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I came across the radical mormon website and found out I'm not alone. Finally some answers to questions, but now I have more questions. Can you please put me in contact with some MormoWiccans? I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks, Laura Robinson

-- Laura Robinson (, August 06, 2002


Welcome MormoWiccans!

If you are interested in source material, check out the old *P* MormoWiccan threads.

I emailed the following note to a few friends about this development. Cheers!

There have been some MormoWiccan inquiries on the Radical Mormon BBS. You can read them below, and follow the links to reply.

Gaia has been in touch with me recently, but I unfortunately lost her messages. Please feel free to forward this along to her, or anyone else, as you like. I think that she has a new discussion group online.

I feel that I should apologize for my distance from MutantRM's, but I have definitely been anxiously engaged elsewhere. Meanwhile, the Radical RSS channel has been pulling in a few visitors from GNU-Darwin, Mahonri, and elsewhere, and the Nauvoo coverage was a minor hit, which probably explains recent activity on the BBS.

Finally, thanks all for being there. Please note my new email address. and are going away.

Regards, proclus

-- (, August 10, 2002.


I can't really call myself a wiccan. But as I've researched Celtic spirituality it's been interesting to me how the two paths complement each other. Mormon doctorine speaks of everything created spiritually before being created spiritually. Celtic spirituality acts this doctrine out. I read "Journey to Avalon" this summer and came away with the belief that the goddess tradition is meant to link with the more masculine "Christian" traditions. Certainly as mormons, the idea of a mother god is not new. She however has been in a "protected" status. I love the idea of developing a relationship with this part of the divine.-----BlueskiesBH

-- Barbara Harrison (, August 09, 2002.


Hail and Well met!

LDS theolgy has some real similarities with Wicca -- the idea that the Earth is alive and ensouled --- Eliza R Snow wrote a poem stating that not only was the Earth alive, but it had been through a baptism and had endured/ obeyed the Law of Sacrifice - having several "pieces" of it torn away, which would eventually return when it is Celestialized.

that God is "in and through" all things and "gives life ot all things" (D&C 88); the idea of Divinity as both God and Goddess -- in LDS theology, Godhood is only "awarded" to both male and female, inseperably connected/joined together --

the principle of eternal progression and plurality of Gods....all are very consistent with Wiccan principles.

Early Jews and Christians worshipped the Goddess -- i'll post something seperate on that, for anyone who might be interested --

Blessings -- Gaia

-- Gaia (, August 10, 2002.

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