak out or in... once we got it fired up id run the motor full bore then hit the air and return the needle so it was basicly dumping the entire tank of gass into the engine, only thing i have to say with this was every part of the engine where there was a bolt or gap where a gakset was, there was this white smoke or steam shooting out about a foot, it was the coolist thing ive ever seen and that thing must of been doing 10,000 rpm or so , and this was on a 5.5 hp lawn mower engine, besides going deaf then the enigne blew up because we wanted see how long it run with no oil also.... and that wasnt that long at all......

-- Buck'A'Roo (, June 22, 2003.

I've got a hovercraft powered by a 2-stroke leaf-blower (Stihl) and was wondering what the easiest way to turbo or superchare it would be?

-- Luke de Hoog (, June 22, 2003.


-- jshshdh (, June 23, 2003.

Heres Project BnS:

18Hp L-Head Twin Cylinder Briggs

We wanted to supercharge this motor, what kind of hp gains are we lookin at with a 4-cyl smog pump, high octane fuel, etc.?

-- Ryan Konkel (, June 24, 2003.

im got say you gies have some good ideas . im going to put a turbo on my 10 hp b&s and set the blow off valve for 15 psi to double the out put. because atmospheric preashure is 14.7 so by putting 15 or 30 psi into an engineyou can double or triple your output this means with no turbo or supercharger there is 14.7 psi pushing air throught the carb so by doubling that u allow the engine to burn twice as much fuel at 15 psi and the more fuel u burn the more power make. good luck i am 15

-- eric g (, June 25, 2003.

wtf i need help man! i need to turbo charge my go kart, because i promised a friend i would. i have 2 engines at my disposal. a 5 hp and 3.5hp briggs and stratton. both are pretty new and perfect condition (5 a lil annoying in the first 5 minutes). i was thinkin of gettin a fan belt and getting the 3.5 to get connected to a fan, blowing in the carb, and silencing the 3.5. then i would have the 3.5 put on full rpm ( like 7000), rotating the fan, which is probably about the size of 3 inches in diameter. then the 5 would be driven normally, so it would have a turbo. then the pudding fire extinguisher idea for "nos". i think that would kick ass. i bet id run the tracks a lot faster. also, i stripped my kart so it weighs about 90 pounds with 1 engine. the 2nd engine is about 20 pounds extra, and the owner is 110. so we would be fast as hell, and if we crash, the tubed we use and only 5mm thick, so we'd die. also, we just put new oil in the 5hp(soon 3.5hp), and replaced all the stuff on the kart. the engines are virtually new. the 5hp lets me run 45 with 1 gear. i think we'll try and get it geared like a 5 speed manual tranny car. so if anyone has any tips, for the love of god e- mail me ideas. i need to do this by august 2nd. thanks all of u

-- ryan (, June 26, 2003.

u dont have much time to work and tune. you would be much better off getting new internals and a high duration cam and run the thing at 10,000 rpm....and if top speed is all u want....just put a smaller sprocket on it...or better yet....get a torque converter

-- steve (, June 27, 2003.

I have a B& S 3 horse, and a Tecuhmse 8 I hooked a hair drier minus the heating element to a battery, and direct to the carb. I created an air box so the drier is forced to intake through a filter. It has noticicable rpm gains. I also have a 2 inch I.D. 7 inch long chrome straight pipe exhaust. The cart is in the process so it is not tested, but it is simple and effective, and combined with the exhuast it blows 3 in flames

-- TIM (TARMY76@HOTMAIL.COM), June 27, 2003.


I was wondering if anyone has any idea on the smog pump solution. The biggest problem i can see is that the carb needs to go before the smog pump. Otherwise the 5psi o pressure would just blow up the fuel line....I wonder how long a smog pump would last in a alchol enviroment.....alchol is brutal on anything that is rubber...

-- Jay (, July 09, 2003.

So can u push air through the carb or does it have to be inbetween the motor and carb. Smog pump i mean.

-- Dennis (, July 10, 2003.

well i have a 3.5 hp engine 138cc what would be the best psi for the smog pump to run it good!

-- jerry (, July 11, 2003.

I have a 4hp motor for a minibike and it will probably run around 25 to 30mph. I might try the hair dryaer idea but i don't want to take my chances on blowing off the head!!! Any other ideas to make it go fasrer??? Please tell me!!! Thanks, Chad

-- Chad (, July 11, 2003.

well i looking for some answer's i have a brigg's 3.5 148cc motor and i was wondering which how much psi do i want for a smog pump , with that size of motor

-- bob (, July 11, 2003.

Bob You should be able to run about 3-5 psi without messing up your engine or blowing you head off.

-- Jinglz (, July 12, 2003.

Im 15 and i dunno how to determine PSI in a engine but i added a 120mph wind leafblower to my 12hp briggs lawnmower and i already had pulleys well with just pulleys i got 50-60 mph adding the leafblower really really increased the torqe and toped out at 76-78 but i tryed to added a hair dyrer too and I blow my combustion chamber huge crack it was loud lol well all i want to know is how to determine PSI and what the max should be for a specfic engine

-- Tyler (, July 14, 2003.

Hi, Ive got a near new 5hp B&S Industrial plus motor (not the racing raptor version.) and I was wodering how i could supercharge the motor with little modifications (no boring the head or any thing like that.) I like the hair dryer idea but the motor is worth a bit (in in New Zealand)and i dont want to take any major chances. if you could help or send me some photos or projects that you have made i would extremely appreciate it. Good luck and thanks.


-- Harrison (, July 20, 2003.

This kid chad sounds like a dumbass or that he dont no anything about engines!

-- Shane (, July 20, 2003.

If I stick a 12v leaf blower onto my 5hp briggs, how would i power it? mabye a 12 V battery? but how much would that weigh? 8+ kgs? ive heard that some of the briggs have a built in altenator (mine is the industrial version) so maybe that could keep a small 12V battery powered up. how would i do it all? If youve done it before or have an idea or somthing like that, big or small, please dont hesitate to send me an email ( ) or post a answer on this page.

Thanks for your time,


-- Harrison (, July 21, 2003.

ive been reading some of these ideas, and this stuff is great. now, i have something for all the people who know a lot about engines (not me) to think about: is there any way for me to supercharge/turbo, etc. my 43cc, 2 h.p. scooter engine?

-- Ryan (, July 22, 2003.

its the same story as all of the other motors so dont ask a dumb question, for a scooter motor u dont want anything to powerfull (not a 120mph leaf blower) mabye just a hairdryer or two.

-- Harrison (, July 22, 2003.

sry if anyone thought that it was a dumb question. can anyone send me detailed instructions or a diagram on how to do this (as i said im not that good with engines)

-- Ryan (, July 23, 2003.

can someone send me pics of a smog pump supercharger and can u tell me how to set it up and what to do so i dont blow it up.i have a briggs 5 horse

-- philip (, July 23, 2003.

I posted this in another forum, but it might help some people out there. Why supercharge or turbo a motor when you can build a blower??? The flywheel on your motor puts out a ton of air! The air intake is around the pull start, and it pushes air across the head and block for cooling the motor. I had a flywheel cover that had a 2" hole in the side of it and it put out a very good volume of air! If you want a pic of the flywheel cover with the location of the hole, just let me know and I'll send a picture. This way, the air supply would be driven off the motor itself(flywheel fins), not from an external source requiring 12vdc. Also, the higher rpm's, the more air required for the blower, so, the higher rpm's of the motor, the faster the flywheel fins turn, hence, more air is delivered! This is the same principal as a blower, Like a B&M Blower on a Ford or Chevy big block! I would run a bigger exhaust(straight pipe) and you might need to pull the carb out and re-jet the carb. This is easy to do, just drill out the hole in the main carb jet to supply more fuel to compensate for more air flow with the blower running! After this, I'd also add a butterfly choke in the blower tube to control the amount of air delivered to the carb/intake, basically, to control the boost you want. Hope this helps!

-- brian (, July 23, 2003.

I have a 10hp 4cyl briggs mower, it runs at 3,600rpm if I put a pully 10 times bigger than the one that is on the axel then shouldent the wheels spin 36,000 times the engin spins once roughly? Im 14 so dont laugh if this sounds dumb

-- MARK B. TRUEK (, July 25, 2003.

I finally got my 3.75 hp briggs running, with a ford smog pump and fuel injection, I have not tried it on the street yet but it sounds a little meaner, and revs alot quicker. if you would like to see a crappy picture of this rig or have any questions email me. If anyone knows how or where i can post pictures that can be linked to this site please email me.- david

-- david pearce (, July 26, 2003.

any one with pics u can post them at

-- philip (, July 27, 2003.

how do you post them there?

-- david (, July 27, 2003.

ull have to regester,get some egg points that u get when u enter a page on rotteneggs.when u have enough u go to "how to" and click on "add an egg".simple enough

-- philip (, July 27, 2003.

can some one fully tell me how to supercharge my 3hp mini bike.tell me how to hook the smog pump to the engine,how to tune the engine so it wont blow up,how boost to use,advance the timming or not,and tell me how to turn to activate the smog pump or do u just run the engine at any rpm with it attached.thanks email me

-- philip (, July 28, 2003.

phillip, after you get your smog pump, youll have to experiment to find out how much boost it will put out. I suggest trying a safe, bigger pulley on the smog pump at first . say you have 1:1 (engine:smog pump) pulley ratio, then your smog pump will turn at the same speed as your engine, assuming the max is 3600 rpm, that would be a safe starting point. if this works, you can start trying a smaller smog pump pulley, or bigger engine pulley, either way will turn the smog pump faster. so if you go 2:1, your smog pump will turn at 7200 rpm, but I would not jump to that without trying some pulleys inbetween. for example, my engine pulley is 6" and the ford smog pump pulley is 4 1/2", so I think at 3600 rpm the smog pump is at 5400rpm, at 5400 rpm, this particular smog pump provides enough airflow to make a difference, however I will experiment with a smaller pulley on the smg pump with some 91 octane and water injection to control detonation. advancing your timing will make your engine splode if you run any good amount of boost, your engine should be safe for a few pounds though since its compressiojn is pretty low. I found the pulleys I needed at the local hardware store, just happened to be for 3/4 " shaft. you need a float bowl style carb to be able to add the appropriate amount of fuel, and as someone else said on this thread you will probably need some type of y valve to bypass the supercharger make the engine easier to start, or there is not enough vacumm to pull in fuel due to all the extra intake space. I made a simple direct port fuel injection system that works great, and doesnt need a y valve. it starts right up just like a new fuel injected car every time. I used a cold start injector, pointed towards the back of the intake valve. it is mounted in a peice of pipe about 3" long, after the butterfly plate. the inner diameter was almost the same as a b&s carb, so a makeshift throttle body can easily be made with hardware store parts. the pipe screws into a flange that bolts to the engine where the carb used to. (any fuel injector will probably work) the f.i. is hooked up to a switch, and also a fuel injection fuel pump from a civic mounted in the gas tank. it is all run off a small 12v motorcycle battery, you just run the fuel pump for a few seconds to make sure there is fuel pressure, then flick the injector switch on then off real quick to prime it, and yank the cord, when it fires up flip both the pump and the f.i. switch on, and it will bring it to full throttle instantly, you adjust the air/fuel ratio by the position of the throttle valve(butterfly plate)and you can fine tune the fuel amount by using a motor speed controller to vary the fuel pumps output pressure. (pressure change+ fuel flow change @ injector). keep in mind though this has no throttle control as of yet, it is either on (3600 rpm ) or it is off, there is no inbetween unless you can rig some type of fuel metering device. the pressure can control this (fuel flow), but it would need sometype of pressure blowoff valve (or something?) as the throttle is let off, or else the pressure just build behind the injector after you let off the throttle and the fuel flow stays the same untill the pressure eventually bleeds off. sorry for sucha long thing here, hope it helps though.- david

-- david pearce (, July 29, 2003.

thanks. i have another question, my friend told me that i can only turn the smog pump on when the engine is at full this true?or can u run the smog pump all the time at different rpm such.

-- philip (, July 29, 2003.

you can have it running all through the rpm range.

-- david pearce (, July 29, 2003.

look if u guys want a knew way to give your engines more power and look good buy a after market harley davidson supercharger air breather it will increas hp and looks. another thing u can do is take a drimel tool and polish the ports so they are extremely smooth and that will decreas the friction of air and give you about another hp or 2. this stuff works because i did it to my 6hp briggs. hope i helped u guys

-- justin lee allen (, July 29, 2003.

my mini bike is a 3hp engine and is all stock,can i run rc nitro fuel in it around 15%-20% THAT U CAN BUY AT HOBBY STORES.would this hurt the engine?

-- philip (, July 30, 2003.

I dont know about nitromethane, I would steer clear of that. however, you can safely run gasohol, 15-20% ethyl alcohol, 80-85% gas. this will give you more power because it cools your intake temp, and has a higher btu content than gas. keeping it in the 15-20 percent range will not corrode everything like pure alcohol would. running gasohol will also let you run higher a compression ratio to acheive more power, or more boost if you are supercharging it.

-- david pearce (, July 30, 2003.

i dont no where ta buy that stuff because i am in pawtucket Rhode island

-- philip (, July 30, 2003.

ethly alchohol is pure alchohol, it shouldnt be hard to find.

-- david pearce (, July 31, 2003.

my friends dad who is an engineer told me he used to add butane (lighter fluid) to his minibike and it would add power

-- david pearce (, July 31, 2003.

could i use starting fluid,just spray it in the gas tank .give me some fuel tips

-- philip (, July 31, 2003.

I would try a small amount, spraying it in the intake. you cant just use a lighter, you need to use the refill containers for refillable lighers because they have more butane, and are under more pressure, which means it comes out of the can colder (very cold acually). I think the cooling effect of this is what would give you power, because Im pretty sure the btu content is less than gasoline. another thing that I have tried is propane. this works and is pretty cool but throttle control is hard, and would take some work and experimenting. full throttle and starting is easy though, just empty your fuel tank and spray a blowtorch in the intake or mount it in there and open/close the valve to prime it, start it, and open it enough to keep it running. this is easier if it the blowtorch is mounted to the intake.

-- david pearce (, July 31, 2003.

could i use starting fluid,just spray it in the gas tank .give me some other stuff to use as powerful fuel

-- philip (, July 31, 2003.

no, I dont think starting fluid would give you more power, but I have never tried it. I have never heard of anyone doing that. as for other fuels, try the ones I told you about, other than that you can convert to pure methanol or ethanol (alcohols), but this will require some modifications, drilling your jets out 20-40% bigger is one of them. you would also have to prevent everything the fuel touches from corroding such as seals, rubber, and plastic parts. this is probably not worth the hassle unless you raise your compression, supercharge it, advance the timing, or all of the above

-- david pearce (, July 31, 2003.

when pressure in the cylinder increases would have to advance the timming, how would i do i take the engine apart and advance the timming shaft.or do i have to do something else. give me good advice

-- philip (, July 31, 2003.

is ethyl ester used in racing

-- philip (, August 01, 2003.

yea phil it is

-- phillip Armstrong (, August 01, 2003.

hey 4 all u guy/gurls out there if u want speed get a 10 horse brigg of a dragster and turbo charge that..well any who i have a problem imy dad and i r biulding a mudden cart we want 2 put a 5-speed trns on it that came off a tracter we dont know if it will work we r in the middle of biuling the cart know so if ya have a solution plz e- mail me

-- mj (, August 02, 2003.

jesus christ why dont you guys learn to spell and look over your message before you post it so you sound like less of a retard.

-- david (, August 02, 2003.

Hello to who ever reads this , im attmpting to make a computer controlled fuel injected 8hp motor with a smog pump as a supercharger, so far i got the intake manifold made with a butterfly, fuel injector, fuel rail, fuel pump, a fuel regualtor, and all that good stuff made up , im gonna make my own thottle body sensor that will go into a microcontroller and read a hall sensor mounted on the crank pully , and some how program it all to work???? i dont know but im alomost there, after this ill be the next bill gates :)

-- Sean Cataf (, August 03, 2003.

I tried a pulse width modulation motor speed controller straight to the injector but it would still open the injector solenoid as if it were an on/off switch. the next simplest thing I could think of to try and control the fuel is a set of points from a distributor mounted to the engine. you would have to make a bump on the flywheel (or something that turns at the same speed as the engine) out of jb weld or something (easily tunable by sanding, or adding more), and the points would mount so that the jb weld bump, would close the set of points once per revolution, and when they close, this will complete the circuitand the the fuel injector would open. the bump on the flywheel, or wherever, would open the fuel injector solenoid just before the intake valve opens, and the duration of the opening would be controlled by the length of the bump,(short bump= leaner, longer bump=richer). the jb weld bump may not be very durable, but it could allow for testing to see where it runs the best, and once optimum performance is acheived you can have the flywheel machined with a permanent bump, instead of the jb weld. I am going to try something like this for my engine next, but I would also like to find out what you are doing to your 8hp, if that works maybe ill try whatever you are doing. it would be cool to have some kind of simple computer controller so you would be able to enrich fuel under load,boost or nitrous, so I would rather go that route.

-- david (, August 03, 2003.

any one with pics and tips on engines u can put them on have to regester and click how to,then on the right it will say add an egg click on this

-- philip (, August 05, 2003.

1 st u want the pipe as short as u can get and i would buy a snowmobile engin like i have on mi gokart and it goes like 70 when be for with my 8 horse briggs it would do like 30 buy like a 300cc or bigger

-- u (, August 07, 2003.

well so far i got my enigne mounted up with the smog pump, for some reason if you go to any autozone/kragen and ask for a new smog/rebuilt pump they give you one that has no inlet hole just a carved out section in the front of the pulley section that lets the air enter the pump then have a hole where it exit's on the back of the pump makeing it that much harder to filter the air entering the system.... i figured weld in the hole in frot and drill a hole in the casting to put a filter on it ... anyhow i got pictures if anyone wnats to see them problem i face right now is trying to sproket on the engine side on the flywheel real tight and stright, it likes to flop around and have the chain get tight then loosey agian but i havei t set up with a 4:1 ratio to the smog pump when i play around with turning the motor that dam thing starts to whine up real quick and pump a hole bunch of air, cant wait to see what it will do once i fire it up.... :)

-- Sean Cataf (, August 08, 2003.

Just to let you know that some smog pumps, when used in a drawthrough carb setup will blow fuel out of every crack in the pump because they're not necessarily sealed that well, just be wary as this will cause a big problem next to a hot exhaust pipe!

-- John Lewis (, August 08, 2003.

