PC-Made VCD Playback problem on Philips DVD953

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I am capturing Cable TV shows on my PC using ATI All-in-Wonder/MMC 7.6. If I burn a VCD using the original MPEG-1, it's OK. If I edit out the ads using CyberLink PowerDirector Pro 2.1, I have problems on Philips DVD players ONLY. Commercial VCDs play OK. Philips and CyberLink are stumped.

THE SYMPTOM: The first ~2-minute period of a 45-minute PC-created VCD plays "too fast," dropping many frames. The next ~10-minute period plays fine. After 12 minutes, the rest of the VCD plays "too slowly," freezing playback for progressively longer and longer glitches, as if the player is waiting for new frames to load.

MY GUESS: It's as if the Philips DVD-953 is playing back in Constant Angular Velocity (CAV) mode, when it should be playing in Constant Linear Velocity (CLV) mode. Buffer overrun at inner diameters and buffer underrun at outer diameters.

MY QUESTION: Is there a Mode trigger code that is missing from the VCD, or should the original MPEG-1 files be recorded differently?


-- Rick Lee (Rick@Ricks-Place.org), July 31, 2002


Maybe you should try using TMPG for the editing process, because i never have compatability problems when using it. you would just have to save each segment around commercials as separate mpg then splice them all together...Hope this helps

-- Gary DeMoss (scooby@sugardog.com), August 04, 2002.

you should check the bitrate you used in your vcd's. dvd953 doesn't support other bitrate than the standard 1150kb/s I recommend you to encode with tmpegenc. and use the default vcd/svcd profile.

Hope this help you out

-- Abraham S. (a_brahms@yahoo.com.mx), August 11, 2003.

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