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Hi All

Just a thought, I was thinking this morning when I was on my way to a client of mine, what is the real purpose of OUR church as I heard the other day a PE was saying. Hes direct words was; "pastor if you are able pay in you budget then I asume that everything is going very well at your church as paying in your budget at the annual conference is the most important thing today, to be in 'my' goodbooks as well as the bishop's". It let a person think, where are some(not all) of our churches going. It's like having a problem in a church, if the pastor are able to pay in his budgets at all the conferences, then the Bishop assumes that everything is fine in the church.

I was thinking during the year of leaving the AME church, cause I felt that I can take all 'this' anymore but the spoke to me again while i was attending church elswere that I must make the difference in some way and He will tell me somehow soon...As nobody want's to listen, He will work in heart of people to see the pain the eyes of those with a need... "If we can only have a vision to build the kindom of God instead of building a church" If we can only focus on Him, focus on Glory" - Please pray for our people, as we are in our second year outside the church, all we want to do is help building the kindom of God instead of 'playing church'


-- Anonymous, July 15, 2002


Jerome rejoice for God is always victorious! And God's timing is not the same as ours. One of the great things about our denomination is our rich history. Richard Allen had to buy his freedom from slavery. It took years. But he trusted God and worked towards that goal. What would have happened if he had resigned himself to his lot. When he was thrown out of St. George church because he was African. He could have left methodism and turned away from God. He did not! Instead he and a small band of people met in a livery stable to form our denomination. There was another who too was persecuted and at the end shunned he too sought refuge in a stable for it was his birthplace. He was our savior Jesus Christ, but Jesus overcame death and went to the cross for us so we would not have to carry the guilt of the world on our shoulders. Jerome I would like to share a story with you, many years ago I was a guest preacher at a baptist church in New Jersey, and the couple of times I had visited the church there was an elderly woman in the front row. She always had a big smile on her face. One day I asked her how long had she been a member. She told me over 60 years. Wow! I said you have never wanted to leave. She laughed and said many others had left because of politics and she had seen many pastors come and go. But every sunday she saw Jesus standing on the pulpit next to the pastor and no matter how bad the sermon or the politics she always looked to Christ. She said that is why she was always smiling. Jerome that lady and Richard Allen were anchored in Christ! Nothing could move them. As disciples we are asked to join God where ever he is working and do his will. You have mentioned in your posts that there is a school for children. Take them under your wings and teach them the ways of Christ. When we are focused on Bible study we see that everything we are going through today is covered in the Bible. And God protects the righteous. To worry about others is to negate the power of God! God sees everything. Jerome I have been a methodist most of my life first United Methodist and now A.M.E and conflict and controversy are part of the church because of our sinful nature. But salvation, forgiveness, love and hope are our birth right. Lastly one of the things I love about our denomination is our mission statement, when I do not know what to do next for God, I start by doing what is said in the mission statement, to cheer the fallen, the sick, those in nursing homes etc. And when do those things then we are fullfilling the role of a christian and fullfilling our purpose for God. Jerome keep posting and we will keep encouraging you!

-- Anonymous, July 15, 2002

Hi Jerome

As one of your previous Pastors, I am herewith inviting you to come and visit me (us) at our Church and share some fellowship with me. I am doing this so that we can share this heavy concern of yours for local church, and the people who are now "in our second year outside the church". All are welcome. Let me also say this publicly: WILL NOT DISCUSS THE MINISTER, BUT RATHER ADDRESS TOUR SPIRITUAL NEED AND TRY TO GIVE GUIDANCE AS TO YOUR VISION AND DREAMS.

"Looking forward to hear from you soon.

God Blees You.

Rev. William C Legolie, II

-- Anonymous, July 20, 2002

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