SECCUSESS (if thats how u spell the word when something you make works) today i finaly got my setup working on my bench, i hooked up my smog pump out let to the intake on my engine and and tried starting it for first time.... after many many ( and i mean many times) of trying to rap a rope around a pully and pull start it wiuth out a pull start (because the sprokect that drives the smog pump is bolted directly onto the flywheel , makeing it not possible to use the orignal pull start/shrowd cover...) but it did fire up and dam that thing is crazy i have a 4:1 ratio of smogpump/crank and that thing blows a LOT!!! of air..... but down side is it takes a away a lot of low end RPM.... (probley why it was so hard starting it....) but first thing i did notice with useing smog pump this time instead of useing just my EFI system was i had readjust the rich'ness of the gass entering the engine . once i corrected that it ran a lot smoother just for some reason i couldnt get it to fire up at full speed ( probley because of the F*CKED up timeing Briggs and Stratton puts on there engines ... , so i supose my next step now is to make the timeing adjustable , hense i have more air/fuel entere the engine now.... ill keep up the updates , hopefully soon ill have a webpage with all the information on this project... my goals are to make a system setup where any one can bolt it on to a 5~8 HP B&S motor and double the output power or even more so.....

if anyone wants pictures or videos email me and id be gladly to send them..... Sean.. C

-- Sean Cataf (, August 11, 2003.

what kind of efi system did youu put together? got any ideas on how to make the timing adjustable yet? Id like to be able to do that myself.

-- david (, August 12, 2003.

the EFI system is made up of a ford fuel injector , a ford fuel pump, ford fuel regulator and a custom made intake manifold useing the old carb's butterfly ... ( reason for ford parts are beceuase i have a 95 ford escort and i figure from looking under my hood and how the theory of that works , why not use those parts on a single cyender engine) anyhow.... how its going work is theres a sensor mounted on the crank pully that reads every time the engine hits TDC (but reality of it is, sense on the crank, it roates every two times for one complete roation of the engine, the computer needs to be programmed or "setup" to know which TDC it really is raoteing on) . Then theres another sensor that is mounted on the butterfly (once agian useing a ford Thottle Body sensor) that tells computer when its idleing - runing - or full speed.... now with both of these sensors going into the computer (useing a microcontoller you program your self like ones for those project robot applications) the computer can calculate from a chart of tables ( you program your self) and send out singles to the fuel injector to control the pulse width, to be ither 5% at idle or 40% at full speed.... my next step with this setup is to totalty rip off the stupid magneto and mount a ignition coil off a car, and have the computer even do the timeing , so if u step on the gass it can retard/advance the timeing or even when its supercharged advance/retard the timeing... with this setup anything is possbile, and once agian all from a ford escort :)

now i dont want anyone to try to copy my idea (which i doubt because i dont think anyone really knows how to program microcontollers to act as a car computer would in a real automobile but if all with my theory , my system can be mounter on any engine from say 3HP to 12Hp Briggs, tucumse or what ever 4cyclender engine and just reprogram the chip to shoot the correct gass into the engine...

-- Sean Cataf (, August 12, 2003.

complete turbo kit for sell for 5hp briggs cheap please email

-- stephen (, August 13, 2003.

Hey if i made a throttle body with a butterfly and put a fuel injector in it would this work : putting a micro switch on the fly wheel and put a little lobe @ one point to hit (adjust the witdth acordingly) or would it not run at all due to too rich/lean mixture is it posssible

-- Josh Smith (, August 14, 2003.

josh- yes, I belieive that would work, that was what I was going to try next. you could make it richer by making a longer duration ( opening for more degrees of crank rotation) lobe, leaner with a shorter lobe. it would probably have to open a little before and partially during the intake valves stroke (opening,) the problem is it will only give one set amount of fuel. a throttle boby can be made very easily, out of an old carbs butterfly and some hardware store threaded pipe, threaded into a flange, I found these parts easily and the flange bolted right up with barely any modification, and a little port matching on the throttle body. you might be able to rig a potetiometer as a tps sensor, so at lower throttle inputs it would give less gas, instead of running rich at any time it is not at full throttle.

-- david (, August 14, 2003.

I tried doing that once for both injecting gass and timeing, i ran into a lot of problems with lobe hitting things and or falling off or wearing off, the timeing idea never worked but useing a injector off a lobe sorta worked, i figure why not build a simple little transitor ciruit with useing a infard led and a infard led receaver (the crap they sell at radio shack for project kits) and have it goto a transitor setup that u could change how long it would open and close, only problem with this idea is that when idleing it would ither flood engine and when runing full speed operate fine, and vi'sa ver'sa , because in real automobiles the pulse width is different when operateing with different loads at different speeds....

-- Sean C (, August 14, 2003.

Hey Pearce I got to thinking if the injector fires every rotation it would flood it wouldnt it because the intake valve only opens once every other rotation so you would have to have it on the cam or somthing turning half the speed of the engine or create some sort of curcut that would fire once off the switch and ignore it once , fire etc. what do you think

-- Josh Smith (, August 14, 2003.

hey i just bought a rotory tool set,and can i mill off the head or gasket, exaust and intake.will this increase in power

-- philip (, August 14, 2003.

i have got a bad ass 5hp briggs engine for sell, around 10 hp (i think) have to sell brther totaled go kart. engine will run on the raod at 7500 rpm. bought all parts fromn chris bennet engines, r3 cam, r2 alum. rom, alum piston. ported head. cold air intake or you can buy the turbo. please email will sell for good price

-- stephen kelley (, August 14, 2003.

a I got a honda 3.5 it goes 40mi and I want to know how could I make it faster .I want it to go about 50mi ok .Thanks good looking out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-- Erik Garcia (, August 15, 2003.

hey i have a 3hp and it only goes like 20mph,can some one tell me how to make it go faster

-- philip (, August 15, 2003.

josh- you are right about that. you would have to cancel the current somehow during the exhaust stroke, Im sure there are some simple electronics that would do this. I decided not to try this way as there are too many drawbacks, one of them being what you mentioned. another is the durability, and yet another is the fuel amount being constant. I think the best way to go, which I am going to experiment with, will be similar to a cars computer, that would lengthen the injector pulse duration according to a throttle position sensor and a boost/vaccum switch. I am going to try to set it up so that the t.p.s. will tell the amount of injector pulses limited by rpm (so full throttle at low rpm wont flood it out) and then the vaccum/ boost switch will control the duration of the pulses. I like sean c's idea of the infared led switch, that seems like the easiest way to read rpm's, that seems easier to set up and more durable than a microswitch that reads a bump, if you are ging to try that. if all of us keep experimenting, Im sure these efi systems will be working good soon enough. Ill post my results here to share with you guys, as long as you guys do the same, keep trying- david

-- david (, August 16, 2003.

word... im going to junk yard today to find some more sensors and parts, the other day i got off phone with SDS which makes these programable cpus for ur car and all that good stuff , he told me thats theres a lot u can get away with on a EFI system, even if its still shooting gass on the exhuast phase of the engine , he said it would probley be better because it would vaproize or something... all i know is i like the turbo kit idea thats up a few postings, he used a m10 turbo off a crylser 2.2 litter engine, im giveing up on the smog pump idea i think its a lost cause trying to use something that had a totaly diffferent purpose, with my expierments i didnt see no real advantage it would creat, it seemed with the load the pump took away it would only add that much more power to keep engine running

-- Sean Cataf (, August 16, 2003.

can i run alcho or menthonol in a 2 stroke engine

-- (, August 16, 2003.

yeah, I dont think it hurts it if the injector opens every revolution, after all, my system runs with the injector just OPEN, with no pulses, and it runs great (at about 3600 rpm). I was thinking of a ways to setup a better efi system and I thought about this thing I have for my turbo baja bug, it is called the magic box, made by T.I.M. systems, what it does is on a carbuerated car, it reads a m.a.p. sensor, and you have to mount fuel injectors below the carb plate, so when the m.a.p. sensor senses boost it starts to enrich the fuel using the injectors, in addition to the carb. this way you do not have to mess with making your carb boost sensitive, it only has to be sealed for boost. anyway it starts to inject fuel only when there is boost, and the more boost there is the wider the injector pulse, so theres more fuel for more boost. you can set at what pressure (or vacuum) the enrichment will start, and you can also set the fuel quantity. I was thinking that this could easily be modified to use on a one cylinder, you could set the enrichment to start at even 5" hg, I am going to try and contact tim van setten of T.I.M. systems to see if it can be modified to come on sooner, like at around 20"hg or whatever a one cylinders vacuum would be at idle. this magic box is expensive for a messing around project, ($150.00, plus $25.00 for the wiring harness, and dont forget the M.A.P. sensor, prices vary on that.) but since I already have this stuff lying around (turbo baja motor is not complete untill I can have a couple weeks where I wont need to drive it, my other car is having bodywork done becuase some dip backed into it.) another cool thing about the magic box is thatit provides a ground when the map sensor senses boost, which in the instructions says it is for a light to tell you when there is boost and the injector(s) are working, but this could easily provide a ground to activate a water injection system, or a timing retard. I am not going to give up on the smog pump yet, they do put out boost, and boost + fuel=power, even if there is a parasitic loss, which all superchargers have of course. If you could find a turbo though and rig it to work that would be awesome, Id like to hear about it, speaking of that, how did this guy have it hooked up to his 5hp? those chrysler 2.2 turbos are big for a one cylinder no matter how small in diameter the exhaust pipe is, I would think. It seems there would not be enough pulses and energy to get it spinning fast enough to make any boost, sounds like that guy did it though, do you know how? keep postin- davidddddddddddd

-- david (, August 16, 2003.

coolio.... i got me a Garet t1 or t2 turbotoday from the junk yard for 30 bucks off a volvo waggon, i tried hooking my air compressor up to it and it spun up real quick... also i got me a thottle body from a ford escort, lucky on my 8 house engine with my board out ports there almost 1" in diamter, and on the turbo the intake outlet is 1" inch and the exhuast inlet (square part) is like 2" by 3" or if not smaller but problem i see now is not worrying about spinning the turbo ( i figure if i run higher octane gass it would make up for it not putting that much exhaust presure out "hopefully") is that the tubo weights a shit load mroe then a smog pump dose, probley like 20 some odd pounds of metal... heh but the guy who has the turbo thing up there , in his pictures it looked like a good idea and a workable one, only way find out is to start playing with it :) hehe catach u all later - Sean.

-- Sean C (, August 17, 2003.

what does the octane have to do with the exhaust output? turbos dont nessicarily use exhaust flow, they are mostly spun so fast by the heat expansion of the exhaust and the shockwaves, or pulses produced. you should wrap the exhaust with insulation, and anything that will give you a higher egt will probably help.

-- david (, August 17, 2003.

Hey, I got a 4HP Tecumseh minibike... I'm not done building it yet... Does ne one know where i can get really cheap parts??? I need a front tire and wheel, clutch, chain, and some other stuff.. Please post a reply A.S.A.P.!!! Or e-mail me...

-- Chad (, August 19, 2003.

go to a local lawnmower shop, sometimes theyl have that stuff, otherwise look on the internet, just mail order the stuff.

-- david (, August 19, 2003.

i have a hoped up gocart and it is fun but for all the time you guys spend on trying to hop up you wal-mart pieces of junk you could get a 2 stroke dirt bike and be done with it.

-- justin (, August 19, 2003.

I had two 3.5hp briggs and stratton motors. One is on the gokart i built for my younger brothers and the other im using to tinker with. In my opinion, they are nice testbeds for experiments but for real power output, I would and I suggest to all of you, to get a bigger engine that would be worthy of all the upgrades needed to yield high performance. I've considered everything from running it on pure hydrogen, multifuled, with a custom machined overhead valve head with turbo, supercharging, nitrous/oxygen injection, electric hybrid, computer controlled ignition with advance, fuel injection, oxygen monitoring, basically all that can be done to a four stroke engine block and piston. I'm currently in the middle of a hybrid setup that has effectively been used as a starter and the engine is a generator (approximately 100w max). I wanted to supercharge the engine on my brother's gokart so they could have more fun with it and i think it wouldn't be too hard to just hook a air bed inflator to a 12v source (battery) and hook it up to a button to be used at high rpms. I've noticed that the standard carburetor setup runs well while relatively rich at idle but doesn't get much higher than 3000rpm, while when running relatively lean(1/2 turn) it would achieve much higher rpms (aproximately 6000). I would use the principle of blowby effectively reducing the amount of fuel entering into the piston by increasing the air pressure in the venturi but then to counteract the issue posed earlier about forcing the fuel almost backwards into the fuel tank completely, i would plum a side tube from the intake of the carburetor to the gas cap that would equalize pressure between the slow(er) moving air in the carburetor and the gas tank itself. Essentially the system will think atmospheric pressure has been increased and solves most of the mixture issues associated with increasing pressures. However, it can also be used to fix some of the mixture inadequacies of the stock carburetor as aforementioned. I'll post more later, but for now, that's my thoughts. Oh, also, for you guys trying to figure out how to push fuel only on the intake stroke, you could use either a plumbed switch that pushes on a cam lobe through the side of the engine block, OR you could use the points as a switch and hook that up to a d-type flip flop which can be wired to be on for a complete cycle till the points touch again and so-on and so-forth. hope those ideas spur more conversation.

-- micah (, August 19, 2003.

Exactly what i was thinking :), its bright and early this morning something like 5:45am, now with some days off frm work im gonna try to mount this dam over sized turbo to my engine... i got it all cleaned up , dam thing looks brand new, at least if i cant get it to functon correctly on my briggs, ill just swap it on to my ford escort for laughts and giggles :) (and it being a pink escort) heh, anyhow i hope it all works i gota make a new engine mount to hold the turbo then make exhuast header into the turbo and totaly make a hole new intake manfilld ( now this will be my 5th one , how great huh) and plug that into the turbo, at least when im done ill have a 2.5 inch exahust outlet hehe i was thinking opf putting one of those stupid chrome tips on it.. ill keep up the postings...


also if anyone is willining to purchased any of the parts ive been useing , just email me and i can send photos and give a price of how much, i got a hole box full of sensors and misce. parts from 95 ford escort SEFI engine.... (which i think are the most basic efi engine ive seen yet )

-- Sean C (, August 20, 2003.

micah- I have tried exactly what you are talking about, with the airbed inflator, if you use it for only high rpms, it runs like crap the rest of the time. plumbing pressure to the gas tank does not work, because they do not putout any real pressure whil running, just flow. I used propane for fuel enrichment, and it worked but i dont think the inflator helped make any power. sean c, I might be interested in buying some efi stuff off of you, if you have an extra tps sensor and maybe some other stuff, by the way, what are you going to use for the turbos oil feed?

-- david (, August 20, 2003.

if you guys really do want to spend all your time trying to make your gocarts faster the easiest way is to run it off alchol thats alot easier than trying to mount a turbo charger on a small engine and youll get as much improvement by doing that as you will by putting on a heavy turbo charger

-- justin (, August 20, 2003.

Yall talk about big motors you should see the 10hp OHV racing go cart motors me and my brother race ;Alvin Fox good friend of mine and head of Tecumseh motorsports builds these engines .Almost four inch bore rail mounted roller rockers double valve springs solid chromoly pushrods Billet aluminum head, side cover tuned exhuast dont even know the lift on the valves huge tilson caurburators aluminum rod runnin off menthenol Estimated 25 -30 HP actually its based on a 11HP ohv tecumseh motor

-- Josh Smithq (, August 20, 2003.

yeah, or you could just run a turbo/supercharged motor on alcohol and make even more power. Im going to run a 20-25 shot of nos on my supercharged/efi 3.75 hp, its the easiest way to make some real power, the 12 volts is already there, along with the fuel pressure needed. Im going to use the sneaky pete nos system, with a fuel solenoid (normally a dry system) and fogger nozzle. when that blows up I have a husquvarna 510cc two stroke engine ill put it on, that engine was out of hand in a dirt bike, but with nos it should be a wheelie machine! I still have to build a go-kart that wont fall apart with all that power, I started one but I am going to switch to square frame because it is way easier. if/when that blows up I can always throw the nos system on my car!

-- david (, August 21, 2003.

Well how long will that poor engine last with nos and turbo charging

-- josh smith (, August 21, 2003.

well if the head doesnt blow off the rod will probably break, or maybe both? but i dont care, I want to mess with a bigger engine anyway, theres only so much power you can make with a 3.75, I only baught it to experiment with anyway.

-- superman (, August 21, 2003.

I finaly got up some photos on a webpage hear is the address, it only lets the photos to be viewed at 400x300 pixels so email me if u want the full 1280x1024 ones :) cyeall....

-- Sean C (, August 21, 2003.

Dude, that motor is never gonna spool that turbo...the smog pump would be more efficient, that turbo is simply overkill!

-- Konk (, August 22, 2003.

hahah over kill huh, if i can remembe what spool ment, but i forgot , ohhh ok spool , to get the turbo to spoll enough air into the engine right??? i got that figured out , add extra fuel injector right in the exhuast where it attaches to the turbo so then, its like a jet engine.... so everytime the exhuast port opens up and all that presure shooting out , then have the computer inject gass straight into the exhuast pipe , or probley better NOS hehe, that will get the turbo to spool huh :) hehe i cant wait find out , gota go to the grage and get started.... laterz...

-- Sean C (, August 22, 2003.

Sean those pics are pretty good you have really been workin havent you much boost :could: you get out of that thing and dpearce thats all i'm doin is experiment i like the concept of sqeezing all the power out of the least displacment

-- Josh Smith (, August 22, 2003.

wats up,i just put a 2stroke 2 cylinder 340cc snowmobile engine on my mini bike,can i supercharge it with out spendind alot of money

-- (, August 23, 2003.

I'm pretty sure you cannot supercharge a 2 stroke engine , you should have plenty of power anyway

-- Josh Smith (, August 23, 2003.

only If it has a poppet type exhaust valve

-- david (, August 23, 2003.

Alrighty, the blower is very good idea.. but here is another, you now those little, hang held vacumes. well, use the motoe off that.. and put a knn or w/e on one end that sucks and just fab. a hook up to that to the "blower " i gess you could call it.. im working on this right now.. ill take some pics and give yall alink to look.

-- Chris Barber (, August 24, 2003.

I have the pully on and the top speed is high but the acceleration is low. Is ther any way I can make a "standerd tranny"? Can I put a few pulleys on in rank order and a manual lever so I can pull the lever and then I'll have top speed and acceleration ,right? This idea should work like a mountian bike. And I'll be able to have a shifter on the side as well as in the front. please help me I have a race soon.

faster is better

-- Mark B. Truek (, August 25, 2003.

Last night, me and my friend took the muffler and tied a cord to the throdle , and we got it clocked to day bu a car. We did 42 mph on this stock go kart. and we are board to add the forced induction vacume motor on it, if chould get up and go then. lol i also raced a fourwheeler to day. it was a pos. and i beat him.. it was funny. and to the guy above me.. maybe you should try the jello idea.. that always works. and people plez excuse me spelling. hukkd on fonix duhn goods four my.

-- Chris Barber (, August 25, 2003.

mark- do you have a centrifugal clutch? how far is your engine from your axle? if you have a good 1-2 feet between you could just adapt a mountain bike gearset. I tried this, but my engine was too close to the axle, and the angle of the chain would throw it off. as for the pulley idea, just copy or buy a torque converter, youll have acceleration and top end.

-- david (, August 26, 2003.

