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Looking for your opinions

With Sis. Linda's point of losing members (which most of us seem to agree with) and Rev. Denise's point of revival. Do any of you feel that we should partition the business operations of the Church? I am sure with the brilliant minds of Professor QED and others (Robert and Company)we can formulate some ideas for reviving our youth ministry without the potential of furthering the present financial difficulties our Church and other Denominations face today. I would appreciate everyone's imput from RP to Rev. John as well. The enemy is moving and it appears the Muslims and others are taking the able bodied soldiers.

Thoughts anyone?

-- Anonymous, August 02, 2002


We need to be able to "get inside their heads", and give them concrete solutions to their problems.

For example, many of the youths at our church deal with the fear of being injured or killed as a result of gang violence. What do you do to ease that fear?

What reasons can you give a gang banger to stop the violence?

How do you teach the children (and I encountered a 7 year old whose mother bought her an album containing profanity) that the lyrics to their songs are not in harmony with God?

I beleive the keys to the children are through a) the music and b) the parents. We need some method of putting the gospel (according to Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, not Fred and Kirk) into the beats they listen to. Parents and Ministers need to boycott the record companies and the stores that sell this music.

Just a thought....

-- Anonymous, August 04, 2002

I may get a lot of no nos on this but I feel that if the officers of the church would do their jobs as designed by the Discipline, Trustees take care of the property, strewards and finance commission take care of how the money is spent and the members are taught TITHING and not selling and raffles ( yes my church had a raffle this year and the pastor approved it) maybe we can get back to basic, old fashion prayer meeting, parents taking responsibility for their children and the village doing their part. I pray some day the AME church would reinstate the ACE League, where young people could be reached and be able to discuss their issues.There seem to be lack of interest of young people in the AME church ages 18 - 35 bracket, that is why so many are leaving. I am praying Bishop A.J. Richardson will address this issue with some programs to be implemented into all our churches before it's too late. Satan is on his job, let's get on ours as Saints.

-- Anonymous, August 05, 2002

Dear Sister Watkins,

You hit the nail right on the head when you said " get back to basic old fashion prayer meeting" !!! I have learned that no one can do anything better than God. It's just so wonderful to be involved in a plan that you know He has approved because everything runs so smoothly. Peoples" attitudes are in harmony with His Spirit and all kinds of resources come from nowhere when you need them.

I am learning that the most important part of prayer is listening to God. Sometimes God will say " yes " or " no" to your request. If He doesn't say either, then that means you have to " wait". The " waiting" is the most important part of the listening period as far as I am concerned. This is the period where I can continue to fast, pray, meditate,worship, study his word, or pursue any other spiritual outreach to Him. This is the period where we can grow in our faith in God. For we cannot please God without faith. Thank you sister Watkins once again for reminding us about the old fashion prayer meeting.


-- Anonymous, August 06, 2002

Hi, Linda what was the ACE league?

-- Anonymous, August 09, 2002

I agree with the "resurrection" of the ACE; in fact, our congregation (I happen to be one of the advisors) still has it and I recently heard of another one in the Ohio Conference. It IS still in the Discipline, though very little is saidabout it and Dr. Hill apparently has no interest in promoting it; likewise neither do the bishops or anyone else down the line. Dr. Hill is pushing the Scouting programs among AME's.

We have maintained our relationship with Christian Endeavor International throughout the years and attended all the CE Conventions and still use some of their materials. For some years, CEI stopped publishing topics, etc., but about two years ago, they began a web based program called "teamCE" which is a very comprehensive youth ministry program.

As you know, most of the AME emphasis is now directed towards the YPD, which in most cases is a monthly program while the ACE is weekly. We are fortunate enough to have both programs in our church and we work well together. The YPD used to meet on the third Sunday after services and the ACE met on Wednesday evenings. Because it was difficult to get folks to remain on Sundays (after Church School and a worship service of 2 - 3 hours), YPD asked for one of our Wednesdays. This was a win-win situation as it gave them an already organized group of kids, and gave us (ACE leaders) a monthly break.

If you want to know more about Christian Endeavor, see and from there you can click on "ministries" to read about teamCE.

-- Anonymous, August 10, 2002

CORRECTION: I should have said I recently heard of another ACE in the Terrific Third District - not in the Ohio Confernce. Mea culpa!.

-- Anonymous, August 10, 2002

Rev. Rogers the ACE League was the best type of leaaring too the AME church had for young people during the lat 50's and early 60's. The Baptist had BTU and we had ACE. This was an organization to teach young people all about the Bible and spiritual training and offered valuable information about the AME church , it was usually held on Sunday afternnon around 6 p.m. We were eager to attend, you were taught how to read and study the Bible and how to walk more closely with God. However this was during the time the VILLAGE in the community was in effect, now that we have lost the VILLAGE and most of the Cheifs, most of our youth are suffering from a laxk of knowledge of the church as well as God.

-- Anonymous, August 12, 2002

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