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Dear Rev. John

No weapon formed against you shall prosper! Blessings my Dear Brother! The prayers of all of us are with you. Recognizing your hectic schedule and recent changes within your family, time (for rest or anything else) is probably non-existant for keeping up with your extended family here on the Board.

I am always thankful that you have allowed God to use you in this tremendous new Ministry. Communication around the Church is increasing and new friends are being made. I have personally met members who post on this board! God is being glorified as servants are prayed for through this forum.

Remembering you recent family loss and the change on your family just remember how much you are loved and regarded by your AME family. From Bozeman Montana, through Toronto Canada, past little Bermuda and the islands of the Caribbean, to the shores and villages of our home-land Africa many have been touched and have had the opportunity to reach and touch through your electronic ministerial forum. African Methodism and God's Kingdom buiding has been increased.

May God touch you whatever you are dealing with. May he touch your Church with your members and families. May he touch you spirit as you work in your day job. May he touch Sis. Jan, and your entire personal family circle. May his peace be with you till we meet at last!

With Great respect and thanks unto God our Father Blessings from Bermuda and around the world Rev. John

-- Anonymous, August 02, 2002

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