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I always thought those guy going top speed on highway had to be dummy looking for cheap thrill...(there is race track for that) I guess Saturday I was one of those. I found the front end was loosing some grip. I used to race GSXR, and I don't remember having this feeling of front end lifting. But that more than 12 years ago...

-- o (, July 22, 2002


I do not know a 50km straight race track with no traffic on sunday morning. German autobahn has it and it is legal! 286km/h on an evoII F4

-- hb (, July 23, 2002.

The police would have a feast on you here in the US. Cat and mouse game. Top speed in MIchigan is 70mph (110 km/h) on freeway. Most the traffic go 80 mph (120 km/h). I beleive some states, like Montana have no speed limit, on certain time, on certain road... but I am not sure.

-- o (, July 23, 2002.

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