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*Sigh* I'm in a quiet mood as of late. Here's Bob the Angry Flower:

-- Kristine Rooks (, July 21, 2002


This is nice work.

-- Barb e. (, August 23, 2002.

My screen is 12 inches, and I had to scroll the sentences as well.

-- Barb e. (, October 29, 2002.

Speaking of hip hop I really like Eminem's song Stan, (I know it's not new, and it's not hip hop, guess it's rap...). Anyone else like it?

-- Barb e. (, October 30, 2002.

Listening to it again I think the girl singing background (stagename of Dido) sounds like Aeon's voice a little. I think that's what attracted me to the song. She has a pretty nice style.

-- Barb e. (, November 06, 2002.

Oops forgot to say, yeah Paul it works. Way easier to read now. Nice site, btw.

-- Barb e. (, November 06, 2002.

Talk about your angry flowers; just saw 8 mile, sorta probably unexpected, but it's really great.

-- Barb e. (, November 09, 2002.

Yeah, I know the feeling. Good comic though. The SPOTP (Society For The Preservation Of Off-Topic Posts) salutes you!

-- Inu (, July 23, 2002.

Everyone: go here. You won't regret it.

-- Inu (, August 23, 2002.

I have now added BTAF to my webcomics page. Which can be found Here for those who are so inclined.

Feel free to critique my HTML skills (or lack thereof).

-- Inu (, October 27, 2002.

Awesome selection, especially the first one, thats classy alright.

Inu, I think you should structure your paraphrases so you dont have to scroll across all the time.

Also a couple of your links are currently broken.

-- Sam (, October 28, 2002.

..and they were Latex Blue and ESE.

-- Sam (, October 28, 2002.

Really? I think the sites must have been down. I just checked out those links today and they work fine.

Unfortunately LB has just been showing random naughty images instead of continuing the (rather good) plot. Hopefully it'll improve when the artist gets his rocks off.

-- Inu (, October 28, 2002.

Sam, do you mean "paragraphs"? I think my site is showing up kind of wonky on your browser. I designed it so I wouldn't have to scroll across on my laptop. Should look alright in IE or Netscape (but let me check Netscape again...)

-- Inu (, October 28, 2002.

On several computers I've found i have to scroll across (school's network).

-- Sam (, October 28, 2002.

Sam, what's the size of the screens you're using to view. This one here's only about 11'' wide...

-- Inu (, October 29, 2002.

Something like 14"

-- Sam (, October 29, 2002.

Hmm. Unless you're only using part of the screen, I can't tell what the problem is.

Can anyone else confirm this? Barb?

-- Inu (, October 29, 2002.

Inu, have you used a grid?

-- Sam (, October 29, 2002.

I don't know how to use grids/templates yet; but thanks for reminding me. I'll look into it.

However, I think I have solved the problem! My over-reliance on preformatted text probably caused some trouble for other users. Guys, check my page again; it should look a LOT better...

-- Inu (, October 29, 2002.

??? Is it me, or has the text enlarged?

Working on that now...

-- Inu (, October 29, 2002.

There, it's fixed. Ye gads am I slow.

The text should wrap around instead of going over the screen now. Try it and let me know if it works.

-- Inu (, October 29, 2002.

Yep, all good now. Are you using pure html Inu? Also, what does "B- boy vernacular mean?" I've never heard that.

-- Sam (, October 30, 2002.

As opposed to impure html? ;)) Yeah, it's the horse-and-buggy method for me. "B-boy vernacular" is just my "clever" way of saying hip-hop slang.

-- Inu (, October 30, 2002.

I like it, its engaging and interesting to listen to, kind of a cheap shot though.

-- Sam (, October 31, 2002.

I've just added a few bits and bobs to my label's site. It's by no means complete -- I still need to learn how a sequencer works, actually finish my tracks and scrape together some funds (it's all downhill from there;). But have a look and tell me what you think.

-- Inu (, November 09, 2002.

Oh I like the sound(pun yet to be determined) of it Inu. One thing, the wall paper blends in with the text, here and there, making it tough to read. Although, a curious effect, and this might just be my computer(i can find out), is how the wall paper turns red underneath any texts or images I highlight. Intentional? Cool, anyway.

-- Sam (, November 09, 2002.

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