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(see guidelines at bottom of this post)

From the Buyer's Club Spring/Summer 2002 Catalog:
Look up items under manufacturer index, starting on page XV
"pp" means page number
Stars in catalog means ORGANIC
Squares in catalog means SUGAR ADDED

LEAVE NO TRACE principles for food:

1. Re-pack everything into reusable containers (BEST!) OR plan to take all wrappers home with you.
2. MINIMIZE GLASS - re-bottle juices in plastic containers. Don't fill to the top, freeze before leaving, and then pack frozen juices in coolers to serve as ice.
3. Plan on finger foods whenever possible. Tostada shells, breads, etc. make good edible plates!

ENERGY GENERATION principles for food

4. Remember protein - nuts and protein mixes; canned meats;
5. Lots of small snacks are better than big meals
6. Minimize sugar and chemicals (you will de-tox on the Playa)
7. Lots of liquid...



Sunscreen & Moisturizers:

Alba Botanica
Kiss My Face
Nature's Gate
Aura Cacia body oils
Nature's Alchemy - essential oils
Aura Cacia Essential oils
Rainbow Henna
Mayer Labs - Condoms
Lip Balm (gifts) - Merry Hempsters, Mountain Ocean


TEAS: Make Sun Tea and add ice from Camp Arctica

Choice Organics tea- Fair Traded Teas cases of 6 on pp152
Tazo tea - Assorted case of 6 pp278
Numi Tea bags - assorted (Numi's collection or Timeless) 6/case - pp244
Cheap 1lb - black or yogi tea - North American pp43
Stash Tea organic sampler - 6 per case pp274
Wisdom Herbs/Wis of Ancients - single teas - mate, lapacho, etc. pp292
Yogi Teas - organic/ 6 per case pp296
Alvita Tea - single boxes availabe pp120

Lily of the Desert - aloe vera juice drinks - single HDP 32oz bottle; pp433
Lily of the Desert - organic formulas - good...

Teecino - Coffee substitute 1 pound - pp11
Adam's Organic coffee - single 12oz bags! pp118
Green Mountain Organic Coffee - single 10oz pp186

Cocoa Mix - Country Choice single pouches - pp155 12/1oz packs
Frontier 1lb Lemonade dry Mix - #28572, pp25
Natural Source juice concentrate - singles available - add to water pp234


Blue Sky Organic Sodas
Hansen's Soda (sugar!) and canned smoothies pp190
Hansen's Canned sparkling "nutritionals" - vitamins! - pp191

Good Soymilk:
Yu - organic, clean, neat 32 oz column asceptic container
Organic Milk - Horizon, 8oz asceptic packs liquid milk pp54


Cyclone Cider - pp406 - tincture; add to teas/water.
Alacer EmergenC - get the box of 36 packets, various flavors: pp395
Alacer Ora Pops - fun fizzies for your mouth - kind of like candy
Earthrise spirulinas - powdered protein and drink mix pp408
Frontier - 1 lb spirulina powder pp 414
Frontier - very good quality ginseng and other herbal capsules- pp415
Klamath Blue Green Algae: pp430 powder or tabs
Lewis Labs - brewers yeast flakes - pp431
Montana Big Sky - royal jelly mixtures pp434
Naturade Organic protein powder mixes - pp444 look for star/(has sugar)

Sleep Aids:

Hylands Calms Forte - homeopathic pp 423 - 50 or 100 ct tablets

SNACKS/Raw Foods/Essentials like Chocolate

Bear Valley Bars
Deer Garden - Kim Chi, Krauts, Nut butter - single jars - Amazing! pp48 & 49 (refrigerate/cool recommended and worth it)
Newman's chocolate bars - organic 2.8 oz bar best deal pp241
Garden of Eatin organic Salsa & bean dips - 6 jars per case pp181
Golden Temple wha guru chews - pp184
Joyva Sesame Bars - pp204
Tropical Source Organic dairy free chocolate - pp284

Dried Fruit and Nuts - some 5pound packs

Dried Fruit - pp13
Nuts - pp29-31

Cooking/General Kitchen:

Hempola - hempseed oil pp421 (use in cereal/salad/cooking too)
Hempnut - hemp oil single bottle - pp52
Grains - some 5# bulk (oats, bulgur, millet, etc) pp19
Rice - some 5 lb - pp39
Seeds - pumpkin/sunflower 5# - pp40
Frontier herb/spice jars - singles available - pp175
Ohsawa macrobiotic soysauce/umeboshi/etc. singles available - pp244

Canned Goods:

Tuno - canned tunafish substitute: Natural Touch, pp234
Deep Sea Tuna
Napoleon Smoked baby clams or oysters (only 5 cans per case)
Blue Galleon - Tuna fillet/Sardines
Amy's - organic chili/soups 12 per case pp122
Natural Value - organic soup/chili - pp237
Crown Prince - Sardines, canned salmon & Kippers - pp156
Natural Sea - no salt salmon or tuna; pp234
Natural Value - coconut milk - use on granola! pp235
Thai Kitchen - small!! cans coconut milk - pp280
Shelton's Turkey/Chicken Chili - pp262
Sun Luck bamboo shoots/water chestnuts, - 6/case pp275
Udon Pride Organic soups - pp285
Walnut Acres organic soup get cans, NOT jars - pp287-288
Green's Farm organic refried beans: pp187

Quick Foods (check out manufacturers' offers)

Fantastic Foods - Soup, Cereal and Noodle cups - instant, just add h2o pp173
Natural Value - mac & cheez,
Bob's Red Mill - Polenta, Cereal, pancake mix, grains, powdered milk - small cases
Annie Chun - quick noodles/meal kits (good) pp123
Casbah - organic flavored couscous pp 147
Frontier/North American 1lb broth or veggie mix (use when making rice or anything - nutritious!) pp28
Eden Foods - pastas are 6 per case - good flavors pp165-166
Royal Orchid Rice Stick noodles - 6/case - fast cooking - pp256
Soken - good ramen pp265

Bavarian Breads - organic ryes/ 6 per case/good for 6 months pp134
Wasa organic Rye CRACKER - pp288
DeRit - DELICIOUS honey cake and honey wafers. SWEET. Good case split; pp158

Miscellaneous - Non-Foods

Black Mountain 2.5 gal h2o/ 2 per case - pp137
Natural Value h2o - pp237
Millennium Outfitters - Food Grade sealable buckets - great for packing food in pp503 - order the screw on lid, too!
Coyote Found Candles - pp496-497
Arizona Natural Resources - aromatherapy votives - pp493

This is the note sent to our list on 7/19/02


Hi there, hungry people...

Here's how the ONE TIME bulk food order at cost from the Red Barn Natural Grocery will work best:

Order deadline August 4th -
Eugene: turn order forms into Cynthia at Red Barn by August 1st.
PDX: PDX coordinator (who???) should turn individual forms into Cynthia by August 1st.

No exceptions PLEASE - this has a LOT of logistics.

Order pick-up - Orders can be picked up DYOD weekend (Maybe Thursday - but maybe not...) and after. This means that you PDXers could pick items up on the way home OR make arrangements to have someone bring it up to you.

ALL individual orders should be picked up NO LATER than August 18th. Please don't leave anything unclaimed - it's hard on the store.

Orders are paid for on pick-up. 15% re-stocking fee for anything you don't pick up.

1. Order forms and catalogs are available at the meetings. Prices will be about 5-10% less than catalog price - more off for supplements/personal care items.

2. Fill out an order form - you MUST fill out all highlighted areas.

3.Check quantities and item numbers carefully for mistakes; there's no time to re-order or fix errors.

4. VISA, Food Stamps, check with guaranty card, or cash accepted - pay individually per order at the store.

5. No deposit required for our TRUSTWORTHY Burning Man Campers

6. Pricing ON THIS ONE MAIN ORDER is at Red Barn's cost (subject to change without notice). Other case orders can follow, and will still be discounted, but not this much.

7. Items may be out of stock, or not show up on time, so BE PREPARED to go to the store and pick up alternatives if they don't come in. MOST things always show up just fine.

8. You need to order full cases (or eaches) AS THEY APPEAR IN THE CATALOG.

9. If you want to split a case with someone, do it AFTER the order is picked up and paid for.

-- cynthia (, July 19, 2002

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