All you guys are going the wrong way at getting revs out of a briggs. Drop the supercharger and turbo idea for a little while. It is a good idea but you should get your motor set up for the process. I think the best way to get hp and about 3 times the stock revs out of a Briggs & Stratton is to put a small mikuni carb on. It really wakes the motors up and the carb is capable of puting large amounts of fuel and air through compared to the b&s carbs. you have to be carefull if the motor just stays at a constant rpm for a while it some times it floods out the motor. If your in to pulling or working ur engine it usually never floods and will power amazing. putting a turbo or super charger on one of these carbs would be amazing. it would creat serious power. but the motor would have to have some modifications to make it last longer than 20min. the engine wont take the stress of the heat and the high revs.

-- jake (, August 31, 2003.

what a hell is a leafblower?? swede.

-- Racer X (, September 02, 2003.

most of the motors we crap around on could stand 3 times stock reves for a long time either most dont have inserts in the rods/i would just like to get one going with a realitivly small amount of boost via a supercharger

-- Josh Smith (, September 02, 2003.

been readin this...cant believe my eyes...smog pump for supercharger?...why?...air bed pump?...why again? has already been explained to you guys the easiest and most effective way to add air to your engines, the cooling fan will push more air than any old smog pump! as the guy said earlier, duct around til you create a passage that leads to the carb...been sittin and starin at my 11 horse racing mower(which by the way will run 60 mph at about 7200 rpm) and think its the best idea i have seen so far...but you guys didnt even so much as acknowledge the idea(too concerned as to how to add weight and just make it too complicated to be feasible)!horse power is da bomb,no doubt, but all that power with very little if any rpm gains is goin the wrong direction...more rpm's is what makes us go faster,albeit,horsepower helps comin off the bent ends of the track,but if it tops it's rpm's,you get left in the dust...add the camshaft and hot gas and if you want air that naturally increases as rpm's go up, TRY THE FAN AND SEE WHAT IT WILL DO!...I DID!

-- ed (, September 02, 2003.

Small gains in fans because THEY ARE NOT A COMPRESSOR AND CANNOT BUILD UP STATIC PRESSURE if one gets it right he can make more power with a smog pump than he can do with a fan and plus a fan large enough to provide ample boost would have to have a large heavy battery and be charged by a altenator

-- Josh Smith (, September 03, 2003.

wouldnt pushing more air into the carb cause the engine to lean out?

-- Chris B (, September 04, 2003.

i really need a reply!my new hobbie is messing with motors and building new things.i have a motor bike (made it with a cain saw) and a mini go kart (all custom!made it by scrap)and i have a lown mower ingon,what can i build with it.!e-mail me! my e-mail is

-- matt (, September 04, 2003.

I have heard alot of stupid ass ideas but some on here even a idot knows they won't work. A stock 5hp briggs will do 30-35 mph with proper gearing...If you want power without spending much. Take .010 off the head, drill two very small holes in the piston...for better lubrication. You can also go with a lighter flywheel, needle bearings through out the motor. Tillison carb and run alchol in it. My 5hp briggs runs 110 mph. And FYI a briggs will not stay togather if you ever did get a blower to work on it.

-- J. Walters (, September 04, 2003.

is it a ride on mower??? if yes make it fast as $hit. if not, is it a push? Is it a horizontal or vertical ???

-- FIB (, September 04, 2003.

Hey guys I have a 3.5hp briggs and I made my own water injection system for it. I used a windscreen washer pump off a car. first take the little spray nozzle of the top of an aerosol can and hook it up to the pump. mount the nozzle before the carb but after the air filter.

-- aaertrtt (, September 06, 2003.

jiese h crist!! crazy ass idea's these ppl been posting.... i just got my engine running with my garrett turbo, thats another jiese h crist!!!! the enngine wont stop rev'ing like before with the ogrinal carb thing would just go vroommm..... and stall around 4,000 some odd rpm now it keeps on going and going and going ... i hooked up a boost gauge to it and its pumping anywhere between 4~6 psi of boost (not what i thought it would of done) but its cool ass hell hearing that turbo spin up, only problem is the trubo lag but it reminds me of a diessl u hear the turbo spin up slowy then thing takes off like a batt out of hell! hehe :) i finaly got the EFI system working off my micro contoller , i have a lcd screen i hooked up to the chip with some push bottons so u can change the fuel/air mixture in realtime as of always have to going in and re programmig it because its to rich or to lean.... hopefully soon ill have pics and vidz of it all working but as of now i finaly got my puter working agian (dam viruz these days..) and i need to start thinking of what to put this massive peace of crap on (probley a chopper bike frame)....

and for all the new ppl or old ppl who read this "stuff" , screw those leaf blowers and whatever the heck that air thing that was up a few threads , i still dont understand that crap.... as for a smog pump i think im gona try putting one of those on a smaller engine later down road, sence ive been playing with this turbo its a real cool thing to use as a aid in power, i still havent tried my extra fuel injector idea , where the fuel injector would spray extra fuel into the header going into the turbo , acting as some sort of after burner to spin up the turbo even faster and have a cool little flame wake out the back :)

-- Sean Cataf (, September 08, 2003.

Ausome thats cool that you have got the turbo to spin enough and the efi system sounds promising why not give us the low down on the efi schematics

-- Josh Smith (, September 08, 2003.

hey im selling my motor, if you want to see pictures of it type in "superchaged efi" on ebay.

-- david (, September 08, 2003.

nice engine

-- philip (, September 09, 2003.

Saw the engine...don't quite know what to make of it. Two questions though 1. Is it an engine that would be dependable? 2. Is that colored tape i see holdin it together?

-- ed (yogi@whasat?/whasat?.net), September 10, 2003.

no tape, a bungee cord for the gas tank though

-- david (, September 12, 2003.

hi guys im dow here in new zealand and i design nd build turbos for a living and i do have a turbo ride on mower using a ball bearing turbo ihi and a small turbine hsg of a suzuki capachino. im working on the carb setup at the moment and runs a oil feed pump of the end of the crank, its a briggs 8hp motor. im going to try a suck through carb to aviod running a pump.

-- steve murch (, September 15, 2003.

so do you sell these turbos and how large are they

-- Josh Smith (, September 15, 2003.

what size would you like

-- steve murch (, September 16, 2003.

do u have any turbos that would be perfect for a briggs 5 hp and how much

-- philip (, September 18, 2003.

No answers today....question though/..anybody have any ideas as to where i can find a high torque starter or a compression release for my hot rod? It's a 12 horse briggs with super high compression..will not start with one battery, takes two to start now...but that adds too much weight to be please!

-- ed (, September 19, 2003.

stick a car starter on it.i did this to my 5hp

-- (, September 19, 2003.

take a turbo take off the exust part and put a pully on the shaft of the turbo then bolt on a pipe so the compresd air goes into the carberater you will need to ajust the air fuel mixtureput a bosch guad spark wich cost $4.00 I am 10 years old all of my freinds have go karts they are all super charged with hair driyers and stuff I have super chargegd 4 go karts the fastest goes 47mph we had the old guy down the roud drive by us so he could see how fast we go my brother put a 50cc chainsaw moter on a skooter it goes fast it is so fast we you get to about 50mph it starts to wobble i have crasd 4 times on it. you can also put nitrous on a go kart take a small motercycle bottle of nitrous and hook it to a pipe. and point it into the carberater turn it on low so you can just here it hiss it will work. and it goes fast if you dont let the moter cool down you will burn a hole in the pistion my freids treyd it we orderd a can of nitrous off of ebay and put it on think of it as a 30hp boost on a car it is 180hp boost you put this stuf on and your go kart will go so fast down the road you will probly get there in like 8 seconds

-- rico munoz (, September 27, 2003.

i got a computer fan hooked up to a 9 volt battery and it worked pretty good

-- R-to-tha-m-a-c (, September 27, 2003.

would a hairdrier work on a briggs

-- philip (, September 27, 2003.

hahahaha dam... i thought i was crazy... hair dryers and nos or whatever its called that crap is just plain crap.... only true way get more power is to get a bigger engine , the more mods u put on a engine less life it has even if its brand spanken new.... my turbo engine just died on me ... the piston littler came off the connecting rod and just kinda flew out between the head and block (still trying figure out what parts are waht from the dabreey) any how back to subject i found out useing fuel injection adds 15~25% more power over all considering u have ported head and or better cam (makeing engine breath more is the key) i was thinking of now of getting a dirt bike engine thats a 4 stroker and ive found some places that sell high performence heads that have 4 values instead of two and have dual over head cam's.... with a real adjustable distribuator.... think of putting a turbo/charger on that :) hehe ill see u kids later.... must eat now ..


-- Sean C (, September 30, 2003.

did any on think of puting on of those turbo sound simulaters that would be cool on a go kart

-- Rico munoz (, October 01, 2003.

I am a 14 year old kid with a hell of an idea.1st of all to awnser the problem of geting enough air to your turbo you can run not only your exhaust to it but c02 .You can usually purchase a tank at like a paintball suply store for 20$ or so.It will only last a little while but the results are awsome.Not only creating monster boost but cooling it which makes for more horse power.

-- Nick dave florance (, October 05, 2003.

Yes, ive got a 14.5 horse engine and i just replaced the air filter with 3 oil filters and a am wondering how and what i would use to pick up the rpm and tourque without doing any damage to the engine. its a 452cc Over Head Valve

-- .......Eric (, October 06, 2003.

well as far as turbos and super chargers go id like to keep my motor from falling apart, so all i did was put a scoop in the front of my go-kart, then had a vaccume hose running from the scoop onto my carb, works awesome! gives a little more bottom end and kinda gives a bit of a neat sound!

-- YZ250-F (, October 06, 2003.

put super octane booster in the gas it will incress power and speed plus recover lost horsepower get a new triple spark spark pluge about $4.00. and put vacum house to the carb hot glue a funnal to the other end of the hose put the side of your seat wherever gets air flow put a over sized air filter on it I did it i cloked out at 48mph and i am only ten I have the fastest go kart out of my freinds

-- Rico munoz (, October 06, 2003.

can you put a EFI seytem on a go kart moter and hook it up to a palm pilite on your go kart

-- Rico munoz (, October 06, 2003.

Been keepin up with this and i have to say its been something to hear some of these ideas. Some of them are downright dangerous. Why supercharge a little briggs engine? Speed? Horsepower? My son(He's 10 by the way) has a lawn mower that we race, nothin special (12 horse briggs with a 9 inch engine pulley running to a 3 inch t/axle pulley), but its very quick. I weigh about 165 and it runs 75 with me on it. First thing i learned with carts and mowers is that the engine rpms are their limits. Thats why the big pulley difference. With most carts ive seen the small gears are on the engine and large gears to the axle. Thats where they are bein held back. Turn the gears around see what it does.Then add a jack shaft and leave that small gear on the engine and then see what you have. Take a 4 inch pulley on the engine and run it to a 2 inch on the shaft with a 6 inch pulley running to the axle with a 2 inch pulley,or gears, doesnt matter. Then see where ya stand. Bet its a hell of a lot faster. And not so bad on take off either. After you do that cut the head and deck the block, retime it using the hard to start method and add some hot gas to that bored out carb and then your talkin fast.

-- ed (, October 06, 2003.

You talk about these ideias being dangerous yet your sone RACES a LAWNMOWER talkin about dangerous

-- JAS (, October 07, 2003.

you are stupid any one who puts a 12hp on a go kart is going to fly I have a tractor with a 10hp it goes 5mhp we gerd it right and now it goes 30 it is a little weird going 30mph down the road on a bright red tractor

-- Rico munoz (, October 07, 2003.

Im another one of those 14 yr old kids that figures out how to make his cart faster.Now my carts tricket out with a alcohol kit,horstman clutch ,slicks,comp cams,tri spark plugs,and a turbo system. It runs 14 in a 1/4 mile at 65 hp. .The easy way of puting horse power in your cart is to buy a cheep ass eletric honda accord intake turbo on ebay or somethin. You can run it on just a 12 volt quad battery.All you need to do is clamp it the (correct way) on the carb and make sure it has a good seal. If everything checks out hook up the power suply and rip up the streets.

-- Rocket Racing (, October 08, 2003.

Alright then. My son could run over 70, if I let him. But as any good father, I dont. I, on the other hand, want it to go faster. But until i find an asbestos and kevlar belt I can only get in maybe a mile or two at those speeds. Funny thing to look back and see your belt layin on the ground in flames. But if you wanna see some fast mowers, check out LETS MOW. com or the M.T.L.M.R.A. My mowers an old 84 model yazoo 11/30 rear engine. Think about 70 on that machine. Also think about those 5 forward gears i have too. That little machine carryin the front wheels with every shift is a sight to see. But it never has been run on a track long enough to get in 5th gear, most tracks near me are 3rd gear tracks. To the 14 yr old with the get up and go cart, YOU GO BOY! Im workin on a go cart project. It involves a 14 horse briggs bottom shaft and a 5 speed peerless tranny. I heard talk of a kit to bolt up a truck trans to a side shaft briggs but thats all i did was hear about it, so anyone with info on it let me know. And like you i plan to slick it out and run it at the drag strip. Should be fun.

-- ed (, October 08, 2003.

put super octane booster in the gas it will add horespower and restor lost horespower and if you take out the insilatoin in the muffler it will blow flames get r/c car nitro mathame gas get it with 20-50% nitro in it mix the two together in the gas put a bosch quad spark plug and and some old vacom hose hot glue one side ov the hose to the carb on the other put a k&n air filter this will sound cool! and add horespower put it where you think it gets the most air flow and zip ty it there. if you do this you will go about 80-88mph i did it and i go so fast i raced a ugly as elcomino and won! he was not as fast as i thout

-- Rico munoz (, October 08, 2003.

can someone send me pics or videos or a supercharged briggs 5 hp thanks...........

-- philip (, October 08, 2003.

I have a 5hp briggs and straton on my path winder go kart and it is very slow i also need some tips for going faster and increasing power without sacrificing my engine

-- DJ Wood (, October 11, 2003.

That is oxymoron like a fast ford or smart redneck

haha more power with same reliability

-- Josh Smith (, October 12, 2003.

have a 5 hp briggs and i ported the intake and exaust port, and got two head gaskets so i could lower my compression for a 89plymouthvoyager turbo that i got. The briggs pushes the turbo well but the engine cuts out at about mid rpm level that it should. I make the throttle and the choke close and open at the same time so it gets maximum throttle and I also took the govener off cause i dont care if i blow it up. i would like to know why the engine cuts out. i thought it could be that there is too much air and nor enough gas.

-- Jason Herrmann (Jmanguitar, October 13, 2003.

has any one here ever put a small car turbo on a go kart I know a litte 5hp does not make a noth exust to power a turbine but has any butty ever done it and can you send me pics of the tubo charged go kart

-- Rico munoz (, October 14, 2003.

I am getting a Sachs artic cat Rotary engine. Its a 300cc engine. What do you guys think I should use to boost the HP? Stock power is 26hp @ 5,500 rpm. I'm going to put it in a custom something for the 1/4 track or a offroad gocart. Let me know thanks.


-- Greg (, October 16, 2003.

get some of that caned air for cleaning out cumputers and conect it to a hose to the carb squzze the trigger and it is jut like a car turbo it even sound like one if you can found out how to put a boost gauge on it that would be cool I am telling you try it is is so cool

-- Rico munoz (, October 16, 2003.

idiot the can air is co or co2 that is not what you want in your combustion chamber

-- Josh Smith (, October 16, 2003.

Canned air, LOL , What a dumb ass.

-- rocket racing (, October 16, 2003.

The most easyiest way to make you kart faster is to run it off alcohal like my kart.There is only a few things to change on it too. Like a mikuni carb wich has bigger jets. The next thing to change is the fuel delivery system and topend. You also need to run a diffrent clutch you can purchase one from . Email me for questions.

-- rocket racing (, October 16, 2003.

Forget the turbos......drop in a 350 and be done with it. It would be fast, wouldnt it? Some body try it and let me know the results(or at least tell ya family to let me know how you were doin before the horendous crash. Pics would be nice too, before and after the crash. Also, what about those rotary paraplane engines? Ever seen one? Small and powerful enough to get at least 40 out of a cart.But on a serious note: We used to run oxygen on our dune buggys. Just get a small oxygen bottle and pipe it to the carb. No joke it does give lotsa power; on a buggy that is. Havent tried it on a small engine yet, but it should work fine using the valve as a flow control(turn it up to go faster and down to go slower). Try and see for yourselves if it works and let us know the results. But be careful, as it does much more than nitrous will do because of its lower flash point and because its in a bottle and not so much affected by the atmospheric conditions you may be running in; you know, altitude and barametric. In other words because its pressurized you have a constant and even flow thereby allowing you to make changes and note the results without having to consider the differences of alt. and what the outside air pressure is. While air pressure does affect the setup, its no where near what normally aspirated engines have to deal with in their air/fuel mixtures. Try this; take the bottle and freeze it, take it out and hook it up. Cooler more dense air means more compression and more comp. means more power and more power is what your searchin for- aint it? We ran our bottles in coolers so they would stay cold longer. Yes, when it warmed up we noticed a difference in how the buggys ran. All i can say is try it, what ya got to lose, but an engine. But a warning- if you do try this be sure to strap the head down very tight, we blew the juggs off a few engines before we figured out what we were doin so i know those little head plates will be easier to blow.

-- ed (, October 16, 2003.

shut up roket racer you bum ass 14 year old you dont know shit where the fuck ARe you going to get burning achohal for you go kart you gay bitch caned air does works faggit!!!

-- Rico munoz (, October 17, 2003.


-- Chad (, October 18, 2003.

Ok why do i have to come back agian to pimp u guys out with my shit... those are a lot of dumb ideas up in the fourm...

anyways i finaly got some pics of my turbo eletronic fuel injected engine i wont say much.... because pictures talk for theme selfs they can be found at following webpage..

the folder called "complete" is the completed motor, the other folders are just some pictures of engine in development... this engine has no gay carb on it, i already know right there if ur useing those gay carbs (mostly the stuck ones) theres no way ull ever get engine go faster on its own (besides turbos and such)....

when i got this engine on the 4th july this year , i saw it at a grage sale for 20 bucks all, rusted and croded to hell... and it was painted that gay red to....

after cleaning it and restroing all parts to new or like "new" quality , i had the idea to put valleys between the intake/exhaust valves on the surface of the engine block (where the head attachs) through where the piston is at... i figure that let it "flow" better between air/fuel entering engine to when it combusts and exits through the exhause... also bored the hell out those ports like 4 times, that made the intake outside di. little over a inch and the exhaust port a good inch & 1/8 (took out all those threads for the stupid threaded pipe/mufflers that are stock on these things...

anyways to what i used for fuel delivery, i got a basic stamp 2 , had program that thing work with this "project" that in it self just learning how to program the dam brain to not be interfeared from the engine noise and eletrocity that engine makse when running...the computer controls how much gass the engine will get under diferent conditions (boost/thottle postion/rpm/crank location/etc... with the comptuier seeing those sensors it figures out the correct gass, which i gota say works got dam good! :)

anyways let me know if my "project of the month" heh.... is worth anything or is it just another dumb idea like useing hair spray make engine have double the hourse power???


-- Sean C (, October 18, 2003.

i am thinking about buying a new briggs raptor 3. do i have to buy a special clutch like horstman or can u use any kind of clutch

-- philip (, October 18, 2003.

it will b running on gas

-- philip (, October 18, 2003.

