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I am just wondering if you can infer the number of tracks in a given section of a TT from the type of traffic control listed (the fourth column in the TT)? I have tried matching the maps with the TT entries, and have come to the following conclusion: If it is not DT or xMT (where x=>2) then it is single track. So CTC, ABS, TWC, etc... are all single track sections where trains must use passing sidings if meeting head-on (or a faster train is passing a slower one in the same direction). DT makes sense, but I get confused when you go to 2MT-is this 2 tracks westbound (for instance) or 2 tracks that can be each used in either direction depending on the train load? If it is 2 tracks westbound, where are the eastbound tracks (is this another 2, making it a 4 track main line)?

I am asking because I am attempting to model sections and want to get the number of tracks from milepost to milepost right so I can set up prototypical-type movements.

If someone could put together a quick definition of the track layout for the equivalent traffic control type, I'd appreciate it. Something like: CTC - one track, used bi-directionally (passing sidings necessary); DT - two tracks, one used in each direction (right drive rule); 2MT...

Thanks in advance.


-- Ted Franger (, July 20, 2002


All the timetables show single track as CTC, ABS or TWC. In CTC territory, it will show 2MT or 3MT, etc, TWC or ABS it will show DT.

Sorry, the size of the timetables and sometimes lack of detailed information available, diagrams of the tracks are not shown.


-- (, July 29, 2002.

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