can't find Agip 10W-60 oil how about maxima 5W-50 : LUSENET : MV Agusta F4 : One Thread

Hello, I can't find any Agip 10w60 oil around but my local shop has maxima 5w50, what do you guys recommend. Thanks all

-- Jay (, July 22, 2002


My dealer used full synthetic Motul on my first service. It's good stuff. That Maxima is probably fine too.

-- Andy Ruhl (, July 22, 2002.

I use Maxima. My dealer recommended it, and I've used it in the past in my motocross bikes (though they were 2-strokes). Their web site gives a lot of technical specs on their oil, and everything I've researched on it suggests that it's a good quality oil.

-- Brad Cowell (, July 23, 2002.

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