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I just want to say I Love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and thank you for some really cool music and much more!!!!!!!!!!! and I won't let any one hurt you! So if any MJ hater comes to this site they will have to deal with me! I maybe young but I won't let some big bad MJ haters push Michael around. I won't let them break this mans heart never!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love you MJ!!!!!!!!!!!

ps. MJ have you ever been to the MICHAEL JACKSON the Essence of love site it's really cool I like to go there a lot!

well see ya!

I LOVE MJ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

pss. MJ haters take MJ's abvice for once and JUST LEAVE HIM ALONE!!!!

-- Anonymous, July 11, 2002


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-- Anonymous, December 28, 2003

I hope that fucking nigger Michael Jackson dies in a plane crash. The motherfucking stupid ass cops are going to let him escape with his kids to England or France. It is a damn shame when a fucking nigger can escape justice because he has money. I wish I had lived years ago when niggers were lynched. I would love to have seen a fucking nigger lynched for raping a white woman.

-- Anonymous, December 19, 2003

I hope that fucking nigger Michael Jackson dies in a plane crash. The motherfucking stupid ass cops are going to let him escape with his kids to England or France. It is a damn shame when a fucking nigger can escape justice because he has money. I wish I had lived years ago when niggers were lynched. I would love to have seen a nigger lynched for raping a white woman.

-- Anonymous, December 19, 2003

Michael Jackson -------> 110% P E D O P H I L E .

He needs a bullet in his head. End of story.

-- Anonymous, December 18, 2003

People need to stop talking shit .Mj never has done nothing wrong and never will!!!! Mj is inosent till they find prof!!!Which hasnt been found. He had surgery on his nose not for looks but to reach higher pitches.Just to entaritain everybody!!He has a skin desies so thats why he is white!! If you see the balcony seens he is just showing of his new kid. The only reason kids are making up stuff just to get his money. All he has done in this world is create the most briliant music for us and feed lotz of hungry kids.People need to know everything before they start judging a person like mj. I LOVE YOU MICHAEL JACKSON!!!!!!!!! ask me anything bout mj and ill prove you wrong!!!!!!!!!!

-- Anonymous, November 27, 2003

i think mj is so origional. idk about this whole child molester thing. i dont think he did it but w/e and as for that whole "kid over the balcony" thing .. have ne of u ever seen lion king? the monkey thing on there held the baby lion over the end of the cliff.. y? bc he was showing the new baby lion off. and if u have seen the video of mj holding the baby he was only doing the same thing, not dangling it by its toe which is wut u haters r making it sound like.

-- Anonymous, November 26, 2003

i think that their are som sick peoples out there. why jude a person before you fine out the fact. michesl is not a bad person. i know him vey well. and he not like what every on put him too be. all you peoples that said all those bad thing abour him, look at youself. i am sure that you have rape or did something evan worth. but you wont ever tell. this is all i have yo say.

-- Anonymous, November 26, 2003

I don't know what MJ has done, or if he's guilty of any allegations. All I do know is that in the absence of evidence, opinions shouldn't be made. I am neither a fan of his music, nor a hater of his music, however I do think he deserves a fair trial just like anybody else does, I can'timagine what either he or the other family involvedaregoing through, howver I will stand as neutral as possible until there is sufficient evidence to make an informed decision one way or the other.

My prayers will be with all of the families and haters out there..

-- Anonymous, November 26, 2003

Mr Jackson,I am thirty four years old me and my family have been fan of yours for years,I just want to tell you that prayer will overcome all and that the heavenly father will reveal the truth in your defense. There are people in the world that you can trust and there are people in the world you can't trust young and old,people will do anything for money. Keep your head up and have faith. Peace

-- Anonymous, November 25, 2003

Now, that was a very good answer. May we all learn from that response, and think good rather than evil. Sometimes it's best to not think badly of someone that has helped many people in the past.

-- Anonymous, November 25, 2003

I am not a jackson fan,however I do feel the young man is being set- up just because he is different and quite popular with many people.I believe he is a very generous young man and uses his success to help children and instead it is being turned around to make him look like a child molester,because it is sad to say ,"but some people will say or do anything for that almighty dollar"and that is sad.My prayers go out for jackson and his family.

-- Anonymous, November 24, 2003

ooohh, Michael is such a sweetie, he must always have had his huge banana pushed up his ass, 'coz I never did see it in his tight pants. He was probably shagging himself each time he appeared on stage.

-- Anonymous, November 24, 2003

i think your all a discrace the way to suport michael is not through insults, you should keep your faith n for you guys who hate him keep your opinions to yourself or at least keep off a support site, please for ur own dignity if no1elses michael deserves a helpin hand, n ur all jus ruinin a nice bit of hope for his friends family and fans!! byexxx mj u rock

-- Anonymous, November 24, 2003

I just want to say that I do not think MJ did what everyone thinks he did. I love MJ forever and my support goes out to him and his family. Don't worry MJ there is plenty of fans still out there like me. We love you forever. Your amazing in everything you do.

