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Greetings to all,

Following God's calling on my life, I am currently trying to develop a bookstore....booktable ministry for a church in my area. I know that God is leading me in this,but in my research for AME literature, I am coming to a block. I have located wonderful materials to start with, though not necessarily AME. I tend to browse through various bookstores, preferring Cokesbury the most. However, while there, I often get disgusted with the fact that I must untilize a UMC resource, rather than an AME resource.

With this said, why is it that our resources, i.e. disciplines, books written by AME's, etc. cannot be located in a central location. I am aware of the department in Nashville, but it seems hard to contact. I feel it would be a blessing to have a central resource located in all episcopal districts. If this is already in place, YEAH!! please let me know where. But, if not...this is something that would greatly serve our people. I feel this site is a great one to gain knowlege, resources, but what about having something more tangible...hardware( if you will), in each district.

Please enlighten.


-- Anonymous, July 31, 2002


There are two central resources in Nashville, both of whom have on-line access. The AME Christian Education Department has some books within its site. The AME Church Publishing House is the other Nashville site. Perhaps you'll have better luck reaching them on-line.

I believe there is also a bookstore site at the First District web site. I'm not sure about the other districts, but if you're curious, you can access them from http://www.ghg.net/jlpayne/churches.html.

-- Anonymous, July 31, 2002

Praise God Sis. D. Renee for your wonderful ministry. Education was so important to Richard Allen when he founded our denomination, having a book ministry continues the legacy. You might want to call the Christian Education Department for help in getting ideas. Perhaps Jerryl Payne can put a direct link to the first district book store page www.1stdistrict-ame.org/book.htm

Keep us post regarding the books you come up with;-)

-- Anonymous, July 31, 2002

One other thing I seem to recall that there was a thread last year regarding books. Maybe someone remembers. Jerryl Payne is going to kill me for saying this (for he is very modest) but he knows alot about our history and is familiar with the A.M.E history books. Actually I think of him as our unofficial ame today historian. Our denomination historiogher would also be a great source for book recommendations. Jerryl will know that also and many of our Bishops are scholars and have books out. And Jerryl will know that too;-) I love history and your ministry is exciting for it is portable, you can make home visit's, nursing home visits, have book clubs, teach reading, tutor kids. It is a powerful ministry. Keep up the good work. And one other thing Bill Dickens teaches economics at a university and he would be a good source for book suggestions also, not only about economics but in general. Rev. Fisher is a journalist and the board is full of smart people so I am sure they too will make suggestions.

-- Anonymous, July 31, 2002

Bro. Jeryl and Rev. Denise,

Thank you so much for your insight. I will definitely check into the given resources. Possibly, doing this on-line would be better for contact, though I would like to speak to someone personally. As I said before , I was aware of the Nashville Depts., and also Rev. Champion's area, but all and any information is helpful and needed. Even though these are available, I continue to feel that some standard resource facility in each district would be a viable addition for our denomination. Hmmmm, perhaps God is leading me there....who knows(smile). But, thanks again and I'm sure I'll be enlisting your aid in the future. What a great network all for kingdom building.

Peace and blessings

-- Anonymous, July 31, 2002

THe University of North Carlina's "Documentation of the South" site has a number of older AME works on-line. Most of them can be reached from my AME Bishops and History Link. Dr. Dickerson also serves on the faculty of Vanderbilt University, and his e-mail is available from that site.

At some point I may compile a list of books by AME authors. Our bishops do indeed write a lot: Bishop McKenzie has published two books - both available from your favorite bookstore - Bishop Bryant has one, Bishop Talbot has published three in the last year, and Bishop Ingram has some works as well. I'll link back here when the compilation is started.

Rev. Rogers, thank you for your kind words. The Christian walk is about helping each other.

-- Anonymous, August 01, 2002

God be praised ! I am loving this...the sharing ....the networking....all in kingdom building. ~~~~ having a warm, fuzzy...~~~~~~

and I'll be looking forward to your compilation. Maybe you could enlist some aid from some of the bros. and sis. here...:) It will be great.

also....thanks again for the info. from both you and Rev. Denise. I checked it out and I am excited about obtaining the materials.

Peace and blessings

-- Anonymous, August 02, 2002

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