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Just have to tell you all I will be moving to Kentucky.Hope to be there by the first of sept.Have sold the farm in Pa. and bought one in metcalf co. Ky. Will be quite a move as i am moving the dairy herd and machinery.What a challenge to get it all organized!!LOL I am sure glad I have good friends on both ends to help! Have you ever been so happy you can't hardly stand it? thanks for listening! Ed C

-- highland (, July 27, 2002


Hi Highland!

I read about your troubles and was wondering how things were going!? I'm SO happy you are happy! Funny how things can turn around, aye? Good friends are truly a gift!

Good luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-- (, July 27, 2002.

Highland, Where in Metcalfe County? I'm at the south end near the Monroe County line- about 4 miles from 'downtown' Summer Shade!! I hope you enjoy your new home in KY, it's a whole lot warmer than PA but the growing season is a lot longer.:) We're thinking about selling out down here & moving back to west central WI by next spring. Most of my life has been spent in the north so the love of snow & cold are a part of me, being away from it is hard. Write when you get down here & maybe we can meet you & your family.

-- Kathy Aldridge (, July 28, 2002.

Kathy,will be one the other edge of the county.Located between three Springs and Shady Grove.Right on 218.Big white barn can't miss it!I will be in the middle of a new amish communitie. Patty,thanks!It is SO strange how things all worked out!It was meant to be!I have never been overly religous but this makes me wonder!LOL Have a good one!Ed C

-- highland (, July 28, 2002.

I have a large lot on Kentucky Lake I tried to give to Habitat for Humanity but they were not is near Murray, Kentucky. Let me know if you would like some recreational property for cheap.

-- Garyfrom Mn (, August 01, 2002.

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