Anyone thinking of doing this should look at Sean's excellent work first at: Note that he is not using hairdryers! It makes little difference how many CFM your hairdryer or leaf blower moves, You need to know CFM at some high (like 7-15 PSIG) pressure. For a leaf blower or hairdryer, the answer is just about Zero. A leaf blower will work for very low boosts - CFM is not a problem, leaf blowers just cannot move air at pressure. Also try to remember that boosting manifold pressure at low throttle openings can be done without too much trouble - like discharging a pressure tank through the carburetor. But it is just plain silly! Gains noted by increasing RPMs when the engine is not calling for maximum air can be had just by applying throttle. And you won't spray pieces of carb all over the garage. You need to know how much air your pump can deliver at 14psig. In the case of air pumps, hair dryers, leaf blowers, pool toy pumps - NOT ENOUGH to boost your max HP. But you might be able to blow things apart when the engine is idling! A leaf blower between the carb and the manifold will be able to give about 1psig boost. Interlock the blower power to the throttle. Full throttle = leafblower on. Don't worry about over boost. Even a dozen 200MPH 500CFM leaf blowers will not be able to develop more than a pound or two of boost through the open throttle valve.

-- George Westwater (, October 19, 2003.

ME and my dad are triying to put a electrionic fuel ingectoin on a 5hp with a car cumputer it is pretty complex does any one know how or have any picures of a motor with a EFI seystem

-- Rico munoz (, October 20, 2003.

Sheese there just should be an age limit for this board for all of these idiots posting unintelligible CRAP

-- Josh Smith (, October 20, 2003.

I started a more broad fresh thread

-- Josh Smith (, October 20, 2003.

I dont think useing a computers computer unit will work on a single piston engine... good luck hehe.... so far my only problems right now is over boosting my turbo... ill keep everyone updated later...


-- Sean (, October 21, 2003.

Can some one send me pics of a supercharged, turbo charged or EFI seytem moter I need to make my go kart go faster than 45mph by 7 days

-- Rico munoz (, October 21, 2003.

can some one tell me every detail on how to put a smog pump on a 5 hp.and how to set up the engine.Thanks

-- philip (, October 21, 2003.

i can show u every detail to supercharge ur little gokart engien, but it will require MONEY :) hehe that means money for me OR u can buy a engine thats "chargered" from ME (ofcourse) and then be on ur way to fun heh


i say this because i already been there done that with smog pumps and what not and trying to get all the little power that these engines cant put out.... also the biggest thing that u must install into ur brain is WEIGHT,, with my little ghetto riged garret turbo chargged 8 hourse, now with all the gear that ive installed on it , its like haveing another 8 hourse engine on top of the orignal engine but good thing is i know with all the added weight and boosting engine to double its hourse power will be just exact to what i neeed it to do if that made any sence heh taa taa for now.... i think no one knows as much as i do haha

-- Sean (, October 22, 2003.

hey sean, I say puting a cumputer unit for EFI system, 1 cylinder should be easer than a v6, v4, v8 OK!

-- Rico MuŮoz (, October 22, 2003.

hey sean did you put a garrat turbo on a go kart how did you get it to spin

-- Rico munoz (, October 22, 2003.

the thing about a car turbo on a go kart is geting it to spin me and my freind cris put a hason turbo on a briggs 6hp but you also want the exust to get as much air flow as posible "stait pipe" when we put it on it aculily felt like it was LOSING! POWER! the exust was not turning the turbine and the turbo got realy HOT! so we tried to find a smaller turbo in a junk yard can some one help me and what is the smallest turbos size posible plese write back DAM!

-- rico munoz (, October 22, 2003.

hmmmmm that sucks it should of spined , the turbo is probley damaged, the tubro i have is a garret/air research t2 or t3 i have no idea how tell what heck it is the A/R ratio is 42 if that means anything.... all the turbos i get are off of Volvo 2.2 litter engines rangeing from 80's to 90's in year they were installed on.... most "junk yard" turbos are really peaces of crap i muist go through dozens at the yard and maybe find one that i think is half way decent, but first turbo i got i fired it up after cleaning it and what not , the POS started leaking oil in the intake houseing of it ....

so now days later today i put on my new rebuilt turbo that i know wont leak because theres no bearings in it :) hehe , at the time when i went pull start my engine , it was idleing fine ,so i gave it full thottle , and turbo started to make that nice little wineding sound (its best sound in the world i think ebsides straight exahust:) but then my stupid computer flodded the out the intake manifold and had to scratch that for today....

the problem im havieng right now is for some wierd reason when i have my computer triggered from a magnetic pick up coil, the stupid magneto magnet on the fly wheel causes the computer to acutly fire multiable times for the injector at low rpm but at higher rpm it keeps up and fires every raotaion.... so now im gonna try to rig some infared LED's insdide the block where the cam shaft is located, hopeful;ly that will solve my trigering isues....

Sean... PS, (please god have no idiots post anymore stupid ideas with hair dryers and just plain dumb crap....i want to see someone top my setup and ideas)

-- Sean (, October 22, 2003.

Ok dudes listen up- Here's what I've done to haul ass with a briggs 5hp. First I Used a mikuni Carb and made a custom intake. These carbs are found on snowmobiles, etc. ( for carbs) And I used an air filter called a kick ass air filter by black magic. Then I milled the head, and used an NGK spargplug with 97 pump gas. I tweaked the ratios, used smaller wheels in the back and used and exhuast pipe with a custom built in sucking fan that was ran off of a belt from the shaft. I also am going to try air induction, forced air, how bout that? If you want a go kart that's fun as hell just use a l/c dirtbike engine, make a shifter lever mechanism, really fun shifting around corners and shit just dont flip over. IF YOU WANT YOU ENGINE TO RUN GOOD, RUN THE BEST DAMN OIL!! 3-5% POWER INCREASE JUST BY USING THIS OIL! WWW.REDLINEOIL.COM GO THERE NOW! If you guys want a place to put adds and shit go to: there's a place for web ads there fast and easy and free. if you want to haul ass just put a snowmobile engine on your BIGGER cart. The dirtbike engine idea just sounds like too much fun! This hobby kicks ass!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-- shawn warner (, October 22, 2003.

thats real nice, i thought hole idea was to use a stock engine to get more power not just change the engine to get more power , no shit a dirt bike engine will make anything thats light weight go fast because what dose it have hmmm let me think, a hair dryer?? drye ice?? a hole stuck in the shrowd? no it has f*cking gears for a transmition... if u put a 5 speed on a stock 5 hourse that thing would be a nice peace of hardware then huh.. i hate ppl and even more so i hate carbrators , ill repeat this once and for all

CARBS WILL NEVER GIVE U MORE POWER, just the theory on how they work wont do crap for u unless u have a engine to except the carbs full potentiall im outy this fourm sucks now


-- Sean AKA u all gonna die (, October 22, 2003.

Ok, firstly, don't listen to anyone who mentions the following: * Hair dryers * Computer fans * Electric fans * Any kind of F#^%ng fan. * Turbos. You're not likely to find one small enough. Even if you do, good luck fabricating the exhaust manifold.

Fans don't offer any useful amount of compression. Yes, you can stack 20 computer fans together to get about .5 psi, but then you have an extremely long ond wide intake, and this will have to be after the carb, unless you get a blow-through carb. Fans just won't work. What you need is a compressor. Either a roots type, a screw type, or a rotary type. Try leaf blowers, vacuum cleaners, dust- busters etc. It's best if you know the approximate RPM that these normally would do (remember that if they were driven by electric motors, they'll probably be spinning much faster than a petrol engine) and gear the compressor accordingly when you put it on your engine. Drive the compressor with v-belt or chain. Get a bigger carb, as your engine will want more fuel, else it will lean out. If you run it with the standard carb, you'll need to close the choke off. Use high octane fuel and if it still has detonation, take a bit off the top of the piston on a lathe (or file it down if you're a caveman). Amongst other projects, I'm in the middle of supercharging my cart. It all looks good so far, but if you want to know if it works / want tips, email me.

-- BuckySmith (, October 23, 2003.

gay!!!! thats all i have to say.... thats another one of those gay replies that everyone keeps seeing , i just hope that no one acutly gose out and trys to hook a vacum cleaner to there engine, and if i ever saw anyone do somethin gthat stupid id bitch slap them haha...

-- Unknow (, October 23, 2003.

I don't know shit about motors, I don't know what the fuck EFI is. I have a dirtbike, and it goes faster than all these damn go- karts.Whoever wrote that a Redneck being smart was an oxymoron can lick my nut sack. I come from redneck country, and I guarantee you that anyone out here could build a go-kart that would kill any of these. It might not have a damn computer on it, and it might be a rust bucket piece of shit, but no Yankee go kart could ever beat theirs. They are just good 'ol boys who have worked hard around engines and shit all their life and know more about engines (not computers) than you ever will Sean. And one more thing, learn how to SPELL you Yankee geeked out mother fuckers.


-- Redneck (, October 23, 2003.

i am from the south tho???? im confused haha i still havent seen somoene top what i can do even tho now this fourm turned into that thats sad.... it just seems like someone took the idea of just haveing fun messing around with a gokart engine into some sort of shit... ppl suck that juse proves another fact of todays world, u cant have fun because of ppl alwaysing messing it for other people... late

-- sean (, October 24, 2003.

Okay that was a typical redneck response Lol I in the south there to buddy and computers can make these engines run more efficently increase longevity and reduce emmisions like it or not you can take a well engineered computer designed,tested engine and outrun all the rednecks on dirtbike you want .... I've strayed too far By the way further advancements on my simple efi I have figured a way to determine air intake and engine speed and have a microprocessor controlling the injector

-- Josh Smith (, October 26, 2003.

fool you best shut up dam redneck bicth my go kart will kick your ass

-- Rico munoz (, October 27, 2003.

how the hell did you put electronic fuel injectoin on a mini bike wheree did you find the right chip, programes DAM i have bean trying for a wile I took the EFI cumputer out of my dads brolen toyato truck there is for bounches of wires for each piston the pull them out of the pugs tell one piston and that where i stoped and moved on to turbo and supercharging

-- rico munoz (, October 27, 2003.

well ive been trying to SUpercharge my GOped motor its actually a chainsaw motor 36cc , i just began drawing an came to a conclusion , i cut a 4inche aluminum pipe in half , welded a flat peice on top and on the bottom of the Round part so it looked like this (_) and vise versa , THat was my Supercharger housing . i figured id use a ROOTS setup inside , i went to my nearest Tech school , an used there machine shop it cost me about 20 bucks in all to make the Lobes an stuff, lol i put a pully an there it was a supercharger . IT actually worked cuz i siliconed every Lil Bit that seemed like it could leak air , it worked though looked cool to , i topped out at 45-48 ,and thats on a CHainsaw engine i can imagine a BIG difference on you 5 hp briggs People......depended who rode on it too........ i got pics if ya need insperation , now im working on a MINI turbo ,

-- Jaime (, October 27, 2003.

my brother made a gas scooter with a 50cc chainsaw motor it huals like 50mph i crash going 47mph it was a 50cc stiell chain saw BIG MOTER !

-- Rico munoz (, October 28, 2003.

I have super charged 4 different engines and the best way to to the job is use a handheld leaf blower (ebay $9) and use the turbine from this setup. I have attended 4 years and am a trained auto turning professional and have turbo/supercharged everything form a geo to a twinturbocaharging a 2003 E-55 AMG. Trust me for about 60$ you can make a supercarger out of a leaf blower, homemade intake maniflod and some pullies and a belt. e mail me and i can send u in the right direction.

-- TYbO (, November 06, 2003.

Hey I was wandering if somebody could help me out with supercharging my go-cart well i am 13 and love this kind of stuff so would you please help me out and please get back to me at

-- Brock (, November 10, 2003.

if you use a smog pump as a supercharger where would you let it blow the presure? into the carberoter and wouldnt the pressure go throught the carberoter and push the gas out of it and possibly pressurize the gas tank because there is no fuel pump. I am supercharging a 5 hp briggs for a school project and i was also wondering how the best way to figure out the pully sizes to use. i was thinking of maybe using a one way valve on the gas line but the pressure might hold it closed. somebody that has done this before please tell me how to make this work e-mail me at any help would be appriciated thanks

-- Jerry Kudla (, November 13, 2003.

there is vale betwtwen the carb so the gas or air does not go down to the tank the thing is the more air the more gas the more gas the more boomso just try it take a hair dryer plug it in to the wall in the garge and get some vacum hose and hot glue it to the carb then hot glue the other end to the hair dryer now start the moter floor it then gun the hair dryer and you will so but if you are super charging only turn on the super charger when the gas is fully pressd Just like a turbo car it will sound cool and you will fly. I am ten years old own 3 go karts and a homeaid thing that moves try it first it will work

-- Rico munoz (, November 14, 2003.

I am new to the whole turbo/supercharger thing and really only know the basics and could use some help on an idea i had. I want to take a turbo off of a small car engine like a 2nd gen eclipse or something and and put it on my 200cc 2-stroke yamaha blaster fourwheeler. I know this will be hard and take some money but i am set on doing this and could use an experts help. if anyone reads this and has any thoughts please email me.Thanks

-- Zach (, November 20, 2003.

I all ways thought that the like 2nd gen eclipes turbos was perfect for a fourwheller or sometinhg..

ALSO i trying the wacume motor idea and it didnt work.. lol and im telling you all you have to do ot your gokart is tie a cord. to the card, and pull it, the son of a bitch will do 40mph .

-- chris barber (, November 20, 2003.

u cant turbocharge a 2 stroke their no valves it would just blow fuel out of the pipe.only 4strokes can be turbocharged

-- philip (, November 21, 2003.

For you guys who are running alcohol out there, you can easily get a boost by simply rejetting your induction and running nitromethane. Between 10 and 20% Nitromethane, the fuel system can be adjusted with only a jet change. The usual rule of thumb is 20% bigger jet for the first 10-15% nitro, and 10% more for each additional 10% of nitro.

30%..... 1.107 x the flow of alcohol 40%..... 1.476 x the flow of alcohol 50%..... 1.845 x the flow of alcohol 60%..... 2.214 x the flow of alcohol

Anyways, you should probably read up some on the jr. dragsters. They run on a 5hp B&S platform, and go about 80-90 mph in the 1/8th mile.

-- Chris Crosby (, November 23, 2003.

Hi, I would like to know if anyone knows how much i can mill off the head of my 5 hp B+s Motor? Thanks Joe

-- Joe (, November 24, 2003.

$20.00 - $30.00 to have the head milled

-- phil (, November 24, 2003.

i have a my own machine shop... But i was wondering how much i could safley mill off of the head of my B+S 5hp motor. ~Joe

-- joe (, November 25, 2003.

you can safely mill off .050, no more than that

-- phil (, November 26, 2003.

first you need to beefup the bottom end of the motor "see american performance cataloge or clements racing" rod an piston to match longer rod , longer life at higher rpm. dyno cams for over 6000rpms or twist your on cam in a vise,to retard timing. Shave head or add smog pump mount punp as close as possible to intake on engine shroud intake on pump to make a manifold to fit tillison carb off chainsaw or snowmobile. to start put hand over carb mouth pull twice to choke should start the shorter the pump to the engine the more responsive the engine change oil in motor every run .99c a quart < 300.00$ motor

-- butch (, December 01, 2003.

Hi Philip Why wouldnt you be able to supercharge a 2-stroke? I meen, they are already "supercharged" by the crankcase. The only thing that happens is that you get a little more crankcase compression, so maybe some more charge is lost through the exhaustport than usual. But that is not a problem, because the expansionchamber will push it back.

I have seen pictures, and read about snowmobile 2-strokes with turbo and 300 hp. They gain as much power from the boost as a 4-stroke would.

-- Bjorn from Sweden (, December 01, 2003.

show me the web site

-- phil (, December 01, 2003.

Hey i got a question. I got a 8 hp b&s i think.. old motor. pulled off the magneto to clean it and pulled off a black wire that went from the motor to the magneto.. went from magneto to case. and another white wire from the case to no where... and another from middle of the magneto to a magneto mounting screw. what are these for? im getting a decent shock when spining it over with these all dangleing.. This is when i am holding the spark plug wire. It isnt sparking when hooked to spark plug tho. Help please.

-- terre (, December 06, 2003.

I dont no but i have a v twi engine and my go cart tops 115 and i want to nohow t make it faster any answers e-mail me..

-- chris (, December 07, 2003.

remove the govnor

-- phil (, December 08, 2003.

terre, those older b&s motors have a points system that black wire could have went to points or a kill switch ; if it was for points it would be coming out of the coil , kill switch it should be coming off a male connecter on top of the coil and the coil should be a proper distance from the flywheel

-- Josh Smith (, December 08, 2003.

hey Myself and three other class mates are tuning a gx160 5.5hp honda engine for a college project. We're stuck on what is the ideal length for the manifold and what is the best shape. Any info would be greatly appreciated.

-- Brian Crowley (, December 10, 2003.

Take the black and white wires and put them on your eyeball and turn the engine over to see where they should go - one in each eye and make sure theyre wet

-- vilensk (, December 13, 2003. 2stroke turbo snowmobiles

-- tlb (, December 28, 2003.

TO DEATHSNAKE V "you dont know what the hell ur talking about sure a 2 a stroke has valves it has 2 you stupid ass clown get it right and to supercharge a 2 stroke you can the reed will just close as long as the psi from the turbine is less than that of the engine's compression to the crank case ( a 5 horse which is usually about 90 psi and a WRX turbo is like 15 psi ahh last time i checked 90 is more than 15) try making a tubo or supecharger with that kind of boost. Know your facts before you go out and start running ur mouth you horse's ass."

-- Ty (, December 28, 2003.

fuck u ass hole, ill kick ur fat fuckin ass u bitch

-- jttj (, December 31, 2003.

u talking to me

-- ty (, January 01, 2004.


-- holla (, January 01, 2004.

jeez, internet soldiers... you fags... go home and play with your 3 hp engine, just put your mouth around the muffler, that will make it faster hahahaha

-- holla (, January 01, 2004.




-- []D [] []V[] []D (, January 06, 2004.

I'll put a bullet in that bitch who thinks two-strokes have valves. 99% of them DO NOT HAVE VALVES asshole. Valves are for pussies, get a rotary engine. Za.

-- vasili shoikov (, January 07, 2004.

Come on guys get back on subject here; Electronic fuel injection or forced induction, or any other novel thing to make these little motors make more power ..................Nitro methane?? lol

-- Josh Smith (, January 08, 2004.

Sorry didn try that manual transmission bit response:

The mountain bike gears is one way to go but i think it would be hard to make work and it would be a rather weak system; maybe the use of those little lawn mower gear boxs (the old kind that have a belt to the bottom and goes to the gearbox the box has a toothed gear on it , then it has a chain from the box to the axle)These are usually three speed reverse gear boxes

-- Josh Smith (, January 08, 2004.

