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Today I smiled broadly and giggled shamelessly, as I was chatting (real time) with some other internet friends! It was a pretty diverse group! A Brit who recently moved to India with her two sons to teach (huge adventure!), another Brit, (a retired professor, known for his apostrophes, lol, don't ask), a gal (designer and fabulous cook) who moved from the USA to Italy, a student from Ireland (one of sweetest people ever!), Suzanne is in Germany ('information' is her passion), Dorte is in Norway (amazing writer and gardener), New Zealand was represented (I can't descibe the "Crone"...oh wait!, fiber guru and all around textile artist!) but we missed the girl from Australia, a few friends from Canada (One works with single mothers, the other is a computer person), and a few of us Americans(Airforce, Psychiatrist, and boring homesteader type ;-). I thought to myself, WOW....I never would have imagined I'd be casually chatting with folks from these places, it's really neat! I just love meeting new people and blossoming friendships! I have honestly learned so much, it's quite eye opening at times, but at the same time, people are people! Just wanted to share my wonder! :-) Perhaps at some future time we could all get together in a chat, that would be fun!

-- Patty (, July 29, 2002


it's been brought up before,, for a "chat",, what are you using,, MSN or yahoo,,, or what? My yahoo ID is "sopal999"

-- Stan (, July 29, 2002.

Well, lets see, in this case it was a private chat room on a register mandatory site. Which is nice in some ways! It was funny because the retired Brit had never been in a chat room (don't know what he thought it would be like? Maybe some kind of steriotype was involved?), anyway, his 'manicured speech' went right out the window! Typos, oh no!!! LOL! All the same, he loved it! Made me smile, he is...70 something? But, like I said, it was far from an "open" room. Real-time is really fun, if you already sort of "know" people, it's like......well, just like friends talking! It CAN be kind of addicting! :-)

I've have used MSN, Yahoo, IM, and....I think even ICQ, but I haven't used them in some time...I'd even have to think about passwords and such!

The problem is saftey and privacy! I wouldn't post my "id's" here. Yucky folks do seem to stop by and I can't delete posts. This format is quite limiting.

Do you IM folks on the forum Stan? Anyone?

-- Patty (, July 29, 2002.

there a 2 poeple from the forums that I chat with occassionally. HAve you ever "voice chated"?, that can be very weird. Patty, go ahead and "add" me to your friends list. I dont use ICQ anymore,, too easy to pass viruses thru there,, dont know if they have changed that or not.

-- Stan (, July 29, 2002.

Ok I will! If I can figure out how! (lopsided grin!)

-- Patty (, July 29, 2002.

bring up your yahoo pager,, clcik on "ADD", and but my ID in,,

-- Stan (, July 29, 2002.

Done! It has been a while since I have opened this!

-- Patty (, July 29, 2002.

.....So is Yahoo like MSN? I mean on MSN, if one person gave out their id, then others could add it to their "list" and be "accepted". Right? And then if you are online you could talk to that person, or even chat with anyone on "anyones" MSN list, without giving your id....? Is that right?

-- Patty (, July 29, 2002.

Tom & I use MSN messenger to chat-save a little on those long distance phone bills. My MSN ID is delila48 and linked to my hotmail account. I had to put my hotmail account on exclusive due to an excessive amount of junk mail-one day I had 544 junk messages!! I don't know anything about IQ but the MSN messenger seems to work most of the time although it will occasionally 'hang up'so I have to re sign in. I think a 'chat' would be nice.

-- Kathy Aldridge (, July 30, 2002.

Patty,, turn on your yahoo messanger once in awhile will ya ???

-- Stan (, July 31, 2002.

Do you need a fast conection to make the voice chat work??? I bought a microphone and the ISP connects via phone at 28kbaud...What I hear is fragments of conversations and most of the stuff sounds like the reason I do not frequent bars...yucky vocabulary...

Anyway, any suggestion on nice chat locations would be appreciated.

-- Garyfrom Mn (, August 01, 2002.

Kathy, I tried to add you but it wouldn't work....?

Gary, I'm really not up on chat rooms per say. I only go to one, and it's simply an extention of a private forum.

-- Patty (, August 02, 2002.


-- jhoy (, April 18, 2003.

wanna use the 2 id's at the same time

-- gainda swami (, May 17, 2004.

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