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I've almost completed clearing out my office. What that means is that now the office is filled with boxes. A few days ago Helen spent the day with me packing journals and books into boxes. I've completed my allocation of teaching material to go home or to the archives or to be tossed. I had a very useful visit to the archives yesterday which cleared up some remaining questions I had.

My wife Louise has had to handle additional bad news--her mother died in Sydney, Australia last Sunday (July 14). It was not unexpected but any death, particularly of a parent, is always difficult. We are planning a memorial service for ourselves here in Toronto in a few weeks. Otherwise, Louise's leg continues to improve.

I've been very pleased that a number of students and TAs have passed by my office to say hello. In the last two days, Cindy, Manini and Rachelle Mendoza visited. We also had a very nice visit last week from Debbie and her husband Beto (from Panama).

It's been fairly slow going on my mother's memoir. But I was further stimulated yesterday by a FAX I received. My mother was included in the 1996 edition of "Herstory", a superb yearly diary put out by the Saskatoon Women's Calendar Collective. (A woman or group of women are featured for each week of the year.) My mother's page was based on an version of my memoir that I completed in 1993. Well, the FAX said that an anthology of the best of Herstory (it's been going for 20 years) will be published later this year and they wanted my permission to republish the photograph that I had sent them for the 1996 edition. That's very nice. Herstory is Canada-wide in scope (and even, I think, in some cases world-wide) but coincidently Saskatoon is where my parents first came to in North America and where I was born!

I'll end on a trivia note--an advertisement that I thought was exceptionally clever. Maybe you have seen it. Just recently Amazon has opened a Canadian branch (very bad news for our bookstores). They apparently have a tie-in with Canada Post. I saw a Canada Post delivery truck the other day with an ad on the side:


: maison

There is actually an arrow (in a different colour) running from the first "a" to the "z" in "amazon" to encourage the appropriate pronounciation. Have you seen this?

I hope you're accomplishing what you hoped to this summer. Let's hear! Paul

-- Anonymous, July 18, 2002

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