Yeah Josh, you reckon the mountain bike gears will be weak. Considering one can even snap the chain from pedalling too hard (though humans put out a sh#t load of torque but not much power, so if you totally changed the sprockets around, maybe you could get it to work)

-- bucky smith (, January 08, 2004.

buy a gas blower and tke off the tube and put a shop vac hose on the end then put the other end into the carb let the blower run on iddle and strap it down would it work

-- rico munoz (, January 14, 2004.

hey i just but a brand new clone 6.5 hp motor it looks just like a hondahas any one ever herd of it it is a japinise motor are they any good

-- Rico munoz (, January 14, 2004.

whoa lots of angry i thought they delete this fourm by now, when will it run out of disk space??? im in the means of now injecting and turboing a honda Vtwin 20 hourse baby!!! if anyone was smart enough , you goto yahoo type in mega squirt and there would be ur turn key solution to a weekend of building a simple micro based efi system that might even work on littler engines ( even tho i dont think little engines pull enough vacum for a MAP sensor to mesaure).... just a thought i got some photos posted up at


-- Sean C (, January 15, 2004.

screw that I just got a 50cc quad for $100 I put outlaw octane in it it is fast i took it to the muatains

-- Rico munoz (, January 21, 2004.

screw that I just bought a 50cc qaud for 100 bollors it is the best it has brand new tires all around it is a 1989 suzuki it is pretty old I went to a zuzuki dealer and bouht a rebuild kit and new piston rings a spark plug and a carb rebuld this cost me about $85 but it ran like new I put owtlaw octaine booster in it and my dad took me to 4 corners where you can drive guads it was fun you shoud get one

-- rico munoz (, January 22, 2004.

You are all stupid. A supercharger is a positive displacement pump,a pump creats flow not pressure. The pressure is caused by the resistence to flow. So all the ideas with electric motors all they do is provide fresh air on demand, because none none of the pumps mentioned have tight enough tolerances to create a resistence to flow or pressure in other words. so before yo back woods dumbies start taking apart your moms dust devils realize that you will have better luck eating a bowl or momaws chili sticking a hose in your butt connecting it to the carburator and saving the big ones for the strait aways. I bet your wondering who i am having all the knowledge about aspiration, they caw me.................................................................... ...................................................................... ...........................tader salad! So i will be be driving my car while yall are keeping it real with the power wheels.

-- Casey jon Boutian (, January 23, 2004.

hey guys dunno where ur all from but im from australia and we have a mag called zoom! and in one of there issues they had a guy that turned 2 beer kegs into a go kart! he also had turbo then not long after added nos! he had a 90cc carby from a honda dirt bike running the fuel and he used a turbo from a 600cc 3 cylinder daihatsu. he is running the turbo a 4psi and his max speed is 55kmh! but he has added weight of the 2 kegs, in the front keg it splits in have and hold ice and plenty of beer! and in the rear keg thats where the engine turbo etc r! he is using go kart tires all round and is using a disc brake from a 900cc honda dirt bike (bit of over kill but hey) also he had to make a special attachment for the turbo because it needs oil to keep it going! umm if u have ne questions give me a yell at my email! yeh cheers best wishes dude!

-- jeff bailey (, February 01, 2004.

I like the whole smog pump idea, every thing else sounds like an engine that runs like sh*t. I saw all the stuff about fans an I agree that fans of any kind wont get you anywhere, its got to be a high flow air compressor of some type. I'm gonna give the smog pump a go on my kart(b&s10hp), and possibly my pullin mower(b&s12hp).

And onther thing, some hick that lives a few miles away from us said somthing about mixing or injecting rubbing alcohol with the gas. He said it works great but ya gotta be careful w/ the mixture. He did this supposedly with great success. Has anyone heard anything like this or is he feeding me a line of bullsh*t.. Thanks

-- Dantheman (, February 04, 2004.

And onther thing, some hick that lives a few miles away from us said somthing about mixing or injecting rubbing alcohol with the gas. He said it works great but ya gotta be careful w/ the mixture. He did this supposedly with great success. Has anyone heard anything like this or is he feeding me a line of bullsh*t.. Thanks

If you add alcohol to your fuel it will allow you to add more gas to you engine because alcohol has most of it oxygen supply already in the fuel. The down side is it takes more alcohol to produce the same amount of power as gas (almost twice as much to be precise). I my self am going to mix some on my fuel because of the fact that I am having a hard time getting injectors for my Briggs engine that flow such a small amount of fuel. This will make the fuel less effective so that I can flow the same amount of fuel without flooding the engine or causing a poor spray patter by lowering the presser going to the injector. In cars you can spike the fuel with a little diesel and it will add a bit of power. Be warned that I donít know how much diesel is too much so donít blame me if your draining you fuel system, and on engines equipped with catalytic converters and oxygen sensors it probably not a good idea.

-- joseph silveira (, February 05, 2004.

Alcohol takes twice as much volume of fuel is because it has half the btu value but it lower the incoming air temp allowing for a dinser fuel air charge. But you can only lower the temp to the point that the fuel can still turn into a gas any lower and the fuel will not burn effecintly. Also alcohol and gasoline do not mix with each other. If you run your engine on acohol and have it jeted for the increase fuel volume you can add nitro methane of benzine if you can find it. Nitro and benzine are called oxegnators(barring its own oxegen)and is basicly a liquied supercharger of turbo. Warning though adding aditional oxegine will add heat to the motor you may need water injection to cool the combution chamber to keep the piston from melting. Best of luck to all.

-- harris (, February 05, 2004.

guys i was just wondering if you have any web pages that shows some weird different and cool designs? i would like to get an idea of what other people are doing!! well if any of you guys have any pics or what not let me know and drop us a line at me email! l8z guys have a good one -jeff

-- jeff bailey (, February 10, 2004.

Buy a cheap used motorcycle and use the motor off of it, It will be aq lot cheaper and faster

-- D W C (, February 17, 2004.

I have a 440cc snowmobile engine on a sprint go-kart it will run 0-60 in 4.5 sec and top out at 90. It is only geared to run a 1/5 dirt ovel. If I had it geared right it could hit 140-150. It has about 50hp@9500 rpm a about 45ft/lb@3600. It is detuned for safty right now but with a turbo or a tune pipe it could make 90+hp. The engine from a used snowmobile can be had for 50-100 dollars if you live near Indiana. If any one wants pics or info on how to set on up e-mail me just put snowmobile in the subject. It's is alot of fun to dirve and Id like to see if any one else is wanting to get a class of go-karts in Indiana to race.

-- harris (, February 17, 2004.

If any of you are still looking at supercharging a briggs engine, I can help. I make it part of my fabrication business to build such creations. I hand build every supercharger to exact specs. Just tell me what you are running ang I'll build a supercharger to fit. I can even have it chromed or powdercoated if you like.

If you are interested, E-mail me at


Chris Proctor Mongoose Performance

-- Chris Proctor (, February 20, 2004.

I just found a website that offers superchargers for 5 hp briggs engines for a cost of $1000.00. No that is not a type-o, it really sells for one thousand dollars. My superchargers sell for a mere $75 plus any chrome/powdercoat costs and shipping.

Chris Proctor Mongoose Performance

-- Chris Proctor (, February 20, 2004.

well then how much does yours cost buddy.

-- rico munoz (, February 22, 2004.

$75 bux! wow man give us your web address and some picture because i want to check this s*^t out! oohh you got me all excitied! what also comes which your superchager???? also any one with pictures of there creations feel free to post a web page or just email me at my email : cheers guys hope to hear from you!

-- jeff bailey (, February 23, 2004.

Has anyone got any info from this supercharger guy yet! If so could you send me some info I e-mailed him 4 days and no response. Thanks

-- harris (, February 24, 2004.

I want to slap a 7Hp Honda engine on my minibike.. But the starter is dead.. I cant use the pullstarter cause i think it wasnt meant to have a pullstarter.. Does any one kno where i can get a starter for it?? It has the numers G3000 on the pullcover... I dont want to trash this engine but i dont have a way to start it!! some one HELP!!

-- Chad (, February 24, 2004.

hey I have a 5 hp briggs and stratton go kart and im intrested on the idea of the smog pump to turbocharge/supercharge my cart.My cart goes about 30-38 mph but I need more speed,please email me on the instructions on how to hook up the smog pump turbocharger/supercharger. thanks

-- andrew (, February 24, 2004.

Can someone send me pics of the turbo made from the smog pump. please that will help me in rigging it up THANK YOU Email me please!

-- andrew (, February 24, 2004.

hey dj does the turbo have to be efi or can it just be carbed have 8hp briggs uodraft, older engine.

-- george (, February 26, 2004.

I have a briggs 5 hp motor on my cart and am having a lot of carb trubz. I was wondering if anywone new how 2 hook up a 4-wheeler, motorcycle, or anything semilar carb?? Also if someone could send me a few pics of a smog-pump blower I would appreciate it. Thankz

-- Chris Jones (, February 26, 2004.

Hi everyone, I was just made aware that my partner at Mongoose Performance has been saying that we have superchargers to put on briggs engines. We are currently nearing the final stages of development in this project. As soon as the superchargers are tested, I will post another letter here stating that the superchargers are available. If anyone is still interested, feel free to e-mail us at I am sorry for any misunderstanding my partner has caused but we will have superchargers soon.

Tom Mongoose Performance

-- tom wilson (, February 27, 2004.

I have an old 86 suzuki racing quad 230cc and I was looking into supercharging it yet I wouldnít know where to start I donít have that flywheel opening like on your b&s engines so I donít know how I would attach a smog pump. As far as an electric one wouldnít I have to put it after my carb? Or could I attach it before? I cant really check this often so I would appreciate any answers being e-mailed to me Thanks,

-- Dange Bertoldo (, March 02, 2004.

One of the simplist ways is to get some decent full, the British Shell Optimax fuel gives ron98. But with such small engines the best results come from weight reduction, thou i find that simply giving pure oxygen and sports exhaust gets near supercharged speed.

-- Ryan Mac (, March 02, 2004.

does any one have a mini bike frame or mini bike with no moter that they would want to sell for $50 $70 dollers I have a brand new 6.5 hp honda motor and I need a new mini bike i put one of those bike generaters that rub on your tire on a bike and put head lights on it and tail lights but i sold it to my freind cris at night it was realy cool with the lights we put octain in our motors to make them have more power

-- Rico munoz (, March 02, 2004.

you can not super chage a 2 stroke quad well you can but it would be realy hard and not worth the poweryou should just put octain booster then get new piston rings and clean out the carb I did it to my 50cc quad it flys man

-- Rico munoz (, March 02, 2004.

just an idea... but has anyone tryed usig a pig (a bottle that holds compressed air) to create boost at any given point, have a little button you press and it will inject compressed air into your fule system... wouldnt it be kinda like nos except cheeper??

-- kevin (, March 03, 2004.

take that compresd air can used for cleaning out cumpers and hook it to a pipe to the carbarater pull the trigger at tope speed do you thik it wold work or you could take a small propain tank that is used for lantunds and and hook it up to a hose and point it in the carbirater you should go fast but you would burn a hole in the piston

-- rico munoz (, March 04, 2004.

Well I thought I might contribute to this slightly. Here are some ideas I have thought about.

Because oof the inherrent innfiencies of a flat head Brighs and or Techumsi engine there are a few things that must be adheared to before one can sucessfully pressurise one.

First off is Flow. In other words port and polish the intake and exaust ports to reduse friction maximise flow and also stave off heat by restriction.

The second is lower the compression ratio. Either by multaple head gaskets (Air cooled motors CAN get away with this) Or by removing material off the head, or using a shorter throw rod/crank assembly. Also removing any bur inside the combustion chamber that might cause a hot spot and detonation. Also finding a way to get lubrication efficency up, also possibly a external pump with a small oil cooler (note a acceptable cooler would be one that would be used on say a liquid cooled computer. (check for these) I recomend the external pump. Heat will quickly kill any pressurised motor.

Now I would not use a turbo persay. Small motors of these varaites produce to little exaust pressure and would lag greatly unless you match the exaust turbine and housing and the intake turbine and houseing exactially, not to mention using a properly adjusted wastegate.

My recomendation would be to use a small turbo, removing the rear exaust housing and turbine and replacing them with a sutable pully (after ading a extra bearing to support the shaft and prevent wobble) Using a appropriate pully size from the crank to the turbine efficency at any speed can be customised by the pully sizes (note you are going to be using small diamater pulleys and they need to be BALANCED on the shaft of the turbine otherwise wobble and catastrophic falure) You I am sure can work out your own figures but to make boost a turbo must spool up to very high shaft speeds. At times in excess of 15000 RPM's (depending on application)

Now as for a fuel system. the simplest method would be to use either a SU carb out of say. A old Volvo/Datsun/Renalt/Mercedes/ to numerious to mention. Regrind the profile of the meetering needel and then adjust the meetering mixture in the standard SU fashon (IE the two nuts at the bottom of the float bowl) The nice thing about using a SU that has a custom profiled needel is that as more air enters the carb the pintle lifts higher adding more fule...and the grind you did adds the right amount *note this will be a trial and error method and several needels may be needed* SU carburators work indipendantly of the butterfly and rely on a vaccume created to pull the needel up. Unlike a motorcycle carb where you lift the needel and the slide to control air, and also your fuel. The SU has a butterfly for air and a slide and needel for fuel. So far I know of a fue turbocharged Datsun 510's that use this setup very reliably.

No you CAN NOT use a intercooler because this is a pull through set up. IE you have fuel running through the turbine housing, and using a intercooler would promote puddeling in the system causing occasional rich mixtures as the fuel moves. A big no no when tuning.

Also another thing would be to retard your timing gobs. Say back down to 22 to 25 Before top dead center. To keep detonation under control.

On the exaust side a free flowing manifld. YES A MANIFOLD that dumps into a non restrictive muffler YET a muffler large enough to be quiet YET keep cold air from running up into the header is important. Mostly because of the thermodynamics involved in keeping heat in the right places...and not against a hot exaust valve.

Water injection might also play a role, or oil injection to further keep things cool in the combustian chamber should things get to high boost levels and a bit heated. ALSO it would be unnecessary for a wastegate and a blow off valve due the fact it is bactially a pull through system and the turbo will only run at the corisponding speed to the engine.

Well just my two cents. Your milage may vary. Not responsible for scattered motors or indjured persons.


-- Greylopht (, March 07, 2004.

If anyone is interested in seeing what the finished superchargers will look like, e-mail me and I can send you pitures of the CAD design.

Chris Mongoose Performance

-- Chris (, March 08, 2004.

I have one question. Is your engine built or just stock with that crap just thrown on? If its not you need to look for a new piston (Wiseco),new rod (ARC),Cam shaft (look at Dyno Cams web site), new crank gear to adjust timing, new valves , lifters, vave springs, keepers, and whats better than a turbo or super charger is a Tilotson carb. That carb will add almost a 50% gain is horse power. Youll be very pleased. I have a limited modified that will go over 85mph. Just depends on how much you want to spend.

-- Michael Bays (, March 08, 2004.

you can take a hair-dryer, and take the heating coils out of it and modify that to make a "turbo-charger". it would require some work on the head and some other simple stuff.

-- (, March 10, 2004.

Jieses.... not another hair dryer responce heh i thought id saw the end of that long time ago!!! ... i thought id add my two cents to the pickle agian and give sorta a update of what ive been researching....

so far my goal is to build a "bolt on" programmable computer fuel injection system.... the sysstem will control both fuel and spark...

the simplist way i figurted this out is this.... with a bare briggs or whatever engine u plan use i can supply a fabericated intake manfiold that will include a thottle body and injector assembly.... as for the other sensors there will be a hall effect sensor for triggering and or even a intake manifiold presure sensor to measure the vacume/BOOST if any, on the system.....

for spark it will use same hall sensor for trigger (probley set it at TDC 0 degree's or what not, u would take off old magneto and place sensor right in same spot....

now hear comes the juciy part of it !! with this system u will have a lcd panel with probley few bottons to control menu action .... through the menus on the ecu u can change the different paramamiters and tables for all the different map readsing and rpm readings, etc... and for the spark conttrol different retard/advanc's depending on rpm/map readings..... (following me yet???)

now back to topic, superchargeing ... if this system is setup correctly one could dump any!!! sort of method of compresseing air into the intakemanfold for example.... my favorite is hair dryers!!! u can get 50 pounds of boost, no joke!!! haha ight ight , u can seriousely hook up a compressed air can, turbo , smog pump or even one those 1000 doller setups (i think that is over kill for price and size/weight)..... once the computer sees there active boost presure intake manfiold it will calcualte correct pulse width , and return normal when boost levels fall....

so for who ever thinks im crazy if all gose well i figured this could be a good 300~600 doller system that im sure lots of ppl be willing pay for, or u can just think im crazy and use hair dryers ... ill leave that up to the user!!!

Sean.... AKA MAD SCIENTIST!!! late!

-- Sean C (, March 11, 2004.

I have a 5 HP Briggs and Stratton 4 Stroke Engine mounted on my go- kart. I donít have a lot of money, but I want to have a faster kart. What is the cheapest way to make it go faster?

-- Mike Turcotte (, March 11, 2004.


-- SERON BOMER (DXFGFH@AOL.COM), March 19, 2004.


-- SERON BOMER (DXFGFH@AOL.COM), March 19, 2004.


-- SERON BOMER (DXFGFH@AOL.COM), March 19, 2004.

I Had to stop reading after a dozen or so post's , its painfull reading these articles , thinking propane will increase power like some magical gas, hair driers , 60 psi smog pumps , wow the racing comunity should get ahold of you guys Im sure you could hair dry charge a F1 engine into one hell of a Hp king , Two ways to build decent power out of a briggs and BOTH need to be build on a strong backbone , you need either a raptor 3 or blockzilla block ,a stroker crank, billet rod , beefed up valvetrain, Camshaft DESIGNED FOR THE RPM RANGE YOU PLAN TO RUN IN , bigger valves(because you can make all the boos you want with your magical supercharger devices but with out your valves allowing more flow your wasting your time)and a head and piston to match your desired compression ratio, Now add a properly jetted (for fuel type) Mikuni Or tillotson carb ,3hp flyweel and ignition . Now if this isnt enough power for you here are 2 links NOS sells a kit for 250cc and under motors works wonderfuly on briggs 5 hp WWW.MPSRACING.COM/PROUDUCT/NOSNO01N.ASP Also The hansen supercharger WWW.HSCSUPERCHARGER.COM

-- Give Yourhead Ashake (, March 24, 2004.

ok i got a question! how the %$#! do i make a chainsaw have more power??? im making a barstool aswell as a chainsaw powered bike! ie. mountain bike!!! i need more power out of the little thing WITH OUT GOING OUT AND BUYING A NEW ENGINE!!!! i need a more power out of it to power a 112kilo,6 foot 4, 16 yr old! yeh dam i huge (GET OVER IT) any one with suggestions give me a yell at me email or on this post thingy! cheers

-- jeff bailey (, March 26, 2004.

also this is none related to the last post but i think the junk yard war crew should come down here to australia and have some crazy fun with all our crazy ideas!!!! yeh yeh yeh ddo it! i would just like to see something like that happen down here coz i have a hard time trying to get a hold of your show! its a b_tch! so please arrange something like that! cheers if the forman or what ever doesnt read this pass it along boys!!!! cheers again

-- jeff bailey (, March 26, 2004.

