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I am 15 and want to build a Go-kart over the summer.Can you e-mail me a guildline on how to build a Go-Kart powered by a lawn mower engine.Do you know anyone who is selling cheap parts? Plz send info thanx.

-- lukecotty (, July 27, 2002


i was doing the same thing im 16 i have a side pully lawnmore engine...old......runs and everything. i put the engine in a small was hard to get to stay there.... but it worked i now want to transform it into a go kart and need parts if u get n e anwsers...pleez send them to me

-- Bryan Ross (, August 02, 2002.

check out this page/

-- roy cruz (, September 05, 2002.

I need some blue prints or plans for building a kart, in n e one can help pls email me

-- Lone (, April 04, 2004.

send me the answer too man im curious 2

-- travis ray (, December 24, 2004.

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