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I don't have any experience regarding video formats, codecs etc. I need to complete a VB project though which should be able to play numerous movie clips from CD. The dimentional size of the clips need to be rather large and of great quality which also makes file size large. These clips I received as .mov files and in uncompressed format. I tried compressing it to various formats available in Premier 4.0 but with no satisfactory results.

Can anyone help with advice on which format I need to look at. Quality is important but I also need to reduce the file size. Is there maybe a way I can store these files so they take up less space but still are of good quality.

Any help appreciated. Gert

-- Gert van der Merwe (gertvdm@intekom.co.za), August 06, 2002


Are you of kaffir origin?

-- (#@#.#), August 06, 2002.

AVI compression is not a good answer. Encoding to an mpeg is what you want to do. Unfortunately, Premier doesnít export to mpeg. However, there are solutions.

I use a plug-in from Panasonic that exports to mpeg at 352x240 resolution, which may sound low by computer standards, but is actually better than VHS resolution. If you canít afford Panasonicís Premier plug-in (ap. US$100 ) try TMPGEnc (http://www.tmpgenc.net/). Itís a stand-alone program thatís free and some say that it does a better job of encoding to mpeg.

-- No One (no@one.com), August 15, 2002.

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