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July 13, 2002 A Summer Hello!

Well, hello there.

I haven't heard from you in awhile, and my birthday's come and gone - along with all sorts of other benchmarks, like our first trip to the bank (the guys and I), and finding a simply WONDERFUL heart playmate (that you actually have met - you hung in his lodge at the 1989 Rainbow Gathering in theJarbridge Wilderness, his name is Dan - TipiDan - and he says "thanks for Mexicali Blues") who's actually writing me and doing all sorts of magnificent soul dancing that would make you glad!

I can't begin to describe how happy I am to be finally INTERACTING, and making manifest my extremely sincere intent to be connected with Another. I feel stimulated and excited, lured onward by potential and glad to find someone willing to hang out in the High Risk Hard-Head Area. I warned him I was intense, but he said "Fine. Bring it on!". I did. He dodged just a bit, but I hollered "Hey! You said to bring it on. Don't back down now!". And then he came back with all heart valves open, and we've been giggling ever since.

It was probably a blessing in disguise that you and I didn't hook up when you were here, otherwise Imay never have "met" him this fully. He's one of "us" - knows how to love All, through All. He's a bit blown away that the Net can connect him up with Heart Light, and says he has to re-evaluate his estimation of the role of computers, now that we've made a connection.

He's been in the middle of the desert for several years now - almost literally - a range ecologist by profession, and working on the Texas/Mexico border since 1989 in Big Bend National Park. Lives outdoors a lot, in his tipis for field work, and has covered a lot of the less-seen US now held in private ranch holdings (he does range-land grazing consultation, amongst other things). He's been getting my essay-streams. Chasing Spring has really fleshed out under his botanist/ecologist perspective, and when I go a-roaming next year, and in the year after - Chasing spring up continent - he's planning on coming with me for some of the short jaunts when he can get away.

He understands "one kiss".


So, how's things in the "increasing density" department? Last time you wrote, you said they were densifying around MG, but you never responded to my question and I don't know if it's because you're still just silly busy, or you finally hit the point where you didn't see any reason to communicate with me anymore. You remain enigmatic in this arena, but I assume you have your reasons.

In any event, I love you and think about you often. I was thinking about you a lot yesterday, and thought I'd better drop one of my brief lines. If you're planning on going to Burning Man, I hope we can see each other. I'll be arriving early to set up our theme camp site (called Heart Waves), and staying late to clean up. Somewhere in there, if you're there, we're going to have to spend SOME time doing something in meetspace.

You should write. I'm good for you, you know.

One Love,


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-- Anonymous, July 13, 2002

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