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A beginning must be strong a wave a roll of thunder claps inner voices crying out hopefully but somehow not daring to speak many words.

Somehow not daring to hope too much in a mind that knows about a heart that hopes and prays without ceasing for love.

The big toe must connect first with the earth before we can stand in place together or apart. But not too far I hope.

The first touch of the toe firm ground it seeks or even mud to grip and not to slip.

Will this be a long journey? Try not to hope. Oh no. Iím sorry, I have to. Itís too late. These feelings in my heart. Yes, I hope.

Remember those silly images like a bare leg with a big toe reaching outward stretching tentively heading for the surface of a pool?

We all think itís cold usually. The toe always does. Or is it scalding?

It is unknown, what steps we take. Especially when we take the first one each one gets a little bit easier. We always hope.

If I could say then you and I would take these steps together. But more, if there is, I want to walk these paths of life with you.

These ups and downs to dance in and out back and forth near and away without fear just relaxed because you know I am independent too. Donít you?

For you my passion is a cup overflowing so full. I could drink of it and walk forever.

So this cup is as it must be for any long journey involving both of us you and me.

Great passion at the start makes all things possible a fuel that drives the engines of events: but it doesnít work if you sit on a fence.

Thereís more. Letís open another door: serious intent brings dedication changes fast about us swirl and we hope for what we cherish most and hope it will last. Letís test it just to see if it is strong!

Ha ha! With humor and be gentle when youíre hard and not perverse. We both want to pass hard tests so we can know about eachother and ourselves. So we can know so well.

ĎCause life brings many little trials between the smiles which we must face. Somehow, for two together Ďstead of one to face makes easier.

Letís walk and dance and run this passion in my heart for you will stay. So now letís play!

Come on and test me sweet one, in every little test or stretching exercise you throw at me reveals, surprise!. I know a lot.

And so do you. I see it when you hold yourself restrained from me. The little things you do to tease me out and try to see if I will pout. These little probing mental explorations show that youíre so wise.

Come on! See if you can make me shed my own disguise! I want to because I love you truly and I donít want the one I love to end-up with a man who is unruly, even if itís me.

I want you to be free!

Because I think that maybe later on youíll come to me if I stand strong against the tests.

I simply wouldnít have it any other way. Are you ready? Letís play!

-- Anonymous, July 28, 2002

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