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According to my orthopaedic surgeon, after having MRI, there is bone damage from past injuries. He is recommending arthroscopic procedure to "clean up" and possible Oats Procedure if needed. Does this sound like proper recommendation?

-- Pat McCoy (, August 03, 2002


Arthroscopy is a reasonable procedure for debridement of joints that have mechanical problems. At arthroscopy an assessment can be made as to suitability for other procedures such as an OATS procedure. More information concerning the OATS procedure can be obtained at

-- Errol Bennett, M.D. (, October 28, 2002.

Don't know what kind of injuries you speak of, but I was given a similar answer when I first injured my ankle (1996, I was 17). They went ahead with arthroscopy of an osteochondral defect in my ankle and decided it was alright and just "cleaned up". It actually went quite well at the time. I did significant rehab with the athletic trainer at high school (2x a day, 5 days a week) and eventually was back to running competitively (state meets). Then in college (1999) I started having pain again. I went back for another surgery and they removed the defect and drilled it. OATS was not common at the time. This drilling and removal was a BAD choice and the end of my athletic career. I am far worse now than I was before. Now I finally have good enough insurance to try all this again. This time my new Dr is recommending the OATS proceedure. I'm pretty skeptical.

-- Tim MacIntyre (, February 10, 2005.

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