AVI dont play on Media Player & cannot convert in TMP(g(?)

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OK. I have some AVI files that say codec is div4. I Cannot play on Media Player. What can I do? Also, these same AVI files I have tried to use TMPG(?)(I forget the name of the avi2mpeg program)to convert and it says it can't play it. What other program is out there that will play these AVI's and convert to MPEG so I can burn on cd?

2) I have a movie in AVI format with Codec mp43 and it plays fine in Mediaplayer but gives me an error in TMPG(?). What's the deal? Thanks! I would like to burn some of these to VCD

-- Marie Gaona (gaona1fam@cs.com), July 25, 2002


Do you have nimo lite. This is a codec that allows you to play almost all divx. Plus look for xvid codec. I have them both, email me if you cannot find them. Make sure you get nimo lite. nimo has spy ware.... yuk. Tmpg will only play certain formats. Your divx4 must be one of those, that it doesn't recognize.. Use virtualdub first to convert to a file that tmpg will recognize. If you tell me the movie I probably have already done this conversion to vcd and can walk you through it. Matt

-- matt (studog86@hotmail.com), January 06, 2003.

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