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copying a whole AIM chat & then dumping it on a irrelevant ILX thread without even inserting line breaks

-- unknown or illegal user (, July 30, 2002


it's annoying

-- unknown or illegal user (, July 30, 2002.

sorry to whoever was embarrassed or offended or whatever enough to get the moderator to delete the shit last time i did it

-- unknown or illegal user (, July 30, 2002.

well i've learned my lesson now

-- unknown or illegal user (, July 30, 2002.

You have just entered room "you bunch of homos." MattFallaize has entered the room. MattFallaize: It's all gone quiet over here,, probably the homos. doorag000000: oh ok doorag000000: i might not be able to raise much axtion @ my end either MattFallaize: well, arse fucking is a very quiet activity. doorag000000: but keep yr window open, i'ma give it the ol' collage try doorag000000: ha ha doorag000000: you'd know MattFallaize: righto doorag000000: ya homo MattFallaize: Ha! doorag000000: i shouldnt 've called it that perhaps, it rather limits the invitation possibilities to people i don't have to explain that i'm not a big fuckin homerphobe doorag000000: i'm not a big fuckin homerphobe doorag000000: this is more my style MattFallaize: Didn't think you were for a second doorag000000: pink ya digg MattFallaize: However, I'm sure that all the homos are off doing entertaining stuff with other homos. doorag000000: no doubt MattFallaize: good pink doorag000000: yabba MattFallaize: yabba? doorag000000: dabba MattFallaize: I see. MattFallaize: Doo? doorag000000: oh you DOO? doorag000000: i kill me doorag000000: anyway whatre you up to MattFallaize: Really, you do MattFallaize: About to go to bed man, it's 4 in the morning here doorag000000: i dunno if i have ever spake to you before actually? MattFallaize: Probably not doorag000000: oh well i am duane doorag000000: in dunedin doorag000000: new zealand MattFallaize: Hi, as you probably gathered, I'm Matt doorag000000: not a homophobe MattFallaize: England. Me neither MattFallaize: Liverpool, to be precise i am devoette has entered the room. doorag000000: OH HI MattFallaize: Goog god. Hello filthymistake 77 has entered the room. i am devoette: i just entered a room full of homos? doorag000000: hey i dont actually know who you are MattFallaize: True i am devoette: but does 3 people constitute as a room? doorag000000: no we're a buncha HOMOPHOBOPHOBES i am devoette: oh wait-4 doorag000000: mmm? doorag000000: ? i am devoette: homophoberanatangs filthymistake 77: hahah MattFallaize: It's almost a conference doorag000000: digg my pinkness doorag000000: hey kamilah filthymistake 77: hey i am devoette: dig my blacknes MattFallaize: OK i am devoette: sexual chocolatness doorag000000: yr not black doorag000000: you phoney filthymistake 77: oooh, he caught you i am devoette: not on the outside filthymistake 77: in a LIE. doorag000000: you oreo cookie i am devoette: pfft! i am devoette: i'm all soul dood filthymistake 77: im blakc + native american filthymistake 77: its cool RodSerling1 has entered the room. RodSerling1: great name for a chat doorag000000: sorry chaps i am devoette: its so fucking gay, we all have aids filthymistake 77: haha RodSerling1: i don't think i know everyone yet filthymistake 77: i like the name MattFallaize: That should cheer you up Duane filthymistake 77: i have so much aids i cant sit still doorag000000: hey "rod" i yr real name? i am devoette: who are you people? filthymistake 77: dancin aids RodSerling1: no i am devoette: aids with sugar filthymistake 77: my name is kamilah RodSerling1: i'm mike from ILM doorag000000: i'm duane filthymistake 77: but you can call me kami MattFallaize: Dancin Aids? i am devoette: nicole RodSerling1: the japanese word MattFallaize: Ask a drunk, mostly RodSerling1: cool doorag000000: i invited you to chat cause i like yr diaryland diary i am devoette: all of us? filthymistake 77: haha whats it mean in japanese? doorag000000: nicole hi doorag000000: no you RodSerling1: "spirit or god" i am devoette: yes, hi RodSerling1: divine basically filthymistake 77: cool thats me doorag000000: i added all these ppl whose diaries i like RodSerling1: gotcha i am devoette: mines all fucked up filthymistake 77: aw you like mine :-) RodSerling1: my pizza shoule be done soon doorag000000: i don't remember who they all are i am devoette: Im to busy to sit and fuck with html doorag000000: pizza yum doorag000000: yeah fuck HTML i am devoette: pizza with what toppings? RodSerling1: yep RodSerling1: stoffers RodSerling1: not digiorno doorag000000: what is STOFFES doorag000000: *R doorag000000: ? MattFallaize: Good question i am devoette: stouffers!! i am devoette: thats the BEST RodSerling1: it's a company i am devoette: french