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Used Dazzle DVC-80 to capture, encoded to mpeg and burned to cd-r using roxio(adaptec) easy cd creator 5, however, I get a "disc error" when trying to play in my zenith dvc2515. tried the hack for the dvc-2550 and it didn't work. Any ideas? Thanks, Tim

-- Tim Shattuck (, August 09, 2002


Are you in Syracuse, NY?

-- (steve@junk.nope), August 10, 2002.

Yes, In Syracuse

-- tim shattuck (, August 11, 2002.

try cdrwin to burn i could never find much luck using easy cd creator 5.

-- cb (, August 14, 2002.

Hey i have a zentih dvc-2515 too and i would be very interested if you know the hack for the multi regional code.

-- John (, March 25, 2003.

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