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there's a milk bottle on the floor by my bed, guess what's in it?

-- unknown or illegal user (, July 24, 2002



what did you think i was gonna say?

-- unknown or illegal user (, July 24, 2002.

it's so i can feed the cat in the a.m. without getting out of bed.

-- unknown or illegal user (, July 24, 2002.


doorag000000: i just peed in a bottle because i couldnt be bothered going away from the computer

doorag000000: what sort of pig has the www turned me into

xo maura ox: i have to go

xo maura ox has left the room.

doorag000000: sorry you prob. didnt need to know about that

doorag000000: that made maura go, oh no

RodSerling1: no i didn't

doorag000000: sorry

sucette66: yes a but peeing in a bottle is a but more civilises than peeing against the wall or something

RodSerling1: piss bottles are important for truckers though

doorag000000: i had a milk bottle by the bed cause it had milk in it for the cat

doorag000000: so i could feed her in the morning w/out gettin out of bed

-- unknown or illegal user (, July 24, 2002.

i feel bad now 'cause maybe i did offend maura by saying that, i mean i don't even know her so it wasnt all that cool to say that i guess. sorry.

-- unknown or illegal user (, July 24, 2002.

i doubt it. driving home from the wedding i was seriously considering peeing in my pants intentionally. i was weighing the pros and cons. luckily it proved unnecessary. heh

-- Ron (, July 24, 2002.

oh my god u guys are SUCH PIGS! hahah not really i think its funny.

-- di (, July 25, 2002.

you should read Joe Matt comics, he does that bottle thing all the time.

-- jel -- (, July 25, 2002.

Quote from Trevor Hennessey: "Do not think about picking up bottles from the side of Hwy 17 to recycle! Why are people throwing away half full bottles of apple juice? Well Coca Cola doesn't make apple juice! It is just disgusting, people are pissing in bottles as the drive (what, can't take 5 minutes to stop?) and then they toss them out the window. They are everywhere. From slobs (beer bottles), to the middle class (Coca cola bottles), to yuppie's (Evian bottles) I have seen it all. Wonderful scenery huh?" Annoy him at : (virtual piss bottles etc.....)

-- Steve (, July 30, 2002.

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