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have been using some MSM & Glucosamine cream on my ankles,,, for pain releif. Ive been taking the pills, but this is a rub on. I had thought it would be like" Ben Gay" or ssports cream,, but this doesnt get "hot". Its orderless, greaseless,, and I use it at night, everynight, and my ankle pain (soreness) has een greatly reduced. Im almost ready to start useing it on my "good" ankle, cause Im now noticing it more than my "bad" ankle. Purchased this stuff at my local health food store,, but found a distrubator, and ordered 3 tubes, at wholesale cost. Only comes in 2 oz tubes, not very much, but, its all they make. Ive tried falx seed oil,, and the pills and such,, but I hate taking pills, and the oil is just NASTY tasting. Anyone else have a arthritis remedy? Or, post what "holistic" thing you use for whatever ails you. It might help someone else ! ! !

-- Stan (sopal@net-pert.com), July 19, 2002


I take the glucosamine/chondroitin capsules for the joints & cats claw caps for the inflammation & if things are really flaring up MSM caps. Without these I don't know if I'd be able to walk. I've got severe tendonitis in one ankle plus I fractured my hip falling down the ravine almost 4 yrs ago and now arthritis is setting in the hip. Really sucks to be getting old!! LOL

-- Kathy Aldridge (beckoningwinds@yahoo.com), July 19, 2002.

Does anyone know of something for insomnia.....lately, I can't sleep a wink.

-- Patty (SycamoreHollow@aol.com), July 20, 2002.

a muscle relaxer, and 2 shots of NYQUIL,, works for me

-- Stan (sopal@net-pert.com), July 20, 2002.

Try melatonin for insomnia; take about a half hour before retiring. They commonly come in 3 mg tablets, but you may not need that much. Try using a half tablet for a couple of nights, if that doesnt work, use the whole tab. Make sure your room is very dark at night (nightlights and such throw some peoples' sleep patterns outa whack.)

-- Earthmama (earthmama48@yahoo.com), July 20, 2002.

An amino acid sold in health food stores called DLPA orDL Phenalalanine is a safe and effective pain reliever and anti-. depressant. It increases mental alertness and improves symtoms of Parkinsons diease. Magnesium is a natural anti- inflamatory, it's what's in epsom salt.It's also good to calm the nerves, which can aid in sleep. Most people who can't sleep or suffer from axiety are deficient in Calcium. Cacium needs vitamin D for it to absorb in the body.A good brand is Twin-Lab Calcium Citrate with added magnesium.Take 2 500 mg. 2 hours before you plan to sleep and it will usually make you drowsey and sleep well.Perscription drugs,alcohol or smoking a joint will put you to sleep ,but should be avoided because it interferes with REM (rapid eye movement )sleep, and that's the sleep where you actually get that restful feeling. Calcium doesn't mess with REM sleep.So you feel rested when you wake up.Arthritis is greatly increased with acid foods.Since chemical fertilizers are high in acid, the foods grown with them will increase symtoms.If you grow food , use lots of dolimitic limestone.Dolimite is high in magnesium,limestone has calcium.Eating greens with these nutrients enriched in the soil will absorb best in your system, the way nature intented.

-- SM Steve (Unreal@home.com), July 20, 2002.

Earthmama,I was thinking of Melatonin,but I was going to recomend not using it on a personel experience I had with it.I tried all doses and felt it made me get the spins and I felt wasted the next morning after taking it .. I read it's one of what people call smart drugs,which are really amino acids that increase mental awarness ,and it suppose to increase longevity.I found that Calcium is deficient in the American diet and that's why you see foods today saying "Now with added Calcium" . And Calcium deficientcy causes anxiety and insomnia,also irregular menstuation in woman .So I guess it's according to ones body chemisrty ,cause others swear by Melatonin. L- Tryptophan was one of the best sleep aids that was once on the market.I've seen someone I use to live with , who had acute mental - illness (schizophrenia),who took persciption medication to be just partially functional.I reccomended her to stop taking the perscription stuff and switch to L-Tryptophan (advice of a nutritionist ).She was better to the point she looked and functioned better than her family ever remembered.They took it off the market because 3 people died from what was said to be a contaminated batch. Mean while Tylonol is on the market and 14 people once died from a contaminate that the Tylonol people also manufactured.But they said it was tampered with. The reason I believe L -Tryophan was banned is because it worked not only as a sleep aid, it also work on the mentally ill. This is a multi-billion dollar industry that needed to get an over the counter ,natural medicine out of their way.L-Tryophan is still sold in Europe as they understand it's benifits and It can be ordered through the mail.

-- SM Steve (Unreal@home.com), July 20, 2002.

You can get L-Trytophan at Carol Bonds Health Foods now. The link is www.carolbond.com. Look under amino acids. As far as I know this is the only place in the states selling it. Sorry I couldn't manage a direct page link. My favorite holistic remedy is olive leaf extract. I think it will knock out just about any bacterial/viral infection. I've even healed open staph wounds by sprinkling it on the wound.

-- Jackie (HaloHead012@cs.com), July 21, 2002.

Thanks guys!

I read until almost 4am last night! I'm not a chronic insomniac, so I imagine much of it is state of mind. Just restless, I guess. I should probably look into yoga, or similar...like working my hind end off so I fall into bed in sheer gratitude! lol Also it has been hot and humid, so that is most likely a factor as well. I'll try the added calcium, I probably could use it, although I do eat fairly well. Actually, carbs are a weakness. Will check out the other suggestions as well! Very interesting info!

