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Dear ALL

With all my experience in life within the church I have some advice for all OUR minister out there.

Try to focus on Jesus, always and managing your church will be a godly expirience. To often people forget were they come from and where they are going... If we can ask the dear Lord to guide you in you calling. We always need to remember that we can do nothing without God. Never form part of only one group in the church if there's differences within the church, but ask yourself what Jesus whould have done if you was in His shoes. God never neglect one person in respect of the other cause we are there not to separate people but to reconcile and bring people to God. God trust us with the most repsonsible work there can ever be. Ministry is not about driving in Merc but reaching out to those in need. It's not about how much we can get out of the church but how much souls we can bring to the Lord. We must always remember that ministry is about reaching out instead of receiving. I am thinking off starting a youth ministry some day(when the Lord tell me that the time is right) after I completes my MBA and M Comm cause I want to use those degree's to work for the Lord. It's not how much we can get out of the church but how much souls we can lead to the LORD.

Rejoice in the Lord.


-- Anonymous, July 22, 2002

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