Check out this bolt on supercharger for a small engines. This particular one is on a 5 hp briggs 40 mph or 6000 rpms no problem:

-- Bob Gamble (, March 29, 2004.

thankz dude for the pic! its about time sombody puts some of there pics up of what they are making! cheers when i finnally make something go of my own ill be posting them! thats when i finish them! its hard to do a really good job!

-- jeff (, March 29, 2004.

Ive seen it done

-- Cor (, March 30, 2004.

how did u make that supercharger?? what was it made of???? and does it really work??

-- #P##H##I##L (, April 01, 2004.

for the smog pump idea, i have a pump off a gm 350, what ratio of pullies have ppl had success with? not over boosting the engine and they are still driving them now. im going to do a simple roller microswitch efi setup. i just dont know what i would use for a 12v source that keeps a constant charge. what have you guys been using?

thanks very much.

-- andrew (, April 07, 2004.

a 4 to 1 is good place to start with out blowing the engine

-- ytytt (, April 07, 2004.

so have the pump spin 4 times faster than the engine? how much boost do you think it will produce?


-- andrew (, April 09, 2004.

yup, about 3-8 psi

-- bnjbkbj (, April 10, 2004.

Briggs and stratton Carb set-up for model 60602, type 1016-01, WTF, where do i find out

-- Joe (, April 13, 2004.

Well you pussys.. Im puttin a turbo charger superchargger what ever u want to call it on my 1978 Puch Maxi MKII Sport MOPED!!! And im using a hairdryer.. all i got to do is take out the heating coil...

-- SUPERMAN (, April 13, 2004.

Is there ne was to super or turbo charge a 2 stroke engine????

-- Old Timmer (, April 14, 2004.

is there ne way 2 super or turbo charge a 2 stroke engine????

-- old timer (, April 14, 2004.

2 stroke engines have ports. Not valves.

-- FIB (, April 14, 2004.

You can turbo or supercharge a 2cycle engine if it is a piston port or a rotory valve engine. Reed engines tend to blow back at high boost levels. Also a hair dryer will not make any boost at all end of story. You can use a model air plane electric fan jet. You will need to get a high rpm race rc car motor and high current restat to controll the fan rpm. The fan jets that are setup this way will make about 2ft/lb of trust at 300cfm so it should be go for 100cc engines.

-- harris (, April 14, 2004.

what kind of rpm's would i need if I were 2 use a Electric Motor. and what kind of fan should i use?

-- old timer (, April 14, 2004.

igiht so if i put it on my moped the hairdryer would ass rape my engine?? and how about this you little fuckers im takin some dudes go kart and im gunna buy a tube, and slap some airplane engines in the tube and yea its gunna kick ass!! O'DOYLE RULES!!

-- KENT CLARK (, April 15, 2004.

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Their is no model airplane engine in any part of a ducted fan jet it is a compreser fan. Compresion is what a super charger or a turbo adds to the engine. If you do some reading on engines you will hear the term volemetric effecincy it mean that an engine never recheas full cyclinder fill under natural aspreration conditons that is what a presure charge is for is to get 100% or better cyclinder fill. But it comes at a cost of horse power to drive the system and detunation of the full. Two cycle engines can make tremedus horse power with out a presure chager if you make a tune pipe. A tune pipe works off of sound presure form the expanding gases you can goto racing go-kart wed sites and down load software to help you make one. On average you can get double the power. On four stoke try tuned intake manafolds and exhuast systems if you cant get a blower. Finaly a leaf blower fan and hosing gear about 7:1 will have a boost presure.

-- harris (, April 15, 2004.

A nigger under the hood makes a engine NO good!!

-- BUBBA (, April 16, 2004.

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-- harris (, April 16, 2004.

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hey guys! ive got a hold of a 125cc motor with a larger carb and its know a 128cc! i dunno wat i should do with it? if i should make a go kart scooter etc? ne ideas ne crazy ones too? all ideas welcome apart (pardon my french) from the little fucks who post pullshit guys grow a dick and act ur age not ur shoe size! great hope to hear ur ideas on what i should do! cheers -jeff

-- jeff bailey (, April 19, 2004.

shove ur 125cc engine up ur ass and become a belly dancer faggot.

-- ___ (__________@_____.___), April 22, 2004.


-- Nigger Baby (, April 22, 2004.

I was playing with the idea of turboing or supercharging my mini bike and I found list web page. Today I supercharged my 3hp briggs powered mini bike. I use a 1995 tramsam smog pump I had sitting around and and optima batt. WOW no joke this little junk box of engine woke up. now that I know it works I'm going to use a 1980s nissan 300zx smog pump because they are belt drive and the way I don't need a batt. to run the pump. I welded custom flanges to relocate the carb. before the pump and I have the pump on a switch so I can hit it when I fell like boosting it. I would have to say I did this all in about 4 hours so if any one would like to try it GO FOR IT its easy and well worth it I will up date you all on the belt drive set up. Thanx Nooch

-- nooch (, April 25, 2004.

I cant believe you guys are not aware of the STOCK FACTORY turbo from Briggs on the 15, 20 & 25 hp vanguard diesels, I have 4 sitting right here on my workbench and they work awesome on 5 hp applications on the Blockzilla motors I build I can run 9-15 # of boost and make over 50 hp@ 8500 rpm running on CaM-2 121 octane

I have also experimented with nitrous on 5 hp motors and have found that they can take a 25 shot designed for a 4 cyl motorcycle

-- Nate (, April 26, 2004.

dude quick question! where did u get the turbos from? did u pull them off the other motors or did u buy them from a parts supplier? explain...

-- jeff bailey (, April 28, 2004.

I want one can you put up a picture of one of the turbos from the vanguard I want to turbo my mini bike.I supercharged it and its kool but I want the sound of the turbo spooling up that wouold hot. nooch thanx

-- nooch (, May 01, 2004.

nope, cus them babys say all dis shit like they r goin' 2 make all dis shit and they dont.. ..waste o' time

-- ______-_______ (_____@______.___), May 03, 2004.

I am putting a smog pump supercharger on a lawnmower engine it is a 16hp Briggs and Stratton. I was wondering if I don't slow the timing down will the engine most likely blow up???

-- John Deere (, May 04, 2004.

Josh Smith, You ever been on There are posts on there about that Alvin Fox guy (he is also a member there), and I don't think I would be doing business with him.

Anyways, you guys should drop the turbo charging idea. Best thing to do to get more power out of a 5hp briggs is to put a header on it, bore the carb, get a K&N air filter, and put a Piston out of a Raptor 3 kart racing engine. Every thing from a Raptor 3 will fit on a normal 5hp engine. If your going to put a high lift cam in, you need to get billet lifters and weld up the outside of the lifter bore. You also need to chamfer the bottoms of the lifter bores. If you aren't able to weld up the lifter bores for a real big cam, then I would suggest getting the 94-SS cam from Dyno Cams. ss.htm Is the website for all the spec's for the 94-SS. I think someone mentioned a .890 lift cam earlyer in this post. That is rediculus! The most lift cam you can put into a Briggs 5hp is a .400 lift cam. Any bigger and you run into clearence issues between the cam lobes and the crank shaft. A Raptor 3 cam is no more then a stock tiller cam. Don't believe me, go measure one against a stock cam. It's .233 lift.

Also get rid of the stock rod. Even the Raptor 3 rods aren't very good. If your going any higher then 5,000 RPM, you need a billet rod. Yes, the stock one can go up to around 7,500, but you are running a SERIOUS risk of breaking the rod. Throwing a rod at those kinda' RPM's will destroy your engine well beond repair. is ARC's website. You want the 3rd one down in the list "3.870 Billet Rod with Scoop Dipper." It seems like alot of money comparied to the stock rod, but this rod will last quite litteraly FOREVER in a yard kart. It'll run 9,000 RPM's all day long without breaking.

If your really wanting to increase your power, and spend a little more money, you may want to get a Tillotson carberuator. There website is, you will also have to get a intake manifold for those.

Another thing guys, higher octane gas is no help in the briggs 5hp. All the octane rateing is, is how much the gas can be compressed without pre-detination. The 5hp briggs does not have enough compression to worry about this, and unless your milling your head flat, seriusly decking the block, and running a long rod and stroker crank, you will not be able to get enough compression out of these engines to need higher octane gas, and you are actually loosing power.

Sorry for such a long post, and I probably forgot a few thing. Just trying to help you guys out. All the information above is for the Briggs & Stratton 5hp and Raptor 1, 2 and 3 engines.

Not trying to take anything away from this forum, but a site with litterally ENDLESS information on these little briggs is Click on Briggs & Stratton 5hp. The guys there have been building these things all there lifes for raceing, and the information they can give you is endless.

I'm going to tell you flatt out though. If you are not experienced in building these engines, Just go get you a 125 or 250 cc dirt bike engine, put it on your go kart and be done with it. =)

My email address below is valid if you have any questions, or need any help.

-- Jamie Miles (, May 05, 2004.

Oh yea, and the guys above are right about the Blockzillas. They are badass! And they cost a shit load of money to! The blockzilla is made by Edlebrock for B & S (same people that make carbs and intakes for cars).

Oh, and I did forget. Someone above mentioned putting a 3hp flywheel on. This works great and allows the engine to rev up much quicker. To do this, you will need to get a adapter bracket from Clements Racing, and get a 3hp coil. Clements' website is

And a word of warning with the 3hp wheels: DO NOT use a aluminum one off a vertical shaft engine. Make sure you use get a cast iron one. People have been killed from the aluminum ones explodeing. Anything above 3,600 RPM's with a aluminum one is running a serious risk of it explodeing.

-- Jamie Miles (, May 05, 2004.

I am putting a smog pump supercharger on a lawnmower engine it is a 16hp Briggs and Stratton. I was wondering if I don't slow the timing down will the engine most likely blow up??? We are using mechanical fuel pump to compensate for the extra air. We are also incorperating a Y connection one end from the sperchargers exhaust to the intake on the carb and the other to a K&N filter that is going to sit under a scoop on the hood

-- John Deere (, May 05, 2004.

Alvin Fox is a extremely intelligent nice man, and builds very strong engines. We have a flat head motor that beat a crowd of 125cc two strokes and the OHV motor we have is very sucessful in the 250cc two stoke class believe it or not. I am unable to find any postings by him on 4cycle .com but it a very informative site

-- Josh Smith (, May 16, 2004.

Well lets see:


-- Jamie Miles (, May 21, 2004.

Hey man , He's never done me like that , good engines not much else to say. Back to EFI and forced induction

-- Josh Smith (, May 23, 2004.

Those of you interested in making your own fuel injection setup might want to check out this page. It has info, diagrams, etc. needed for building an EFI controller. They sell kits, but by looking around the site you can find enough pictures to figure out the circuit board layout.

EFI has better control than a carb, and can be metered to deal with boost (as where most carbs expect the intake pressure to be constant.) Keeps it from leaning out when you least want it to.

-- pjs (, May 29, 2004.

Hey guys, has anyone modified a honda 5 or 5.5hp engine? or are you all stuck on the B&S engine?

-- Ian (, June 06, 2004.

could you run a smog pump supercharger blow through style with the addition of a electric fuel pump to equilize pressure?

-- Isaac (, June 12, 2004.

Well I did it Isupercharged my 3hp B/S. I will post a link to pick of soon.

-- nooch (, June 15, 2004. check it out it runs good and sounds bad ass

-- nooch (, June 15, 2004.

don't they are made of cheap white steel and won't take the abuse

if your for real use NOS may as well be no work to it as your gonna die if you try

try a skidoo motor if you want power check out nurburgring gixxerkart something like that crazy video

-- david holland (, June 15, 2004.

I have a briggs 2 hp and I took the magneto off cause I was cleaning the engine but when I put it back on it doesn't run anymore I hooked it up exacly the same way(i think) I think it's the distance away from the flywheel does anyone have any ideas?

-- mr. kickass (, June 17, 2004.

ohh and for all you people who want to "supercharge" your engine by molding a gasket from the flywheel the the carborator my tecumse 6 1/2 hp engine allready is built that way and it doesn't even get enough air It chokes when I gun it unless the filter is brand new! I even built 2 blowers with cooling fans from a computer but took out the sissy babby engine and put in a rc car motter and hooked them up to a 12v I made out of 2 6v lantern batteries. hurrah!

-- captain kickass (, June 17, 2004.

hello im interested to see some pictures of your work! as i have got a hold of a 8hp briggs! it was off a wood tiller and i found it in a dumpster (what kind of person would through out a perfectly good motor) i had to put a new filter and spark in it and that was it and it runns like a dream! nice and loud. also it came with a belt driven diff forward - fast and slow and reverse! im yet to mount it to something! but ha lol i want more power out of the 8hp so i think i might supercharge it! ne ideas on how to do it with a bigger motor than normal? cheers

-- jeff bailey (, June 19, 2004.

that pic of the 3hp supercharged briggs looks like shit i doubt that it would actually pressurise the air..

-- Ian (, June 23, 2004.

if you want to get any gains from trying to supercharge an engine, the pump must have enough flow as not to choke the engine at high revs and must also pressurise the air!

-- Ian (, June 23, 2004.

listen bitches i have a suzuki gsxr 1300 motor in my go kart, it has perelli 5' drag slicks on the back and lite rims in front, the engine is turbocharged and is chromed out with haul ass modifications, ive got an M@R racing bucket seat and harness a six speed tranny and a butterfly stering wheel, therez juzt one problem.........i need a carbon fiber or urethane body that can be bolted to some roll bars im fixin to lay on thiz hoe...does any1 know a site that sellz any type of mini bodies like the stock car one i saw on ebay, ill put 50$ in yur paypal account if yu can pozt thiz website

-- stephan papadakis (im the shit @, June 23, 2004.

I got an old 3.5 briggs for 25 bucks and mounted it to an old bannana seat bike. it uses a pulley and belt for a clutch and 12 speed gears. I just reversed the gears so that the big sprocket is at the back and the 5 speed freewheel is comming off the bike crank. this thing goes faster than i ever would want, after 45mph it gets really shakey. id love to post a pic, i think what i have done is quite original and the whole project took me a week and cost me 35 bucks.

-- rosscopcoltrane (, June 30, 2004.

get a small piece of PVC pipe, put end caps on either ends. Chuck on a solenoid valve, and run the pipe all the way to the carb. PUMP her up to 20psi and let rip when you need some boost!

Works on 2 , 4, stroke and rotaries!

you could also stick diesel in it!

-- pooish mc. mmmmmmmmmmm (, July 02, 2004.

Check out my gocart at: I build a 3.5hp mower engine to it :)

-- Tatu Hťman (, July 07, 2004.

Ive got a victa 125cc horizontal shaft engine in my minibike. It has a smog pump driven by a fan belt to supercharge it. It,s factory hp was 4 it now is 15. One thing to remember with supercharging is dont run too much boost!!

-- gus burnett (, July 10, 2004.

Hi my name is Hung, i had successful turbocharged my 5Hp Brigg and Stratton engine. i built my own turbocharger system which can produce 4 psi to the engine and adjusted my engien fuel flow.

if u have any question please feel free to email me.

-- Hung Nguyen (, July 11, 2004.

what gearing are most of you u people using?? and how fast are the karts?? Would raptor 3 parts fit on any briggs 5hp engines??

-- phil (, July 29, 2004.

first u cant supercharge anything unless u can make 15 lbs of boost.atmospheric pressure is 14.7 lbs. so less then 15 wouldn't do anything at all(i know, i was dumb enough to try it).and NO smog pump, a volvo,ford,chevrolet it doesnt matter, none of them make more than 8 or 9 lbs of air, so the smog pump is out, and a hair dryer makes about 11 lbs of air if u get a really expensive 1. and again pointless! less than 14 lbs. the best thing to do is remove the governor, get a performance exhaust and a billet intake. and u an do all this for about 40 or 50 bucks more than a hairdryer, and it will actually work. and if u really want speed, drop the whole briggs 5 horse and get a tecumseh. they are much easier to work with and make plenty of power and top end. anyway tho, i got a 5hp tecumseh and made several mods.(flywheel dyno-9.8hp, rear wheel-9.1hp) anyway it has a custom dual exhaust, and i wanna make it shoot flames. i have setup for my impala that runs from the spark plugs to the exhaust and ignites the fuel in the exhaust and shoots flames out the pipe.if i did this on my tecumseh, it would just ground the motor and turn it i was thinking of switching to a larger jet, and using a 9 volt or 6 volt or maybe a lawnmower 12 v if i have to so i could shoot the flames. just wondering if anybody has any ideas

-- steven (, August 03, 2004.

i just have a few ?s, first, i am thinking about putting a turbo thingy on, i built it and tested it for balncing so thats all ok. i have no idea how much psi it puts out but i know its more than a hairdrier, any way, i am using a float valve carb and i was wandering if i have to put the carb before turbo, after, put a pressure line into gas tank, i'm not sure. the only thing is i'm trying to keep this pproject cheap. any body that can help me please rely on this page or email me asap. thanks alot

-- email me please (, August 16, 2004.

The idea you can't supercharge at less than 15 psi is completely FALSE! Pressure measurements are made in reference to atmosphere... such as if your bike tire goes flat, and you hook up a pressure guage, it'll read zero... that doesn't mean there is a vaccum in there, but that its equal to the atmosphere.

5 psi of boost is 5 psi OVER atmospheric pressure.... ANNNNNDDDD intake pressure without charging is significantly LOWER than atmospheric pressure. If you ever ride in a car with a boost guage watch how much it reads a vaccum, or lower than atmosphere. Engines have to suck air in, and that drops the intake pressure.

Anything better than the motor having to suck, is considered charging, you could even consider a turbo running 0 psi as charging, since without it the pressure would be like -30psi (total guess)

I like the idea, I think the smog pump is the best idea. For those kids who keep asking about thier own mini-bikes, you gotta make sure you're using a 4-stroke before you try to add power. Most minibikes I've seen are little 2strokers.

-- Zack (, August 20, 2004.

can someone please send me pics of a supercharger gokart engine using a smog pump?" also can someone tell me how to set it up for a briggs 5hp?

>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Thanks<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

-- phil (, August 29, 2004.

will the smog pump work with a 2stroke 3.5hp Tecumseh. since i cant mill the hemi head to raise the power and i cant find performance parts for it this seems like the way to go. also is there any way i could boost up my 3.5 briggs thats on a self propelled snapper mower? this winter i plan to work down the head on the 5hp tecumseh to raise compression for a N/A power increase

-- J (, August 30, 2004.

u cant supercharge a 2 stroke!!

-- kihjko (, August 31, 2004.

