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Does the Bush Administration's new policy not remind you a little of Trevor's policies in "Utopia or Deuteronopia" and "Thanatophobia?"

He's lobbying for people to watch everyone else and inflicting punishments on his own people, not the people he's supposed to be keeping out. All in the spirit of safety from terrorists. Yet meanwhile, the state is becoming more and more fascist and repressive. When will someone in congress step up and say "This is not what we, as freedom loving americans, should be instituting?" Of course, I wouldn't want to equate Pres. Bush with Trevor...

I have quite a bit of respect for Trevor.


-- skye (, July 28, 2002


I just got this in my mail, the column title seemed to fit, August 04, 2002.

Oh, Lordy lord lord lord. Read a book by Noam Chomsky. Any book will do.

-- Kristine Rooks (, July 28, 2002.


-- Inu (, August 05, 2002.

I wish we had someone like Goodchild! Hell, let's go for it: Goodchild in 2004!

Seriously, the days of solitary, ruthless leaders is long gone. That's what WWII was all about. These days every first-world nation is run by a depressingly pragmatic group of industrialists. NOTE: I mean a separate group for each nation, not one group. I'm not that paranoid... yet.

-- Charles Martin (, March 06, 2003.

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