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Praise the Lord children of God. I am seeking guidance to assist me in organizing a workshop for adult choir members. Please provide suggestion for topics and if you have a workshop plan, I would greatly appreciate it if you shared your information with me. Thank you in advance for your response. May God bless you.

Sis. Pat Thomas, Ebenezer AMEC, Ft. Washington, MD

-- Anonymous, August 05, 2002


Sis. Pat our sunday school union has a couple of books that may be of interest to you. One is called "Developing your music ministry vol.1 the choir becoming and effective choir" you can find it on the christian education web page Keep us posted on your progress!!

-- Anonymous, August 05, 2002

Sis Pat,

As I read your post , I was overjoyed. This is something that we did at my church, Big Bethel, Atlanta last year. We enlisted the ministry of Rev. Jonathan Alvarado and it was awesome.

One book that might be of help to you is, LET MOUNT ZION REJOICE, by James Abbington. I've found it to be a wonderful and viable resource for understanding the ministries purpose, strucure and all. Do check it out. You may also be able to get some information from Jimmie James, who is the connectional minister of music for additional resources. I believe that you can contact him through the Nashville Christian Education Office. Let me think some more about topics, though a couple of topics coming to mind are: 1. Understanding what you are singing scripturally, and 2. Understanding the differences between hymns, spirituals, praise songs and gospels and how they can work to enhance the worship experience. Ooh, another is a choir members role...the second most important factor in the worship expereince. Also, topics dealing with voice techniques..breathing, etc. are always helpful.

Also , let me check with some minister of music and musican friends to give you more insight.

Press On!

-- Anonymous, August 05, 2002

sis. D. Renee thank you for mentioning Jimmie James he is the person who wrote the book I referred to in my previous post, his book is "developing your music ministry vol.1 the choir becoming an effective ministry." thanks for letting me know who he is!!

-- Anonymous, August 05, 2002

Pat, I was browsing and "stumbled" upon your email...although your request was in August, the answer is never too late. You may want to contact a person by the name of Dr Ulysses Moye. He works on "Choir Ministry from the Biblical Perspective." He is the Minister of Music at the Mt Pleasant Baptist Church in Baltimore Md. His email address is me...he has made a significant difference here in New York.


-- Anonymous, November 05, 2002

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