-- Anonymous, November 23, 2003

hi micheal,i'm leave in canada.je sais que cela est dure a vivre cette épreuve dont tu fasse.parfois l'amour se retourne contre nous.prends courage micheal,tes fans te soutiendront jusqu'A la fin .

-- Anonymous, November 22, 2003

Do any of you assholes really know if he's guilty? Just because he's different, doesn't mean he harms children. I bet any amount of money that this kid who is making these alligations will eventually ask for money. Just like Jordy Chandler did 10 years ago. When I find out who this kids family is, I am going live on the internet, You can't just go around making these claims. I won't even comment on the comments made by that sack of shit named Tom@aol.com He's a penis who I know personally has sex with animals on tape! That's the type of people you find when you hear bitterness about MJ. Freaks who are hiding behind self righteous comments!

-- Anonymous, November 21, 2003

Hello Michael I Love You With all My Heart And Im Praying For You And Your Family and Hope All This Will End. Im So Sorry For All What Happen To You Mj God Shall Have His Time To See All Of us.Michael Be Strong No Matter What Im With You All the Way.Because You Are A Wonderful Man And I Dont Know Why People Can Be So Cruel.But Mj Im Here When You Need A Friend. I Mean No Matter What People Say you Will Always be A part of my life. love always And Forever bdrum1971@yahoo.com

-- Anonymous, November 21, 2003

hEy!!!!! i would just like to say, wut is wrong with you people??????? MJ is a child molesting, racist ass..... he thinks "white" (cajun) ppl are better than "blacks" (african american), and he goes around molesting innocent children (even kids with cancer), and as said before, he almost dropped the innocent child that he adopted, so pinkangel chick, u r such a loser if u can't see through him, and how may i ask can u love sum whom u've never met????? thank you for your time, and you seem very desprate, sum as obsessed with their boyfriend, as you are, has serious problems and/or issues, u must me mucho insecure and have zero self confidence, mucho luv, a der der der, XOXOXOXOXOXOXO

-- Anonymous, November 20, 2003

Hey, I just want to say I think Michael Jackson rapes little boys in the ass on his neverland rides. He opens his neverland occasionaly for little boys that don't expect to be violated, but in the end they come out with a bigger itcheyer ass in need of Preperation H. Can't wait till Michael Jackson goes to jail soon which he is for molestin' another little boy. Michael will feel the wraith in his asshole untill he dies.


-- Anonymous, November 20, 2003

just leave the children alone...your going down!!!!!!

-- Anonymous, November 20, 2003

Another nigger who would have been lynched in the good ole days.

-- Anonymous, November 19, 2003


-- Anonymous, November 19, 2003

LOS OLIVOS, CA...Investigators conducting a criminal probe swarmed Michael Jackson's Neverland Ranch on Tuesday (today), a sheriff's spokesman said. The purpose of the search was not disclosed. Jackson and his three young children were not at the ranch at the time of the raid. His spokesman, Stuart Backerman, told the Associated Press that for three weeks Jackson and his family have been in Las Vegas where he is filming a video. ------------------------

All I can say is now what?

I am not a hater and I don't consider myself a fan although I do like his music. I believe each to his own way, I'll go mine. BUT..IF indeed he is a child molester (and nobody really knows but him and his alleged victims at this point) than I hope he suffers as much as his victims.

One thing I must say about some of the posts on this sight is that you cannot condemn this little boy. If he was not victimized by Michael then he was by his parents...think about it. If Michael didn't molest him then his parents talked him into the allegations and coached him. If he WAS molested he will never escape from the pain. Believe me. I was a victim of child molestation. The man who molested me served his time, got out of prison and went on to repeat the crime.

Just keep an open mind people. For you youngsters on this site, it is not healthy to worship your idols. Focus some of that love and devotion on your parents. Love them while they are still here. Life is just too short to worry about the life of the "stars" you idolize. Instead, worry about those involved in your day to day life!

Peace on Earth ... GOODWILL toward Man

-- Anonymous, November 18, 2003

Hey everyone..... i understand every1 is intitled to their own oppinion, but if you ganna say something negative to put someone down then keep it to urself!! MY best friend has the same skin disease as Michael Jackson along with many others....why has it bin made to such a big deal... just because it's MJ! Michael is a legend! You haters obviously got nothing betta to do!! Everyone deserves a fair go.....Mj is a very talented and generous person....We could all learn from him... Love you Michael xoxo

-- Anonymous, November 14, 2003

He seguido tu trayectoria desde el principio. Recientemente conversando con una amiga sobre la Dismofia Corporal notamos que probablemente padeces ese síndrome. Michael analízate, porque después de tantas y tantas cirugías plásticas es muy probable que lo padezcas, infórmate puedes recuperarte y vivir con más tranquilidad interna. Ese mal tiene su origen en la mala captación de neuro transmisores, es extraño que ningún cirujano te lo haya notado.

