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Hi, Do you need to look into what your loved ones do online? Need access to their email? Then write me your situation and what email address you need access too? A copy of the users is supplied for proof I'm real. These include emails like yahoo, aol, hotmail and many others. This isn't free either.


-- Internet Detective (, July 13, 2002


INTERNET DETECTIVE tell us the admin password to identity theft before planet greenspun crumbles

-- mark s (, August 18, 2002.

I want to know my friend' e-mail (hotmail )password

-- Shahanawaz Khandakar (, September 15, 2002.

can you get passwords for if so what is the cost please contact me thanks HP

-- marco white (, September 19, 2002.

please I need the password of this email

-- Rodrigo Sanchez (, October 07, 2002.

alright to get a password for hotmail go to your compose section in the subjec line type in password_retreival in the To: line write then in the message box type in your email your password and the email you want the password for

It should look like this: Bc: Bcc: Subject: password_retreival (and then in message box yourpassword

-- Ja Ja JA (, October 31, 2002.

Oooooh cool I'll try that ASAP!

-- Andrew Richard Thomas (, November 01, 2002.

I have aproblem now with my girl friend ,she likes somebody else and i worry if she still contact her ,becouse I dont want to loose her,so i need you help now

-- tariq aktar (, November 02, 2002.

-- (6574@423.8672-0976), November 08, 2002.

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