bread, i believe doorag000000: i dont know what that is PinkMoos553 has entered the room. doorag000000: perhaps they go under another name out here i am devoette: its so good, even it has aids RodSerling1: ah ha ! doorag000000: hey ANTHONG doorag000000: ya big HOMO i am devoette: no-look for the orange box filthymistake 77: ahaha RodSerling1: aids seems to be the theme for tonight doorag000000: how you doin man PinkMoos553: rebel with out a cause PinkMoos553: is the most freudian film extant RodSerling1: yeah RodSerling1: that's why my ex likes it so much i think MattFallaize: There was me thinking it was the Fisher king i am devoette: psycho-babble? doorag000000: i never saw it! RodSerling1: no RodSerling1: that's way jungian doorag000000: what a gap in my doorag000000: film knowledge i am devoette: i saw the rip-off. with paula abdul doorag000000: ha what was that? MattFallaize: hahahahaahha i am devoette: psuedo rebel without a cause i am devoette: "rush rush" RodSerling1: when i find out who keeps sending me these porn emails there's gonna be blood RodSerling1: ha.... PinkMoos553: i am watching it now doorag000000: it wasnt me RodSerling1: that has a nice violin solo PinkMoos553: and i am shocked by how operatic it is doorag000000: it was shaggy MattFallaize: Rebel without a record deal? i am devoette: operatic? PinkMoos553: and how few words are used i am devoette: and how much grease is in the hair PinkMoos553: yeha RodSerling1: i have great pics of that observatory PinkMoos553: the violence and the sex PinkMoos553: and the radical stripping of anything but action i am devoette: griffith park RodSerling1: yes filthymistake 77: sex + violcence <3 RodSerling1: all good points i am devoette: sex and violence rules as much as aids RodSerling1: what do you all think of the betty page phenomena ? RodSerling1: the way her picture is omnipresent i am devoette: no nipple clamps. no burns. RodSerling1: what does it mean i am devoette: phenomena? PinkMoos553: and the chicken scene doorag000000: its the PLURAL i am devoette: with what...the rockabilly crowd? PinkMoos553: adn how sal mineo acts with jim doorag000000: of phenomenon filthymistake 77: i like betty filthymistake 77: and im not a rockabilly filthymistake 77: person RodSerling1: it's everywhere doorag000000: shes cute doorag000000: but whats the BFD filthymistake 77: yeah she is i am devoette: she's pushin what...70? 80? RodSerling1: to some girls it stands in for some kind of wish-washy feminism i am devoette: i could care less RodSerling1: beyond that i don't know filthymistake 77: hahah no filthymistake 77: its like i am devoette: i'd fuck parker posey filthymistake 77: being sexy and powerful filthymistake 77: like being sexy and knowing it MattFallaize: who wouldn't? PinkMoos553: can we talk more about sal mineo i am devoette: in her waiting for guffman dairy queen uniform doorag000000: oh PARKER P., heck yes filthymistake 77: as opposed to being sexy and not knowing it and being a victim to sex filthymistake 77: parker posey is fucking awesome RodSerling1: i understand doorag000000: i reckon i am devoette: betty page has pointy nipples. sorry. not a plus in my book. RodSerling1: she's ok but nothing compared new paramour doorag000000: who dat MattFallaize: big plus! i am devoette: pointy nipples? MattFallaize: yes RodSerling1: america ferrera i am devoette: gotta dash kids! i am devoette: xo PinkMoos553: i dont find her attractive frankly filthymistake 77: heh. i always thought nipples were supposed to be pointy RodSerling1: bye i am devoette has left the room. doorag000000: ok bye RodSerling1: betty or america ? MattFallaize: cheeeeeeeeeeeerio doorag000000: but anthony you don't digg gurls anyway right, what women DO you find attractive PinkMoos553: both doorag000000: ok bye PinkMoos553: Denuve PinkMoos553: Natahlie Wood doorag000000: oh yeah PinkMoos553: Hedy Lamar doorag000000: nathalie w. is pretty hott MattFallaize: agreed PinkMoos553: Jane Russell PinkMoos553: Monroe doorag000000: its HEDLEY PinkMoos553: Seberf filthymistake 77: i like jayne mansfield doorag000000: (blazing saddles gag) MattFallaize: The man has taste RodSerling1: i do too PinkMoos553: serberg that was supposed to be RodSerling1: ms. mansfeild RodSerling1: her daughter too doorag000000: jean seberg? MattFallaize: I prefer seberf doorag000000: yes seberf ist hott MattFallaize: seberf ist rad PinkMoos553: fuck ya'll doorag000000: i have picked up so much lame slang from the www PinkMoos553: seberg is my favourite moaist MattFallaize: But enough trying to deal with instant responses from all over the globe whilst hammered. It really is time I went to bed. 