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We the Students Union Government Of University Of Nigeria wants to start-up with a club, which is to be, tagged Micheal Jackson Club (Theme: Helping the helpless children) in the University of Nigeria.

This club tends to carryout lots of work with your name in our country in Nigeria by visiting the helpless children, motherless babies to avoid sudden death of youths as it is happening now. Though we wish to start by creating awareness through a show tagged ‘Jackson’s Day’ which will comprise of virtually all the Other Universities in Nigeria as we wish to establish the Club in each Universities. Therefore we need advice as regards what to do and what not to, to see to the welfare of this honorable club! Secondly, we need mobility (Bus), which will be labeled on the body “MICHEAL JACKSON’S CLUB” thirdly we the volunteers members have started making donations as we use to whenever we want to visit the less privileged but as students we can do much. We now seek your support towards seeing our great proposal come true the committee as set-up by the Union has Schedule the event for 23rd August2002 Though this date is subject to your approval. And after the show we hope to make Jackson’s statue at the University. The coverage of the event will be sent to you and we are proposing the event to take place at Protea Hotels Limited [Nike Resort Limited] Enugu State, Eastern, Nigeria

Your response and support will make our dream project come true.

Thank you immensely.

Members of the Committee.

-- Anonymous, August 05, 2002


I hapen to be a student,and i would be a direct beneficial of this grate idear of the club becausei need the elp of the club tocomplete my education here in nigeria.

-- Anonymous, April 22, 2003

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