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i did a search for solutions to this problem, but it seems no one really has had an answer for it ... so seeing if things have changed in the past months.

basically, i demuxed a divx video using virtualdub to strip out the audio, then created an mpeg file using tmpgenc ... the mpeg plays peachy. i then created a vcd using vcdeasy, which plays fine on my PC using vcdplay. however, when i play it in my apex ad-1500, it shows sporadic sync problems ... i.e., the audio goes in and out of sync. it also doesn't seem that the out of sync areas are always the same areas, if you play the vcd over and over ... but i'm not sure about that.

any ideas? the only good solution i've heard is to use panasonic's encoder instead of tmpgenc, but i haven't tried that yet.

-- john c (, July 21, 2002

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