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Having trouble getting CV 29 set on a Lenz LE0511 decoder. My system is a Digitrax Empire builder. What I'd like to do is get reverse direction and manual speed table... but when I program CV29 with anything other than the standard "6"... the loco just sits there "dead". It works OK on "6". Can anyone tell me the "MAJIC CV" for this problem? C. Gwyn

-- Charles Gwyn (, July 20, 2002


Dear Charles,

It may be that your Lenz decoder does not have a default user loadable table set up in the CV's that govern the speed table steps. Thus you will have to program in a speed table of your choice in the appropriate CV's. Lenz has a speed table chart in the back of the decoder manual with the factory speed table.

Once you have programmed your user loadable speed table into the CV's then go to CV 29 and enter either 36 or 37 in hex numbers. This also assumes that you are using four digit addressing. If you are using two digit addressing then you should enter either 16 or 17 in hex numbers.

The last digit 6 or 7 controls the direction of the locomotive, forward or backward. So if your locomotive runs long hood forward (backward) then you would set the last digit to a 7. This would have been the case for Southern Railroad.

-- David F. Butts (, July 25, 2002.

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