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Hi there, I have a 1974 cb550, it had been standing for five years before I got hold of it. Among the problems was the clutch which was seized on. I've taken it apart and freed all the plates from each other. It now kinda works but it drags like crazy.

I found something different in the clutch to what I was expecting though. There where seven friction plates and six metal plates. The seven friction plates where identical. My clymer manual said I should have six friction plates A and one friction plate B.

So, anyone got an idea what the deal is with that?

I went to my local vintage parts store, they said couldn't get me a clutch kit, said I would need to order from Honda because of some strange plate inside.

I have looked at clutches on Barnett clutch webpage. It said I should have 6 A plates, one B plate and 6 steel plates. I think I could order from my local store with the part numbers.

However, I don't know whether to order 7 friction plates the same or go for the 6 and 1 deal. I'm pretty confused.

Perhaps I don't even need new plates, could the clutch cable really have stretched that much to cause the drag? The adjuster on the side of the clutch cover is tightened as far as it will go.

If you have any advice please let me know Thanks Gareth

-- gareth eames (bluebasil@yahoo.com), August 03, 2002


I remember reading a hot-rod setup tip back in the 70's, the story was; put in an extra plate in order to keep the clutch from slipping under extreme conditions. Maybe someone did this to your bike. I always thought my stock clutch was fine, but if you rev'ed it up and dropped the clutch, it'd slip before it'd spin the rear wheel.

-- w r elliott (wre3@satx.rr.com), August 14, 2002.

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