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Hi all, I have just purchased a 1978 Honda 550 Four. One little hitch, there are no keys (the bike was in storage for about 4 years and previous owner misplaced them). How do i go about getting a replacement key that will operate ignition and gas tank?

thank you

-- Mark Peddle (, July 13, 2002


call around and find yourself a good locksmith...try one of the old timers. someone who's been around. lots of old keys on the wall...these types are great..they know what they are doing and will rekey the cyl. for you, take it off the bike first and bring it there. I f any one tells you it can't be done they are full of it, I did it to 3 bikes and a car...if you can't find someone then send me an email there's a great guy by me and I'll have it done for sweat(or charge, well just for the keys and the labor)...Chris

-- chris luciano (, July 19, 2002.

Hi Mark, There is a number stamped on the lock that tells the locksmith the code for your key. If you give that number to the locksmith and he trusts that the bike is not stolen there should be no problem getting a key cut.


-- Junkman Frankenbiker (, September 21, 2002.

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