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Asking God's blessing upon the 2002-2003 school yr. for Lutheran High School East, Cleveland Hts., OH. They begin their 43 year of ministry bringing a Christ centered education to the youth of the east side of Cleveland. Please pray that if if is God's will that they may be able to continue to bring His Word for may more years to come.


-- Anonymous, July 22, 2002


Dear Mr. Roth I will pray for the ministry of east cleveland. I was born in Cleveland on the east side 77th street and hough and then moved to 79th and central. I graduated from John Hay H.S in 1970. I have not been back to Cleveland in over 20 years. But when I was growing up the east side of Cleveland had a high, school drop out rate. The east side of Cleveland was also one of the poorer parts of town when I was a kid. I am so grateful that there is a church centered ministry in Cleveland reaching out to our youth. It is also exciting that the Lutheran Church (elca) is in dialogue with the A.M.E church to be in full communion with each other. Our pastors and elca pastors would be able to work in the other's denomination. To hear of your ministry is welcome news for it shows the full body of Christ is working together. By the way I now live in Montana. With beautiful mountais, Ohio is too flat for me;-) Keep us posted on the progress of the school. God bless!!!

-- Anonymous, July 22, 2002

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