Looking for the Stringfield/Newton family

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Looking for family members/history under the Ned and Hannah (Newton) Stringfield family. They were the proud parents of approximately 13 children. One child remains at the tender age of 96. Her name is Ivory White-Brown (Stringfield)born in 1906. She lived in Rocky Mount, NC most of her married life. She now lives in Norfolk, Va. I will be traveling to Newton's Grove this weekend and would appreciate any leads to surviving members of the Stringfield/Newton family. Thanks, Eunice

-- Eunice Carroll Whipple (White) (eunice_whipple@brattle.com), July 24, 2002


what was the reason that newton died and please give me ainformation about newtons life and family

-- fatima (.fatima2002@yahoo.com), December 24, 2002.

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