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One of the things I am the most proud regarding our church is the diversity, African american, white, mexican, bi-racial, native american, disabled. And one of the things I hear all the time, if the A.M.E church was not here I would not know God,"I am not welcomed in other churches" One of the mission programs our church has is in conjunction with the food bank in town. The food bank feeds children for the summer lunch program and I and our Christian Ed. Superintendent along with youth tell stories for them. Attendance has increased because of the story telling, well two days ago my daughter and I went to a housing complex and walked into the room and all the children were native american and one third of them were african american and native american. For the bi-racial kids we were the first black people they had interacted with. I praise God that he called us to be A.M.E and I praise Bishop Bryant for supporting this ministry. I believe with all of my heart that the U.S is a mission field for the A.M.E church. What do you think?

-- Anonymous, July 18, 2002


Pastor Denise, I thank God for you and your church situated in an area that gathers in persons of diverse backgrounds. It is enlightening to note that our denomination has begun to grasp the real thrust of what Jesus meant when He said to go ye into all the world. Years ago, we heard the new cliche "the most segregated hour is 11 a.m. on Sunday." We know that basically that cliche' has changed and the change came not because of the open wide arms of the AME Church, but because many of our people began desegregating our counterparts, and that basically came about because of what those denominations offered in the way of teaching, outreach, and meeting of daily needs.

It is unfortunate that we hear that all is not well in certain places and areas of this denomination; and that is not to say that they won't get better, but in order for that to happen, God's anointed must be prepared to make the necessary sacrifices that will enable us to "stand up for Jesus."

When we listen to the cries of our people in America and Africa, our heart is saddened because it seems that no one is doing anything to assist. When Jesus looked on the people with compassion, His compassion also led to doing something for them. What shall we (the church of the Living God) render unto to Him for all His benefits? In as much as you've done it unto the least of these my children, you've done it unto me."

Thanks Pastor Denise for reaching those people who have been disenfranchised, misused and abused. Sound familiar?

-- Anonymous, July 29, 2002

Rev. Wiggs God bless you for your encouraging words!!! The ministry that God has our church doing is exciting and very rewarding. It is not my ideas for ministry but these are God's ideas. As a pastor I have always felt that I not only represent God but also my denomination. Having an A.M.E church in a state that is 98 percent white is a tremendous testimony to our denomination and our call to take the gospel message to everyone. The A.M.E church has been in Montana since the 1860's. We had black owned newspapers in Montana in the 1880's I am only continuing the work that always been in our state. If one is poor, disabled, in jail, addicted to drugs, mentally ill it does not matter what color you are for the most part churches will not be welcoming. But when I read the mission statement of the A.M.E denomination it tells me to go to the people I have listed above. I cannot say enough wonderful things about Bishop Bryant and Dr. cee our episcopal supervisor, Bishop Bryant says yes!! to new ministries, he embraces evangelism and mentors ministers to do this type of ministry. I am also doubly blessed for I have a presiding elder Rev. Donna Roberson who is excited about outreach ministries and she and the Bishop guide us. One last thing, I want to thank everyone on this board for your love and encouragement for our church in August it will be one year that we have been A.M.E I could not have done it with out my A.M.E family!!!!!! Yahoo!! I love being A.M.E

-- Anonymous, July 29, 2002

Pastor, my heart bleeds for those who are hurting. Our church is surrounded by those who are homeless, abused and some are even stricken with HIV/AIDS. We're blessed to have a young lady who works for a department store and they have begun donating new clothes to our church. So, we now have a clothes closet set up.There have been Sunday mornings when some of theme come and want to attend church but feel they are not dressed properly. Although we don't make it an issue, they want to come dressed properly because that's the way they were brought up. So, we thank God that we have the clothes and the missionary sisters provide the toiletries for both men and women.

Although our church is downtown, we are surrounded by the Salvation Army and the Metropolitan Ministries sites. Yet, there are still many who have no place to go so many of them sleep on our porch or over in the park about a block away. Some of them have been coming regularly to morning worship and still others come to mid-week services. Our pastor spends time with them counseling and trying to direct them to places of employment.

Yes, our mission statement says what Jesus said when he stood to read that day in the temple (Luke 4:18) and when we get the heart of Christ, we will be doing what our Savior says to do. We have been trying to involve the men that we have. Some of them are retired and so the ladies are looking at cooking a pot of soup at night so that the men can serve a hot meal to those who come for clean clothes.

Yes, sister. It's time for us to take it a step further. I will mention the global outreach you suggested to our missionary advisor.

We offer the sacrifice of praise. Hallelujah!! Tis Done!

-- Anonymous, July 29, 2002

Rev. Wiggs God bless you for the ministry you are doing. And thanks for sharing the good work that you are doing. By sharing the work that you are doing it gives others ideas of things they can be doing in their churches. Whether it is urban or rural ministry the needs are the same. With all of my heart I do believe that are churches are making a difference for the lord. But I don't think we share the good news enough or the different types of ministry being done. Paul the apostle calls us to be bold christians, and that is what I am hearing that your church is doing. When I pray the lord tells me he is raising up the A.M.E church to do powerful works in his name. Pastor Wiggs, what is the name of your church so we can put you and your congregation on our prayer list!! Thank you for all that you do. P.S it is not coincidence that department stores gave two A.M.E churches new clothes for those that need them. Please let your bishop and presiding elder know what you are doing for there maybe other resources that can help you with this ministry.

-- Anonymous, July 29, 2002

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