Let's make a committment to our African Churches

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I have shared in a previous post that our church has received brand new clothes that was donated to us from a department store in our town. We have a lot of clothes. We will be sending them to some of our A.M.E churches in Africa. Namibia I will always remember you and my family in south africa. Our goal is to start mailing clothes in the next six weeks. Anyway, the Holy spirit has been telling me everyday to pray for Bishop Ingram and his district. I ask that you join me! I also asked that everyone on this board make a commitment to adopt a church in Africa, Jamaica, or anywhere outside of America. There is an urgency I am feeling. My heart is particularly heavy for our overseas clergy. Hold on God is coming!!!!!! Please everyone let us have a tidal wave of giving for our churches in Africa! Let us start the A.M.E Today overseas drive!!! God bless

-- Anonymous, July 29, 2002


I found this post after my 10/02/02 question. Have you found a way to send the clothes to Africa yet? This was a concern of mine recently. They need so many things and money can't always address every issue.


-- Anonymous, October 02, 2002

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