How many times does it have to be said? YOU CAN SUPERCHARGE OR TURBOCHARGE ANY COMBUSTION ENGINE! Idiots

-- Chris (, September 12, 2004.

hey guys been a while since ive come on this site! all of my last projects cost too much so i sold em to my mate who loves all these kinda things! but noe ive been saving up and well i got another idea! i can get a smog pump off a m8 and run that on a 5hp briggs motor! but i thought i would be different and try and run 3 carbs (running high rpm, mid rpm and low rpm sso the fuel is a good mix)and run a plenon chamber with the 3 carbies running of the plenon as if there throttle bodies! 3 carbs on one inlet! plus to deal with extra boost problems i would run a blow off value from the plenon chamber! off my brothers ford tx5 turbo as if is upgrading to his 2nd after market bov! so yeah! what do u think of my idea? give me ne feed back apart from gay ones! if u think my project wont work tell me y and mayb a reason y it wouldnt work! thanx guys -jeff p.s. do u noe n e one who has done n e thing like this! maybe u could email me there email or something so i could talk to them about theres and what not

-- jeff bailey (, September 15, 2004.

Will a 5 horsepower tecumseh snowblowerengine be enough to power a go kart? I'm new to this whole idea but I want to try building my own go kart and being empty in the pockets I want to try to use what I got. Your feedback would be much appreciated. THANKS!

-- New Kart Builder (, September 21, 2004.

yup, will b excellent 4 a gokart

-- hgjghjghj (, September 23, 2004.

I have an electric leave blower that works off a 110v plug and i was wondering how i could get it to run off of a battery in order to run it at and efficient speed. Also i was wondering if i should place the blower before or after the carb.

-- Jimmy Dean (, September 27, 2004.

I have a 1000cc Suzuki Samurai and I am wondering if it would be possible to supercharge using smog pumps. I have seen this site where they claim to have used smog pumps to supercharge a v8.

I would be intersted in any info.



-- Josh (, October 04, 2004.

A question for the Mongoose guys; what kind of supercharger are you selling/building. Are you capable of generating an involute curve on a program like mastercam mill or similar for creating roots blower lobes. I assume that if you are into supercharger production, have CNC equipment. I can't seem to generate an involute with Autodesk Inventor, or with Mastercam 8.

If you sell roots blowers for 5+ hp motors, I am interested.

-- chestrockwell (, October 07, 2004.

I have a ct90 engine in a '71 z50 bike and I run a smog pump from a early 70's datsun. It makes 19 psi of boost with 7:1 compression and it's a draw-through system. Stock motor is 7hp and I have reached 24hp with higher boost. I lowered the compression ratio to 5:1 and turned some pulleys about 30% overdrive and it was up to 28psi.

Something for anyone who wants to supercharge and engine using a smog pump: Usually they are vane pumps with vanes made of a composite called silicon carbide. They are coated in some kind of graphite lubricant which is released by the rubbing of the vanes on the seals. When you introduce fuel into the pump, it washes the graphite lubricant powder from the blower and then there is no lubrication. This usually equals catastrophic failure of the supercharger, and a resulting puff of carbon dust and slicon carbide chunks exiting the exhaust.

My only solution so far has been to replace any of the composite parts within the pump with steel and brass. I am in the process of balanceing the pump and then back in action.

Secondly and MOST important is the my recent addition of mixed fuel to the engine; just to lubricate the pump and the bearings inside. The bearings inside those pumps are usually greased unsealed bearings, so once again the fuel swirling through the pump will eventually wash out all of the grease the bearings will be unlubricated. I did get about 10 hours out of the first pump I installed untill the vanes came apart.

2stroke oil going through a 4 stroke will not do anything but make a little blue smoke. I have mixed it to 40:1 without any problem. If you are set on using the original vane pump parts (silicon carbide) you can try mixing the fuel with some about 40:1 oil, but I don't think that will even last very long, mine didn't.

-- chestrockwell (, October 07, 2004.

I have a 16 horse Vanguard v twin. its a 45 degree engine, with a single carb. I work at a Machine shop, so i built this engine. it has keith black Pistons with ceramic coating, billet rods, and crank, i milled the head .0020, to true them, and then ported an polished them...titanium valves, eagle cam. then best part is i have a stock fuel injection set up off of a 2004 harley roadking. the guy wrecked it, and i bought the computer, injectors, sensors, throttle body, and wiring harness off of him for 250 bucks. i sent the ecu to superchips with my engine dimentions, and they tuned it to my specs. the engine will turn 7000 rpm safely, but i have done runs on the dyno to 8000. It started out stock with 17.5 hp at 4500rpm, the first dyno without efi was 33hp! thats just my skill at engine building! 6 months later after the efi conversion, it pulls consistent 35hp, with a tourque curve flat as a board at 67 ft/lb its a beast, and it only cost me about a grand to build. 2 cylinders divided by 16 hp. thats about 8 hp per cyl. now i cn get 35. So thats about 17.5 hp per cyl. i can get 15hp easily out of a flathead 8hp brigs for about 100bucks....itll roostertail the 16 inch tall tires on my mower all the way through 5th gear, up to about 50 mph! Dont waste your money, and most of all valuable time on backyard fixes. Do it right the first time, and you wont have to do it again.

-- Lawnmower champ (, October 11, 2004.

You take a can of ether or quick start and spray it into the carb, its like nos. Don't use to much cause it may blow up. I found out the hard way.

-- E dong (, October 12, 2004.

If you spray starter fluid(ether) into the carb, it will just flood and die.

-- Chris (, October 17, 2004.

HEY Fellow Gearheads, I was wanting to put a Sneaky Pete Nitrous System on my Kart (Jeg's). Does anyone know if this is possible and if so send me the details.

-- NOS Lover (, October 23, 2004.

you can put nitrous on go kart go to nitrous and buy a one cylender nitrous seystem for about $350 and that stupid guy that said starter fluid will work like nos it wont

-- Rico munoz (, October 25, 2004.

Look, hers the thing. First off. A car turbo will not create positive intake manifold pressure (boost) from the exhaust pressure of a single cylinder 5hp engine. I have tried restrictors, and whatnot to try to up the exhaust pressure. The only reason I even tried was to prove it not easily done. There was once a myth that some propane powered golf karts were equip with turbos. However I have never been able to track one down. Most likely because it was only a MYTH. Anyhow. I build racing mopeds as a hobby and create custom automobile/truck exhausts for a living. The last moped I built, I experimented with a smog pump "supercharger". Now to say the least, keep in mind that a supercharger wonít make top speeds, it will make 1/4 mile times. I experimented only with a blow through design. The reason being that a pull through would be extremely hard to start if even possible due to the engine size and small quantities of fuel. The setup went like this: Air filter----smog pump----Carb(bing14mm--manifold--engine. To drive it a used a centrifugal clutch attached to the crank of the moped and the pulley on the smog pump with a belt, this way at idle the pump would barely if at all spin. The carb has to be completely sealed and pressure tested, also the fuel must be pressurized with some type of pump. I found that a windshield washer squiter pump worked best with the voltage turned down a bit and regulated. After weeks of screwing around and making everything perfect, (fuel pressure, engine to pump spin ratios, checking for leaks) the moped had created some useable power. From take of to about 5 miles per hour the engine ad a bit of trouble, however anywhere after that it created about as much power as an 80cc dirt bike engine. The trouble was at high rpm. The fuel would lean out and the bike would die out at near full throttle. The experiment was dangerous b/c at anytime the engine could blow a rod or piston or head causing a lockup. Anyway tell me what you think Iím still working on a regulator to increase the fuel pressure at higher rpm.

-- Steve (, October 31, 2004.

Steve, great to hear you're experimenting with forced induction on small engines. Here's a little more on the honda 90 cc 4 stroke I have smog pump blown. It is a draw through induction setup with about 8 inches of steel tube from the carb to the blower, and about 8 inches from the blower to the head. This setup started on the third kick after I put it together. The difference in starting is only when the engine has sat for a few hours and the fuel has evaporated from the induction system. When it's warm I have never experienced hard starting. I suspect that your engine is a 2 stroke, and I haven't really examined the different dynamics surrounding 2 strokes, but they probably would work with blowers.

-- chestrockwell (, November 01, 2004.

Steve, great to hear you're experimenting with forced induction on small engines. Here's a little more on the honda 90 cc 4 stroke I have smog pump blown. It is a draw through induction setup with about 8 inches of steel tube from the carb to the blower, and about 8 inches from the blower to the head. This setup started on the third kick after I put it together. The difference in starting is only when the engine has sat for a few hours and the fuel has evaporated from the induction system. When it's warm I have never experienced hard starting. I suspect that your engine is a 2 stroke, and I haven't really examined the different dynamics surrounding 2 strokes, but they probably would work with blowers.

I am currently working on converting mine to a blow through setup and after much thought, I've decided to omit the fuel pump altogether. I will build a small resivoir which collects fuel from idle to about half engine load throttle, and under boost, the resivoir is pressurized by the boost pressure. A check valve closes on the fuel supply line, so the carb sees the same fuel pressure as it does boost pressure. The resivoir is big enough for a 1 minite full throttle pull, which is more than I ever do at 29 psi boost. The resivoir also has a needle-in-seat at the top to prevent fuel from being sucked back into the boost pressure line. The idea may not make a lot of sense in writing, but I'm confident it will work. The myth of supercharged engines making lots more heat from boost at all engine speeds is false. They only really make boost at 3/4 to full engine load so I will see vacuum in my resivoir. My idea came about because to make a boost referenced fuel pressure regulator work for the pressure that a motorcycle carb needs seemed to be complicated for me. Dodge 2.2 enthusiasts have good information on converting regular fuel pressure regulators into boost referenced ones.

Also, you should share more about the 5 horsepower you tried to turbocharge. Particularly, what turbo did you use. and how did you test it; a turbocharged engine could possibly make no boost at all without considerable load on the crankshaft. If you just free rev the engine with a turbocharger, it might not make any boost. Also, how did you build the exhaust to turbo pipe; how long was it. did you do a blow through carb or draw through. I've heard of turbos working with small engines and am curious of all information on the matter.

-- chestrockwell (, November 01, 2004.

Hi Petrol Heads.

I think the best way to boost an engine is with a turbo charger, because much of the energy that is lost through the exhaust is utilized to make more power. Just make the inlet tract as short as possible, to eliminate most turbo lag. In the 1980's there was a few motorcycles with a capacity of half a litre that were turbo charged, one was the Honda CX 500 turbo and the other was The Yamaha 650 turbo. It makes sense to me that the turbo's that were fitted to these bikes would be the right size to fit to a Briggs and stratton engine of around 500cc's, you may even use some of the piping and maybe even the carburettors. The Honda CX 500 turbo was a V twin just like the larger Briggs Engines, so it may be that you could use most of the turbo hardware off that engine. Of course there is one great way to get more horsepower from a briggs engine, and here's how you do it. You grab the Briggs engine and take it up to the 20'th floor of a building and throw it as far as you can. Then you go down to your local motorcycle wrecker and find a road bike that has had a front end impact and has a perfectly good engine. There's plenty of those around as long as you don't mind the blood. Any motorcycle engine is going to have much more power than you'll ever get from a B and S engine, it will also be lighter and have a gearbox connected to it with a range of sprockets available so you can vary the top speed. Not far from where I live in Victoria Australia, there is a hill climb. It's just a strip of blacktop 800 metres long in someones field, and a few times a year mad bastards gather there with all kinds of vehicles to see who can get up the fastest. For many years now open wheelers with motorcyles engines have held the lap record. The latest record holder has a Hayabusa engine which produces 190 hp standard. Go the bike engine I reckon.

-- Patrick Archibald (, November 01, 2004.

hey man i was wondering as where about in victoria u live as i live there too! and i have never heard of this so called race! when where how ...? and as for the motorbike engines well i guess those motors r hard to come across probably no body has crashd them n prob that not many were made! but apart from that it sounds like a good idea! would u b able to fill me in where u got ur motor or motors from? as i am interested! im in wantirna (knox, glen wav area) victoria and try and get motors from a shop in dandenong (or how every u spell it) hope to from u soon! -jeff

-- jeff bailey (, November 02, 2004.

If you guys want to turbocharge a small engine I have the answer. First go to a junk yard and find a small turbo with about a 4 mm intake you will have the most luck finding this small of a turbo on a saab. Then you need to find a way to hook the turbo up to your exauhst. Next find a way to hook a carb up to the intake of the turbo make sure there are no air leaks because the engine will rev out of control. After conect at least a 11/2" tube to the intake port on the engine again make sure there are no air leaks. The next step is to get a fitting for a copper pipe that will fit into you oil plug and conect a copper pipe to the oil input on the turbo. Then conect a tube to the oil drain on the turbo and run it into the area where the valve springs are and dont put it into the crankcase vent hole or you will leak alot of oil. You will have to thread the block where the valve springs are located and install a hose barb. Then get the engine runing and adjust the carb as needed and adjust the turbo to supply about 4-6 psi of boost. If you have the tools to make a thicker head you could safely get 15-20 psi of boost. If you have any questions email me at

-- Jorgen Eckman (, November 11, 2004.

I have an 11 horse briggs that i hooked up smog pump to. I ran a pulley of the top of the engine where the screen is and then ran a belt to the smog pump. The engines pulley is about 6 inches in diameter and the smog pumps is about 3 inches. When running the pump blows more than an air compressor. Anyways i ran a hose from the smog pump to the carburetor. The hose went into where the air filter use to be. I couldn't get it started with the pump hooked up. I took the hose off and then started it and then put the hose in but it stalled out. The carb is stock. I tried to adjust it as rich as possible but it only helped a little bit. How can i put my smog air to use meaning how can i actually get the power out of it. Thanks

-- Corey (, November 13, 2004.

Corey, you have higher pressure in the venturi of the carb than in the float bowl, so when you apply the boost pressure to the inlet of the carb, the fuel can't flow up the jet into the venturi. The float bowl needs to be pressurized by the boost pressure, and the fuel flowing into the bowl through the needle in seat needs to be pressurized equally, research rising rate regulator. or try carb before the blower.

-- chestrockwell (, November 14, 2004.

get a portable 12v ozone maker. build a intake shroud for it and put it before your intake carb.

this will introduce o3 which will contribute to combustion as well being under a vacuum trace amounts of no3 could be made also.

-- seth (, November 25, 2004.

I have been reseaching ways to turbocharge/supercharge and 18hp B&S Vanguard engine. At the moment,it has an output of 19hp. I found that the best way to boost the already deadly motor, was to first source a smog pump off a 350 chev or similar. Rigged on a 3:1 or a 4:1 setup, it creates plenty of boost and with a richer mixture in the carb or a bigger bore carb, it produces well over 25hp. I came up with with a safeguard for the boost pressures as well. it uses a normal turbo blowoff valve and an air dryer off a truck air compressing system. the dryer is connected to the inlet manifold via a long pipe of about 15mm diameter. the blow off is then connected to the other side of the dryer, and set at the max boost pressure. (eg: 15psi )the air dryer is for removeing the fuel from the air mix before the blowoff valve. I then manufactured an exhaught about 2 times the size of the original pipe and put a simple hotdog muffler on instead of the overly restrictive original muffler.

-- boxhead (, November 28, 2004.

If you are a real petrolhead, tou can try o2 injection. all it is made up of is a small 02 bottle, a regulator,a small amount of brake line or similar, a nosle and a electric soleniod. you make it so the brakeline and the nosle are inside the the inlet manifold and pointing in the direction of the head. have the regulator set up 2 the desired pressure and the solenoid as the tap, so you can just push the button and go like batspiss

-- boxhead (, November 28, 2004.

If you want more power just go to or checkered flag Ihave been racing gokarts for 4 years now, and I always get 10 to 11 THAUSAND RPM. mY KEY THING ON BUILDING A FIRST place is the right cam, the right carb, the right kart, but you keep it simple and everything will stay together to the checker flag. PS. WE RUN 75 TO 85 ON A 1/4 MILE TRACK AND NOTHING IS SUPERCHARGED.

-- mark shane snipes (, December 18, 2004.

I like to point out that i have a turbo'd 2 stroke. bought the turbo from a company in Al. called MJM. It is by far the smallest turbo ive seen. Its running 9 lbs of boost now and i also have a 20 shot of nitrous. took me almost a year to build and i dont know anything about these motors here's a pic

-- EVD Tuning (, December 23, 2004.

That is the smallest turbo charger I have ever seen. How much does the kit cost. For the past few months I've been trying to create a super/turbo charger for my briggs 5 horse using the blower from the flywheel. How much did the Nitrousoxide kit cost?

-- Danny Kroeger (, December 24, 2004.

i have a carter go cart with a briggs and straton 5hp engine (prety basic) flat tire no suspension and rides very low what can i do to crank up this cart which can only do 20hp!

-- jack (, December 25, 2004.

i have a carter go cart with a briggs and straton 5hp engine (prety basic) flat tire no suspension and rides very low what can i do to crank up this cart which can only do 20hp!and what is easyist way 2 hook up a harnnes to it

-- jack (, December 25, 2004.

hey dudes well does this place have ne pics of the turbo or do u have ne more pics? i cant find ne webpage from the mjm..... how much u pay for this kit? im interested to c more pics of this turbo!!!! ne one got ne?

well i got a ohv motor that me and my mate r working on n tryn to get the smog pump to run on it! we r just in the process of changing the pullies n trying to find a belt to run them... idiot friend wants to get the high ratio so we have higher psi but i was like just run it at normal to start with then change. but yeah we r yet to attach it to the motor (it has some problems attaching to motor or ne where) ppl keep telling me to run the crab on the intake of the smog pump but i said that if u run the fuel threw them it wil break down the seals n leak n also they get hot n if u got fuel running threw it u could have a big flame problem on ur hands

would like to c more pics of other ppls things. i will hve some pics soon

-- jeff bailey (, December 26, 2004.

I have a Briggs and Srtatton 5 HP vertical engine but its a peice of crap as of right now but a friend of mine said that i could attach a chainsaw motor to the go kart in place of it. Is this true? And if so can anyone tell me how the best way would be to go about this?

-- Devin Dobson (, December 27, 2004.

I dont have a Briggs but the jello idea really works!!! but what you should obviously use a 4 stroke and some something with a belt drive because back pressure in a small moter like that is bad. if your really serious you need to have a solid block of aluminum because it will take more pressure than a normal motor also carb you use is optional so you could use a high proformancs carb from a honda.then hears the hard part take a turbo off a ford super duty and make a smaller version of it with 90 degree pipes and a fan from an old computter and hook one end to the fly wheel by a belt drive. this will work if you do it right or have a friend that is a micanic or works in a macheine shop also think really hard and make the turbo real smooth and take your time with the turbo Good luck!!!

-- jo mama's daddy (jarv6R, December 29, 2004.

hey, does anyone have any ideas for getting the most out of a 2- stroke petrol powered skateboard?? i am not too mechanically minded but i heard through a friend of a friend if u drill a few holes somewhere near the air filter, it will let more juice in, and give it a bit more go?? it's not too bad down a slight hill, but up hills and on lawn, it's quite gutless...cheers,


-- wes (, December 29, 2004.

