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What:LoCal MuSac's table at The True Love Coffeehouse's Rock n' Roll yard sale Why: LoCal MuSac has bills to pay and needs money to pay these bills. How: LoCal will be selling a variety of things including movies,Cds, posters, buttons and local band merchandise. When: Saturday, August 10th at The True Love from 12-5pm.

How can you help? If you are in a band, we would love to sell your merchandise for you. All we ask is a small percent of the profit to put in the LoCal MuSac fund. This percent is negotionable. OR, we will gladly take donations of your money or merch to sell for you. OR if you have any CDs, movies, posters, photography, artwork etc. you would like to sell, we can work with that too. AND finally, please come to the sale and maybe buy something. There will be many tables with some pretty cool stuff.

RSVP: Laura:, or catch me online aim: punk02princess, yahoo: bluebird1039,

-- PunkPrincessLaUrA (, August 03, 2002

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