I looked into additional info on Tryptophan. This site documents more cases of eosinophilia-myalgia syndrome (EMS) which is "linked" to Tryptophan. Still the exact cause of EMS seems to be unknown. I was interested because a friend recently told me her father also has schizophrenia, and her and her family are moving back in his vicinity where she hopes to take a more active role in his life/treatment. She has never had much involvement with her father as her parents split when she was a baby. She is of course seeking additional info that may be helpful.


BTW Stan, I have resorted to Nyquil on occasion!

-- Patty (SycamoreHollow@aol.com), July 21, 2002.

Olive leaf extract? I'll definately try it!!

-- Patty (SycamoreHollow@aol.com), July 21, 2002.

Patty, and others , I'm posting some personel stuff I'd " REALLY " rather keep in my closet and not on a public forum but since others may benefit, I firgure karma wise I need to share it.., I check out the web site Patty posted. Even though it's claimed that there are health risk with L-Trytophan , there are also health risk with the conventional mental illness medication. It was my ex wife who I was posting above, who has acute mental illness and I convinced her to take L-Trytophane back in 1984. She took it for a month everyday,at first,then 2 or 3 times a week, if she felt she needed it. She'd stopped taking it for a month or 2 and if she felt her illness coming back, she'd take it for a week every day, then 2 or 3 times a week then stopped for a month or 2 again,sometimes even longer .She didn't need it steadily.It kept her mentally alert , physically active and a happy person. After it was banned,she didn't take any medication til 1992 ,doctor prescribed. It help for about 8 months, then it just kept her coherrent,but she couldn't work ( a job ) or do household chores properly and always seemed depressed and had a negative outlook on life, even when things were going good ..I seemed to thing the medicine from the doctors were making her worse. She insisted on taking them. We couldn't find a source for L- Trytophane,but heard it could be bought tru the mail from Europe, but we couldn't find an address to send for it. About 2 years ago she started getting uncontrollable body movements that I think are Tardive Dyskinesia .Here's a link. http://www.kumc.edu/parkinson/td.html . Now , I don't know if the web site you posted is from a group that would like L Tryptophane off the market because they have personal motives and gains or they are a sincere group of people providing a free public service anouccment. But I know the L-Trytophane was given advice from a nutritionist, free of charge, when I lived outside the U.S. and L- Trytophane was worth the risk. I even tried a few , when she first started taking them to see what I was convincing her to take .The medicine the doctors prescribed , I wouldn't even touch one of the pills fearing that stuff could absorb through my skin .It has strange side effects from the first day it's taken ..Although my ex-wife , and still a good friend, left 3 months ago to live with relatives, she was gone 6 years ago.Taking care of someone with a mental illness is a real burn-out. Now I can concentrate on taking care of what ails me . I'm gonna try to get some L- Trytophan from the link above and mail it to her , Thanks Jackie, for the link .Thanks Patty ,for the link. Patty , although you might not want to reccomend L-Trytophane to your friend after reading the link you posted. At least tell them about it .It's worth the risk. Mental illness can be a living hell for some people and the ones who must care for them. There is also stories flying around that Organic food could kill, because they have bug crap on it and you could get E-coli. I still rather take chances with eating organic than chem-nutrition foods.As a guy from Italy I met last year told me,"I like food that has taste,in America you have to buy organic food because the other food has no taste" .I agreed.

-- SM Teve (Unreal@home.com), July 21, 2002.

stan for arthritis try apple cider vinegar and honey. I take 2 teaspoons in a pint of hot water and then add honey to taste sure helps me. also for a cool drink add ice cubes to the vinegar and honey. also you can take brown paper or ace bandage soak in vinegar without honey and apply to your ankle then put a plastic bag over this at night. it sure takes the swelling down.

-- gail akins (gakins@simplynet.net), July 21, 2002.

SM Steve - Glad to be of help. Your right about taking care of a mentally ill loved one, it is a its a minefield of stress and heartache. I've watched my sister struggle with mentally illness since she was a teenager. She has tried every prescribed med there is with either terible side effects or only short term effectiveness. We had read about L-Tryptphan but could never find it before. It was taken off the market about the time Prozac appeared. I've ordered for her, we'll see how it works.

-- Jackie (HaloHead012@cs.com), July 21, 2002.

Steve, Big hugs! :-)

How selfless of you, I will definately tell my friend! I would never ask you or anyone to confide something you/they didn't want to, but at the same time I want folks to know I'm not the type of person to ever belittle or cast judgement. I really do appreciate you (Jackie as well)relating your personal experiences. I'm sure my friend will be most grateful as well!

-- Patty (SycamoreHollow@aol.com), July 21, 2002.

Canadians re-rediscover ancient herbal remedy to forget about their pains.



-- Charles (Ice@garden.com), December 23, 2002.

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-- Hello my name is Kent Hampton (contactus@thebest2supplementsintheworld.com), December 01, 2004.

I was looking around and found this information that grape juice may work on the bowel /@ a site called Re:Is alcohol bad for us Ostomates, I hope this helps someone.

-- Kassie (MzKassie@aol.com), March 15, 2005.

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