Check out the IHI RHB31 turbo at It's off a Suzuki 650cc small car engine. -OR- Check out the Mitsubishi TC03-06A turbo at It's off the Yamaha XJ650LJ Turbo motorcycle. -OR- Check out the (factory designed?) turbo that comes of the Honda CX500T Turbo at p? Decade=1980&TargetUrl=Milestone/Milestone_Model_0101.asp&PrevPageTitl e=TimeLine

-- Rich (, December 31, 2004.

hello everyone once agian, im currently going to sell and get rid of all my motors and turbo/efi stuff.... im currently selling few motors

first motor is a 20 hp eletric start vtwin honda, second motor i got is a 175 cc 2 stroker 5 speed yahama 80's series motor thats rebuilt and runs fine... third motor is a brand new 3.5 horzontal shaft, that i port'ed and polisehd up good runner... and last motor is a 8 hourse power biriggs IC motor with the internal bearings on conneting rod and crank case cover.... also eletriic start

all these motors run fine some might need extra few parts but i can steer u in right direction find what u need,... i also have box loads of fuel injector stuff off cars that i installed onto these motors ... also few turbo's and smog pumps :) let me know if anything intrested! :)


-- Sean (, January 02, 2005.

You're all idiots. Congrats.

-- wtf (, January 15, 2005.

sean i am interested in these things! where u at? whats ur asking price? n do u have ne pics/video of the motor n the turbo/smog pump efi motors cheers -jeff

-- jeff bailey (, January 15, 2005.

hi i need some plans to make a go-kart and the engine i can yous and to put turbo on it can some pp send me some pic just to see how to make one... plz email back thanks

-- akin uykun (, January 21, 2005.

The general small engine system operates similarly to a Carter AFB type carburator with the exception of the fuel pump. You can not just blow into the throat of the carb. However, you can blow into the carb if you box the carb and tank. You build a pressure box that the entir carb and fuel tank will fit in, then blow air into it.

As far as a blower, a multi stage centrifugal blower from a vacuum cleaner is a good option. This can be driven by pulleys from either the output shaft or the starter side. You will need to get the rpm's way up. I would suggest a flat belt drive with multiple stages. A small hand held vac would be a good place to start for the blower. Cooling the engine may be a problem.

Using a carburator from a larger engine or a motor cycle may be of value.

In either case, Pressurizing the carb and fuel to the same pressure is required. Spark arrestors in the line/ path to the fuel tank is a REALLY GOOD IDEA.

Once a centrifugal blower reaches its ultimate pressure its drag will level off as it is not compressing any more air. It is simpler to control the centrifugal boost without wasting power than it is with a positive displacement system. Additionally, using a positive displacement pump REQUIRES a pop off pressure vent or instead of being "Da Bomb" it will be a bomb. Cheers!

-- Dr John Canham (, January 21, 2005.

talk to your local briggs dealers they have lots of solutions for these setups also Kohler makes turbo diesel small engines and most racers use these carbs anyways so do some better research and talk with dealers ...spend a few bucks and get out of the shade tree crap. if you really want to build your own research what the manufactures have done and make it better.

-- Mark Eisenhauer (, January 21, 2005.

hi iam 16 and me and my friends are into cars and motors i was just wondering how i take the governor off or what to do to get more power out of a 10hp go cart

-- jim (, January 24, 2005.

take the side cover off. then remove the plastic gear and that is it

-- phil (, January 27, 2005.

HI, I have a major problem!!! I have a Honda Civic type R, full body kit, turbo, NOS, B-12 engine, and exhaust system. Every time I go to Wal~Mart, it gets lost in the parking lot because there are over 73 Hondas that look and sound just like mine! Is there too many tricked out rice-burners out there? Is import tuning becoming obsolete due to the new muscle car era? Does Ford really suck as bad as America says? YES!

-- Otomo katsuhironomisughiikawasukidaibureusunakki, Jr (, February 01, 2005.

have any of you people ever heard of nitrous oxide?? This is an awsome site. It tells you how to build your own system!!

-- Trevor Dobson (, February 02, 2005.

The reason you think that American made cars sucks is because your little honda cant keep up with them! Maybe you should buy a real car and then you wont have that problem with finding your car!!!!!

-- Zach (, February 04, 2005.

So im trying to build a racing lawn mower and im trying to figure out how I can turbo it without the smog pipe thing. Earlier there was a guy that said something about using the air that came out of the flywheel area and rerouting it back into the intake or something like that. If anyone knows how and can send me pics or plans for this please do! thanks

-- Zach (, February 04, 2005.

i would reconmend using the air from fly wheel area! it will b hot air and that air is designed so the engine cools! if ur going to turbo it u gotta geta a turbo and make custom exhaust mounts, have some kinda oil pump (could use an fuel pump from small n run thin oil) and have a carb n stuff to set it up on! alot of work if u can b bothered. ask djrevolutions think that his name! he went all out n efi'd his motor too. turob plus efi pretty cool and alolt of work!

-- jeff bailey (, February 04, 2005.

i have seen a lot about this smog pump thing, i dont completly understand it ( im only 14). i have a b&s 8 hp. if someone could explaine the smog pump idea that would be great. (if anyone has any other "cheap" ideas on getting some more power out of a 8hp b&s let me know

-- nik (, February 06, 2005.

i started racing lawnmowers when i was 17 (im 20 now) a lot of guys have started using over head cam motors which makes a big differents but i have stuck with my 12 flat head the good part is the flat heads are cheap to come buy and i can do a lot of testing with little investment i just wanted to thank you guys for all the posts helps out a lot considering this is the stuff i live for it looks like this year i will be trying to use the fan off of the fly wheel for a little super charger action ( i can't use a smog pump b/c of the class i run in) but hopefully next year i can move up and run a smog pump im going to try and grind my own cam and invest in some bigger valves but honistly for you guys who race mowers i found a big differents when i did a some work to my rear end if you guys would like some help or just to chat e-mail me i always enjoy a good conversation thanks again Jim

-- jim geddes (, February 10, 2005.

When you get this air from the flywheel thing done or if you have plans and pics on how to do it can you send them to me. Im trying to build a racing lawnmower and right now all I got is a 10hp briggs off of a craftsman lawn mower, I have been thinking of changing the axel so I can make it chain drive so then I can use sprockets instead of a stock lawn mower rear end. If you have any cheap ideas other than that to get more power or a different way to get more power out of the engine please email me. thanx

-- Zach (, February 11, 2005.

ahh guys i wouldnt use to fan off the flywheel (as this is for cooling the motor) i mean u can use the fan to pump air but u wont cool ur motor it will get hot! the only thing i can say if u decided to do this is to use a small intercooler (off say ahh a charade turbo) this will help keep the motor cool! the other thing u could do is if u have say a 9volt battery on ur ride ons u could run a water pupm that could squirt onto th block to help cool! just use a small water pump for ahh a fish tank or something and run some garden hoses aroudn u engine that squirts water. (dont know if u understand wat im talking about, but people use this method to cool there motors on car while doing burn outs but they squirt it onto there radiators)

well i hope this kinda helps! n im not sure if i make sence

-- jeff bailey (, February 12, 2005.

yea it makes sents. the only reason y im interested in using the fan off the fly wheel is because i can't use anything elts as of now b/c of the class i run in. i can only use lawnmower parts i also have a few motors , so if i burn one up it isn't a big deal thanks for the idea though

-- jim geddes (, February 13, 2005.

well fair enough then... well i would prob try n use a cooler but if it aint part of ur class meh well wat can u do? good luck with it all get soem pics together so we can have a look at it.

-- jeff bailey (, February 14, 2005.

well it is a new groupe and the rules are not really written in stone but basicaly i can only use lawnmower parts i might even be able to get away with the cooling system you mentioned but im not sure one thing i would like to mention is that (not to make you sound stupid or moch you in anyway) but i have hurd over andover that the intake air is not critical in cooling but the fuel does most of the cooling im not really sure about this but i guess i will find out other modsi have been looking at are valves i was considering going into a junk yard and getting a few out of a car (as long as they are bigger) b/c i could use my nifty lath to cut them down to size and fit them into my motor but i would need to open up the hole the valve seat is set in and i would need new valve seats i don't have a mill so i would have to take it to a shop. o well not having money makes you creative i guess i know they make valves for smaller briggs and i have hurd they will work but who knows i hope i can get this working im sure i will haev to re jet it but i guess i can just drill out the jet if it does work i will be sure to get all the specs and a buntch of pics

-- jim geddes (, February 16, 2005.

hey, to get more power from a Go-ped engine, i used a Aerosol Dust Cleaner Spray (used to clean off computers) mounted it upside down, and put a plastic tube to the air-cleaner. I got like 5 horses out of it, and it was like nos. (but this was just used to inject cold air into tha engine)

-- Trevor (, February 16, 2005.

hey guys, ahh just wondering if it possible to turbocharge a 2 stroke motor??? ive been trying to find out what would happen like at idle its would need backpressure to run properly but i guess u can use it without bac pressure. unless u have a pressure pipe then the turbo so it could still work kinda i tihnk! ne one got ne ideas?

cheers -jeff

-- jeff bailey (, February 18, 2005.

hey guys i was reading this post and found it awsome, i have a great idea for a superchager. I have a old alarm system that use a air fan like the old air raid sirens. I think if i mod it enough i could turn it into a turbo or a supercharger!

-- anthony bujak (, February 18, 2005.

Ok, I have been reading this forum since i found it in my search for specs on a Briggs Blockzilla engine i am building for a Jr. Dragster. Which Should put out around 47 Hp on Alcohol using normal race parts. But i just have to put in my 2 cents here. I have been a small engine mechanic for around 22 years now I am a Briggs Master Tech and am certified by most small engine manufactures and go to service schools or regular basis.I am still Employed by a local Shop in florida to this day. No as for power and supercharging other than doing it just to see if you can i know of no reason to do it. You can build engines capable of well over 100mph with no boost at all.Some Karts running race engines will run low 11's in a 1/4 mile ( Do the math). You can buy NOS kits for motocycles over the counter from most dealers which will build more power and run cooler with no hassle and can be adapted to most any type engine 2 or 4 cycle. But if you must endevore just to ge tthe what if factor I think it is great and Good luck. Also fuel injection is avalible for motocycles and some chainsaws are now fuel injected also adaptable to most engines.I know i didn't help your cause much if any but i just wanted to say something to keep from crying and i hope you all have insurance. LOL John

-- John Holland (, February 19, 2005.

hey thanks john

-- jim geddes (, February 19, 2005.

I read from this about 2 months ago about using fans and smog pumps and stuff. I'm 16 and recently came upon a minibike with a 3.5 HP Briggs and Stratton engine that was completely messed up. I had some parts ordered and got the engine fixed, but I want to give it some electricity and power, so I've got a vaccum motor and large electric motor I hooked upto the engine with a pulley bolted to the shaft to the two motors with a lawn mower belt. There is a built in impeller in the vaccum motor that usually sucks in air, but I set up the pulleys to reverse it and tubed the output of the vaccum motor to the intake of the engine, making it a supercharger that is variable to the speed of the engine shaft. Also, the two motors act as generators if their shafts are spun, giving me electricity for headlights, turning signals, and anything else I decide to add in the future.

-- Robbie (, February 24, 2005.

that sounds pretty kool. post some pics

-- sdfssd (, February 24, 2005.

hey iv been workin on my littile brothers go cart and i want it to go faster i made a straghit pipe for it and polished the head its not to fast but i want it to be if u have any CHEAP ideas plz help me and plz go in to detale cause im confuzed bought the smog pumps and stuff so if u would plz help!!!!!

-- princejames.. (, February 26, 2005.

i was thinknin what if u took a computer fan or a old refridigrator fan to make a super charger

-- PrinceJames.. (, February 26, 2005.

I tried the fan thing, it doesnt work

refer to what i did like two entries back with a vaccum motor, that is cheap and works you just need to bolt on a pulley to the shaft on top of the clutch and buy a belt from home depot or something and run it to the vaccum motor axle. There's an fan enclosure built onto the motor that you can run tubing form to the intake tyo make a supercharger.

-- robbie (, February 26, 2005.

i want to know how you put on the hair blow dryer because i have a 8 hp briggs on and old ford lawn mower and i wanna get this thing ready for the races man.i am 17 and there are a bunch of guys in town that wanna race and the one guy is doing like 30 and i have to all about changing the pulleys and belt so charging it would be nice.

-- james (, February 28, 2005.

Ive Got A 5.0 Tecumseh engine... connected with a hairblower.... to supply the power off the hair blowers ive got 3 12v motorcycle batteries which make 36 volts.... which make it spin hard!. i also got the battery rigged switch to it, to activate the turbo.....i Dont Know About All these Other Ideas... But I Think Mine Is The Simplest.. .. My Old Top Speed Was 35 mph Without The Hairblower... And With It Im Easily Hitting 50 Within A Block.... but it seems like the engine chokes it self after passing 50... i dont know why... but all i know is that i own my town... i have also raced 10-12 hp briggs and nothing has gotten closer yet to me..... :)

-- Fabian (, March 01, 2005.

I dont know, that fan stuff never worked as well as that vaccom motor impeller run of a pulley, because the imopeller is aqn air pump instead of an air pusher, and produces alot more pressure. Also, a supercharging device run off of a pulley changes its speed according to the speed of the shaft. I'm thinking of fuel injection too. Anybody with ideas.

-- robbie (, March 01, 2005.

i wanna know where to put the hair blower because it needs it cause i changed the pulleys and it does not have enough power to move it

-- james (, March 01, 2005.

a hair blower probably wont do shit because they dont produce much pressure

Im telling you use something else, it really doesnt work, it doesnt produce any compression, dont waste time messing with it because your better of spending a bit more time and fabrication doing it with an air pumping device. You could just run the axle of a vaccum motor impeller from the side of one of your belts and run the output to your intake

-- robbie (, March 01, 2005.

So, i have a 100cc honda motorcycle. I put a smog pump on it as a supercharger and got 19psi boost. Then I put an RHB 32 IHI turbo on from a chevy sprint; it doesn't really work (1psi boost at WOT). I built an oil pump drive for the turbocharger to keep it lubed. Bottom line is: hair dryers, keyboard dusters, straws, computer fans, and all that other rediculous bullshit doesn't work. Quit wasting your fucking time; read about how engines work and how forced induction works before you try this stuff out or it won't make any sense at all.

Oh, and buddy running a 110VAC hair dryer off of 36VDC; you're eyes are brown you are so full of bullshit... go put your fingers in a light socket, then drink a glass of your own piss.

-- chestrockwell (, March 02, 2005.

I was looking for a smaller turbo than the IHI RHB-32 and found the "TINNIE WINNIE TURBO" on It's 650usd and that's for a new turbo. It would be great for a 50- 400cc engine (4stroke)

Again; hair dryers, computer fans, computer dusters, propane torches in the intake, and ram air intakes are beyond a waste of time. Leaf blower would probably work, but I haven't seen strong evidence that it does work.

-- chestrockwell (, March 02, 2005.

thanx man been lookin for a name of a turbo for a long while! n its the one off a charde turbo ay? im planning on grabing the blow through carb of a charade turbo n running it on a motorbike engine or a small briggs motor etc run itc n a bov etc will b great once i get it all together

-- jeff bailey (, March 02, 2005.

Ever think about using the cooling air fan to feed air into these little engines? Maybe even fit a smaller centrifugal jobby between the starter ratchet mechanism and the flywheel and duct it off. turbos are nice but little ones are rare as chickens socks and expect lots of lag from a big one due to low volume of exhaust produced. Plus you have oil feed and all that poop to think about. Personally I'd like to try using a washing machine pump (plastic housing and impeller, sealed bearing etc)direct off the crank. It looks like half a little turbo, they can be got anywhere and a good one spun in a drill flings a lot of air, so belt driving one up will be easy (or drive 2, or 3!!). The best bit is they are cheap because the crappy motor side always goes first and can be removed with a hacksaw. Best of luck to you mate, life begins at 70!!! (p.s. get some piping too and some jubilee clips from the old washing machine!!)

-- Mossy BlastundCollapsen (, March 02, 2005.

wat is a smogpump

-- cj (, March 02, 2005.

Hey chester rockwell, since you seem to be someone who knows what your talking about, I'm using a vaccum cleaner air pump run from a pulley from my engine to supercharge it. Do I have to put the supercharger between the carb and intake to suck the air/fuel through, or could I just tube the output of the supercharger to the intake of the carb and pressurise the fuel tank too.

-- robbie (, March 03, 2005.

That washing machine thing sounds pretty cool, im going to look into that.

A smog pump is an air pump used on some cars, I'm not sure what for, but I've heard it can work pretty good as a supercharger.

-- Robbie (, March 03, 2005.

Hey Robbie, I don't really know what a vacuum cleaner pump looks like, but I assume it's a centrifugal type pump. If I were you, before even hooking it up to the intake, I'd just spin the pump somehow (with a drill or on the engine) and see if you can get it to create some pressure. If you don't have a pressure gage, get one because it's very useful on the supercharged engine (find a gage with a pressure range of about 0 to 30 psi). The pump should blow a good blast of air if it's going to work. I would really suggest getting a smog pump because they definately do work and are easy to come by; it needs to have two ports, one inlet and one out. I have been using one from an early 70's datsun, and I'm pretty sure that any pre '80s datsun will work.

Regarding your question of where to put the carb, you should first try it before the supercharger; many people say that starting the engine will be difficult, but if the carb is slightly above the blower and the blower is above the intake, the starting will be very simple. My Honda has a total of 2.5 feet of distance between the carb and head, and it started first kick, no bullshit. Anyways, putting the carb after the supercharger is something that I am looking at doing because the smog pump I'm using doesn't like air/fuel going through it (it works, but the pump only lasts for about 6 hours before it blows up, almost worth replacing the pump every 6 hours though). I haven't had time to do it, but it's definately going to be difficult. For you, I'd just get it running with the draw-through setup first.

Also, a smog pump on a car pumps fresh air back into the exhaust to appearantly -clean- the air, a huge pile of bukake. They are a part of the emissions system on a car. Many cars use an electric powered smog pump, don't use that.

-- chestrockwell (, March 03, 2005.

I have already hooked it up to a drill press and it produces a pretty good amount of air.

-- Robbie (, March 04, 2005.

ahh i too did this! hooking it up to drill press! ha it got going n sounded like a bloody rotary so i dont think its too healthy :P

but i hope to get around to attaching it.

-- jeff bailey (, March 06, 2005.

yeah, i almost killed myself messing with my drill press, got hit in the forarm with a peice of swinging metal and hit the ground

-- Robbie (, March 06, 2005.

haha u twit. produce a fair amount of air though.... wonder if u could use it on a charade turbo! instead of the turbo its self prob put out more air lol

-- jeff bailey (, March 07, 2005.

My damn engine wont start. The carb wasnt sealed right, and i took everthing apart and fixed that, then it ran, then it wouldnt start, now the thing that is plugged onto the spark plug wont stay opn right no matter how much i pinch it in, and i think there is a problem with the carb again, although im pretty far on the supercharger setup and will be done soon, if i can get the engine itsself fixed.

-- Robbie (, March 10, 2005.

Keep posting Robbie, I want to know how it goes.

-- chestrockwell (, March 10, 2005.

That sounds like a sweet idea i think you should put a hemi on it. lol

-- forgot it dudes (, March 12, 2005.

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