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Yo guys,

I've got this idea I want to discuss...

I think the impact of the discussion forum is not big enough. Only fifteen people are so have added an alert. That should become significantly more.

Therefore, I waas thinking: can't we add an extra question to the 'subscribe' page saying. "Do you want to receive posts to the Ajax USA discussion forum in e-mail?" I'm convinced that a lot of people will tick the 'yes' box. Right now, many people simply don't know how to add an alert, or they don't even know it's possible.

Maybe we should focus on the fact that I post nice little news reports to the forum all the time, news from the B category, so to speak (former Ajax players, Young Ajax stuff, youth coaches stuff, etcetera). Maybe we could promote the e-mail alert service on the discussion forum, telling people that, if you want to reveive even more Ajax related news than the stuff that appears on the home page, you should tick the 'yes' box, because staff members post news on the discussion forum all the time.

Of course, we should point out how to remove your alert, too. We shouldn't *force* people to receive alerts. But in the current situation, too many members just don't know that it's possible, I think.

Your thoughts? Good idea?

-- Anonymous, July 12, 2002

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