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I sure hope someone can help me. About a 2 months ago we moved and had to power cut at the old house. Well, dummy me forget about the freezer (we're still moving stuff) and guess what? yes, nasty city. Of course we lost everything, and now can't get rid of the odor. I have used vanilla, baking soda and potatoes, bleach and vinegar. Have thought about putting it outside and leaving the lid open (it's a chest freezer). I don't know what to do, my son says it smells like a dead rat it that tells you how bad it is. I hate to have to toss it. PLEASE can someone give me some suggestions.

-- Lesa A (, July 27, 2002


Yup, I'd put it outside in the sun for awhile with the lid open. Also, you can stuff it full of crumpled-up newspapers, lid closed, and see if that helps.

I was given a small chest freezer that had meat-gone-bad in it, and I scrubbed it out with bleach water, and then sat it outside for a few weeks in the sun, then did the newspaper stuff, and I've been using it now for years and no odor.

I think, after you've done that, that when you turn it on, a lot of the odor goes away, also, because of the freezing temps. Good luck, don't give up!

-- Bonnie (, July 27, 2002.

baking soda and water, left for a few days has worked for me. If its easy to move, go ahead and put it outside. AS long as there isnt anything left inside of it to amke "more smell", then it should dissapate on its own soon. If you plug it in and let it run, that seems to help also. Your doing everythign right,, might just let it work alittle longer, and bleaching it wont hurt afterwards.

-- Stan (, July 27, 2002.

Sorry to say, but I've often seen these discarded after much effort! Good luck. Maybe taking the seals out and soaking may help....? Or replacing them for that matter.

-- Patty (, July 27, 2002.

I've had wonderful results using crumpled newspaper. My advice is don't leave the newspaper in too long. No longer than 24 hours. After this, the newspaper loses it's absorbency and the odor stays in the freezer. In your case you may need to use fresh newspaper more than once before the odor is gone. When you take the newspaper out of the freezer, you'll be amazed at how totally saturated it is with the smell! I also agree with Bonnie about getting it outside if it is at all possible. Good luck! Let us know if anything works!

-- Bren (, July 27, 2002.

I used to work at a bridle shop and some women weren't the best with their hygiene. When they would try a dress on they would leave their body odor (bad). We would put the dress in a plastic bag with several pieces of charcoal for a few days .Worked every time.We hung them (charcoals) in a onion net bag.

-- Cheri (, August 01, 2002.

I was given a freezer with the same problem. First I cleaned with ammonia, then vinager while letting it air dry in sun Then I plugged up and lined cookie sheets with newspaper and kitty litter and let run for a few days don't forget to stir then I used activated charchol ( fish/ pet supplies at wal mart) and let run Last but not least I poured fresh coffee ground onto cookie sheets and let run

I have a upright freezer with shelves so I actually did the kitty litter;charchol at the ame time. I did all of the above in a weeks time and everyone says they cannot smell anything. I read on a butchers homepage that if the smell has permented the insulation that you can still use but to double wrap in freezer paper and when you take something out to remove the wrapping paper immediatley. To not deforst in the wrapping. It was also suggested to wipe down with lemon juice while unplugged but I had already started the freezer Good Luck

-- stacey acton (, September 11, 2002.

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