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i write the vcd ok and it seems to play fine for approx 40 mins then it starts to stick, i use Vivastar cd-r's is there any way to stop this happening would it make a difference if i wrote Svcd's or Xvcd please help ?

-- Phil Temple (, July 30, 2002


Do you know if this player can be made multi-regional?

-- Tony Kosari (, December 27, 2002.

Same problem here. I use 80 minute CDs, maybe it can only read 74 minute CDs; gonna check right now. Using Philips CDRW at the moment, but it seems to have problems reading the discs now and then. Does it read the verbatim 100%?

BTW it can play SVCDs too, so I suggest using those (better picture quality by far).

-- Joep Moritz (, February 03, 2004.

There's a hack using the remote to make it multi-region. Use google.

-- Joep Moritz (, February 03, 2004.

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