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Just installed a set of K&N pod filters on my '76 CB550k, but didn't know about the importance of rejetting until afterward. Now, it runs lean, 2 cylinders often don't seem to fire, and it runs incredibly hot. Called K&N, who referred me to Dynajet, who says they haven't done any research on this bike, and have no info re: the proper jets for a set of K&N filters! Where can I get the proper jets, and how can I figure out which ones are correct? Can I get away with readjusting the idle jet screws and main needles until I can get new jets of the right size? Should I sell the filters and stick with the stock one (which is both expensive and hard to find)? Sorry for the ramble, I want to get back on it before the summer is over! Thanks, Nick

-- Nick Lenarz (, July 22, 2002


Okay, I admit I'm an idiot and posted a message before reading the archives for the answer. Come to find out I posted one of the top-5 most asked questions, and wondered why nobody responded. Next time a rube like me tosses one off like that, tho, someone please just shoot out a "Look in the archives, moron!"- 'twould have saved me a lot of hunting. Cheers, Nick

-- Nick Lenarz (, September 10, 2002.

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