'Night all. doorag000000: bye matt RodSerling1: i can't think of any i like as much filthymistake 77: nite matt MattFallaize has left the room. PinkMoos553: you know when you finally find out what the big deal is starpantherstar has entered the room. starpantherstar: what's up party homos? doorag000000: hi...uh dude i forgot yr name...miles? RodSerling1: this feels like a KITH skit now RodSerling1: like "stairs" doorag000000: i never seen KITH! filthymistake 77: ooooh doorag000000: we dont get that here RodSerling1: you're missing out filthymistake 77: i used to be a kith junkie RodSerling1: hecubus is the greatest doorag000000: so i bin told filthymistake 77: REALL?y?! thats not fair filthymistake 77: you should order videos doorag000000: yes it isnt doorag000000: yeah starpantherstar: yes, miles PinkMoos553: kith? doorag000000: hey ppl you-all think it is creepy that i pick up the AIM names of strangers & invite them into chat rms with names like "YOU BUNCH OF HOMOS"? RodSerling1: no doorag000000: i'm a bit of a INTERWEB CREPE starpantherstar: not really doorag000000: these days filthymistake 77: hahah filthymistake 77: no youre not RodSerling1: creepy would be imming them and saying something like that doorag000000: yes doorag000000: true RodSerling1: or claiming to be a celebrity RodSerling1: like jehru the damaga starpantherstar: a jehru the damaga impersonator would be my favorite person ever RodSerling1: i'll work on that starpantherstar: do it up doorag000000: jeru, whoa i'd forgot that guy RodSerling1: i'm not talkin' bout the queens, just the bitches StarlaSaz has entered the room. doorag000000: hi how you? RodSerling1: my freind carried his groceries once doorag000000: oh wow StarlaSaz has left the room. RodSerling1: at one point he was all against the fugees PinkMoos553: james dean ? PinkMoos553: pretty sodomite RodSerling1: jeru RodSerling1: the prettiest RodSerling1: ok pink moos RodSerling1: you get to pick between him, michel foucault starpantherstar: man, wyclef is pushing it doorag000000: how starpantherstar: foucault. on the real. RodSerling1: rock hudson and .... starpantherstar: um, pushing it in terms of really making me want to beat him up starpantherstar: for making such shit records doorag000000: oh yeah doorag000000: i dig starpantherstar: he's been getting exponentially worse since the score RodSerling1: oh and rufus wayne wright doorag000000: hey everbody lookit this great mix tape i made for beth strMixID=30532&format=Cassette PinkMoos553: i like wyclef doorag000000: tho i blowe my own trumpet doorag000000: its pretty choice RodSerling1: that's pretty awesome doorag000000: thanks! doorag000000: i didnt put "beth" by Kiss on it RodSerling1: flithymistake is so quiet now doorag000000: an oversight RodSerling1: i actually liked her diaryland page RodSerling1: which is a change for me starpantherstar: have you seen the wyclef pepsi commercial? doorag000000: oh yeah doorag000000: no RodSerling1: yeah doorag000000: it isnt on here doorag000000: maybe will be tho RodSerling1: did anyone hear the new busta ryhmes ? PinkMoos553: no RodSerling1: it got stolen from our campus station along with some slits albums starpantherstar: good combo starpantherstar: i like the new busta RodSerling1: they got the last fugazi album too doorag000000: oh i like the single RodSerling1: pass the covoisia doorag000000: "pass the corbosier" or whatever doorag000000: yeah starpantherstar: i love that song doorag000000: pretty standard, formulaic i guess but its cool starpantherstar: everyone else i know hates it with a passion doorag000000: real? doorag000000: theyre dumm then starpantherstar: true starpantherstar: i love the neptunes. i love how that song totally jacks you when you expect the big pop chorus and all you get is spoken word RodSerling1: i want the neptunes to record with herbie hancock PinkMoos553: so do i PinkMoos553: and chick corea PinkMoos553: and alice coltrane doorag000000: oh that....SCIENTOLOGIST doorag000000: (chick c.) RodSerling1: that would be bizarre RodSerling1: travolta is one RodSerling1: and so is kristy freakin' ally doorag000000: yeah the jazz fusion/hip hop fusion angle has never been done up right really RodSerling1: squarepusher messed that up doorag000000: yeah he sounded cool to me at 1st doorag000000: but didnt stand up to examination RodSerling1: too much uncontroled glitch stuff on that album doorag000000: what was his last album RodSerling1: my red hot car RodSerling1: but i meant "music is one rotted note" doorag000000: oh yeah i didnt hear much of that doorag000000: so what do i even know iamverymetal has entered the room. doorag000000: yo chaki! RodSerling1: uh-oh PinkMoos553: hey chaki doorag000000: whats hap doorag000000: who will save jazz fusion/hip hop fusion :-) iamverymetal has left the room. iamverymetal has entered the room. iamverymetal: oops doorag000000: oh that