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My sincere thanks to everyone who responded to my inquiry about the 1896 voyage to Liberia, Africa.

Copies of the article from the Savannah Morning News Sunday March 1, 1896 can be obtained from the:

Georgia Historical Society 501 Whitaker Street Savannah, Georgia 31401-4830

For those person who had family members (ancesters) residing in the Savannah, Georgia area during that period these are names of some persons who went to Africa in 1896: Isaac Binyard, Aaron Canty, John Guin, Caroline Harrell, DeLancey Jenks, Richard Williams, Moses Henry, Rebecca and Mary Young, George and Ada Scott, Allen & Emma Simonton and Frank White.

The remainder are listed as follows: Forrest City & Madison Ark 71, Little Rock & vicinity 38, Menifee Ark 9, Mariana Ark 6, Gregory and other points in Arkansa 9, Alabama 22, Whigham Ga. 8, Wadley 9, Cedartown 2, Tennille, Atlanta, Willingham, Augusta and Summertown 1 each ( the one person from Summertown is my grandmother), Mississippi 20, South Carolina 22, Texas 8, New York 4, Oklahoma and Indian Territory 6, Live Oak and Olustee Fla 7, Tennessee 4, Illinois 2, and Delaware 1.

I have been unable to find the manifest list that identifies all passengers by name who were aboard the S.S. Laurada. A Capt. Dickman was the captain of the ship S.S. Laurada which was from Middleboro, England.

This information may be of interest to someone who had ancesters who took this trip.


-- Anonymous, July 20, 2002


The Captain Dickman mentioned is my great grand uncle. He lived in Camden, NJ and Philadephia, Penn. He was an Ensign in the Navy during the Civil War and his obituary lists him as the Captain of the Laurada for that trip to Liberia. Prior to this trip he swam seven miles to get help for the passengers on a ship that had capsized off of NC. I would appreciate any information that anyone has about this trip.


Jim Davis

-- Anonymous, May 11, 2004

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