musta offended him RodSerling1: i'm going to be right back doorag000000: oh yr back doorag000000: hi iamverymetal: what?! iamverymetal: what offended me? doorag000000: oh nuthin doorag000000: just talkin shit doorag000000: as per iamverymetal: i c doorag000000: oh i was talkin about jazz fusion/hip hop fusion doorag000000: apparently squarepusher "ruined" it filthymistake 77: im gona close this out cause my comp is going slow but ill come back when on my other computer filthymistake 77 has left the room. doorag000000: ok cool iamverymetal: squarepusher is a one man weather report doorag000000: hey how does one get back in chat rms without being invited iamverymetal: i dunno doorag000000: i have never knoiwn this doorag000000: how did you? you just did it doorag000000: didnt you? iamverymetal: it just happened! doorag000000: uncanny PinkMoos553 has left the room. doorag000000: hey man did you check out if you got that HOOK lp? RodSerling1 has left the room. RodSerling1 has entered the room. doorag000000: hey RodSerling1: damn it doorag000000: huh? RodSerling1: every night i get an illegal function message iamverymetal: i got a bunch of them duane RodSerling1: which usually means i have to reboot all the time iamverymetal: but i havent checked if i have one to give away yet doorag000000: oh man can i have one? whadda you want for it? doorag000000: oh i typed that while doorag000000: etc doorag000000: ok iamverymetal: sorry i gotta go to my dads pad and see doorag000000: right RodSerling1: where did everyone go ? doorag000000: cool doorag000000: i dont know! RodSerling1: i love pink moos RodSerling1: the pizza was good doorag000000: he's choice doorag000000: yeah RodSerling1: damn it, vangaurd airlines went under doorag000000: chaki do you put mixes on doorag000000: do any of you guys? doorag000000: i luv that site doorag000000: i'm such a nerd filthymistake 77 has entered the room. doorag000000: hey again RodSerling1: i should doorag000000: yeah man RodSerling1: i make good tapes supposedly doorag000000: yeah doorag000000: i been gettin props for mine there, a big ego boost doorag000000: petra jane put me onto it, she is like the Queen Nerd RodSerling1: my best combination supposedly kraftwerk and a mix of kylie minogue doorag000000: yeah sounz dope RodSerling1: i geuss RodSerling1: i wanted to use this neu! song RodSerling1: but it was too long doorag000000: oh what song doorag000000: i luv NEU! RodSerling1: hallowgallow doorag000000: oh yeh doorag000000: i just got a tape of the 1stLa Dusseldorf, its great, i'd never been able to find their shit RodSerling1: their stuff gets jacked at work too RodSerling1: these fucking least they have decent taste doorag000000: & i found a michael rother solo LP thats pretty good too RodSerling1: what's it called ? doorag000000: "at work"/?"Katzenmusik" doorag000000: whaddayou mean neu gets jacked at work? PinkMoos553 has entered the room. doorag000000: hey you RodSerling1: people steal the reissues RodSerling1: this heat got swiped too PinkMoos553: i have about ten minutes PinkMoos553: then i am heading bed wise The Mackro has entered the room. doorag000000: oh at a radio stn., i get it The Mackro: you bunch of homos! doorag000000: brian hey RodSerling1: this is stonewall yo ! doorag000000: your one too The Mackro: mmmmmmm PinkMoos553: hey brian PinkMoos553: rebel is the best movie ever The Mackro: rebel? The Mackro: rebel rebel The Mackro: how do they know The Mackro: hot tramp The Mackro: I luv you so PinkMoos553: no PinkMoos553: rebel w/o a cause iamverymetal: u cant go wrong with a sal mineo film doorag000000: chaki i forgot you wuz there! RodSerling1: sal mineo or rodger corman ? iamverymetal: sal mineo was a supporting actor doorag000000: oh roger corman is the guntz PinkMoos553: sal mineo doorag000000: so many grate movies PinkMoos553: he is a v. good actor in other things btw doorag000000: i aint seen him in much RodSerling1: i thought corman acted too doorag000000: dunno? iamverymetal: sal was in the closet and it drove him to madness i believe PinkMoos553: corman directed it ? PinkMoos553: that cant be right RodSerling1: it's not iamverymetal: nooo RodSerling1: i meant he acted in some of his films i think PinkMoos553 has left the room. iamverymetal: im sad pinkmoos left doorag000000: oh bummer RodSerling1: likewise doorag000000: yes that guy is tha man RodSerling1: him and ned The Mackro: he'll be back The Mackro: I'm sure he just had to reboot or something The Mackro: true, Ned's been hidin' from chat lately

-- unknown or illegal user (, July 30, 2002.

Blooming heck!

-- jel -- (, July 31, 2002.

Jesus it must be 4am to talk all this nonsense yeah always talking the rap.

-- julie (, August 13, 2002.

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