-- Anonymous, October 28, 2003

Dear Michael Jackson How of you doing on this day, and how is your mother and father to also your children.I really do hope that every last one of the Jackson family would always be in the very best of health now and always. Also michael take of your self and your children too ok.I love everylast one of the family so much.

-- Anonymous, October 28, 2003

I FUCKING HATE! spicks kikes waps chinks dagos niggers jews & towelheads , But DAMN I LOVE MJ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-- Anonymous, October 20, 2003

First of all I would like to say for all you Michael Jackson haters out there, don't you have anything better to say than to bag on him. My name is Tiffany and I am ten years old and have love MJ for a long time. It really upsets me when people try to hold MJ down. Michael Jackson no matter what they say I will always love you and care for you. I am Raquel Rios niece and me and her are true fans of yours. In fact Raquel is with me right now. We would give anything to meet you. Me and Raquel will always be your true fans no matter what happens and we will always be with you through thick and thin. Don't worry we know how it feels to be treated badly. My aunt Raquel is helping me write this to you so we really wanted to give you our thoughts together. We pray to god that someday we will meet you. If you ever see this please respond to us. It will be a miracle if one day we can go to Neverland. We think of you each and every single day. Every day we wish that we would meet you. Martin Bashir is a real jerk. We will always be with you and you will always be in our hearts. We love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!! From your fans, Raquel and Tiffany

-- Anonymous, October 18, 2003

For all of you MJ haters out there I have met Michael and he is the nicest, kindest and most generous man you will ever meet. None of you can speak from a true experience with him because you have only seen him on T.V and believe all the bullshit they feed you. God people are so gullable nowadays! Michael knows he has the love and support of millions across the world so save your breath haters. I love you Michael and hope to see you again soon. Dangerous xXx

-- Anonymous, September 28, 2003

michael jackson is a very important person im a big and devoted mj fan and he means the world 2 me!! i get really fustrated when people slag him of! why the hell do you do it dont you have any thing better to do with ur time? im 13 and ever since i started listening to music he was the first ever person i heard im so into him hes so gorgeous n i think dat its better coz people laugh at him coz hes different but we laugh at them coz there all the same imature lil children!! if any wants 2 chat i ave msn luv ya all xx! and LOVE YOU MICHAEL XXXXXXXXXXX plz dont let mj haters make u turn on him hes so presious!

-- Anonymous, September 20, 2003

YO CHA'MONE i know u mother fuckers aint talking about MJ thats way cos u know ill get bubbles to kick ya ass's.

where can i get a latex MJ mask???

email me if youy kno thx

-- Anonymous, September 02, 2003

I love Michael Jackson very much! But the people who are saying all of these bad things about him have problems and need help! If you have problems with him then you should just leave him alone. I am Mai Moua's best friend. I live in Fresno too. Unless there are two Mai Moua's in Fresno. Her nickname is Molly. We are only ten years old but we care about MJ alot. I tried writing to him but nothing came back. It is my dream to meet him somehow and I will never give up. And if anybody has a problem with that it's their problem! I Love MJ!

-- Anonymous, August 16, 2003



Michael first of all I would like to say Happy Birthday...Michael what ever you do and say remember that I love you passionately. God had created an angle inside and outside of you. I can see that in your eyes and hear it in your sweet and compassionate songs. You show and give so much love for children's and all human race and asked nothing back. All I wanted to give in return for you, is my love. I hope that all people can see and feel what I have always felt for you LOVE! People can denied your action but they can never forget your name and your music, most important your love for children. MJ you are my inspiration and remember, keep your head high because you are the one and only MICHAEL JOSEPH JACKSON....the TRUE KING OF POP! For those haters out there i just wanna holler and say BEAT IT! (please forward to MJ) From your most honorable fan ... MAI HOUA MOUA

-- Anonymous, August 02, 2003

some people call mj jacko it sounds crasy take it from a real fan if your raeding this mj your hair is always in a do!! I know for a fact that mj's latest album invincible is the tightest CD out there i 1 of millions upon millions of fans think U shuold buy it today!! NOW Micheal J. latest news he did an interview with pharrell PS: mj4life my hubbie till death do we part e-mial me at crystalha6@epals.com

-- Anonymous, July 31, 2003


-- Anonymous, July 26, 2003

All i have to say about this is SHIIIIIIMONE MO FO. Who is that bitch Autumn, someone needs to knock some sense into that hoe. Hey Autumn, u don't know Michael Jackson and therefore you cannot define whether he is a 'nice man' or not, u silly bitch. Get a life and stop posting on this board every few minutes you sad whore. The truth is he is clearly a dirty bastard who couldn't resist the urges of children and so molested one. If he is apparently innocent why did he pay off the family to drop charges? If you were innocent wouldn't you argue until proved otherwise? EXACTLY...i hope you see my point. All you obssessive MJ fans have to STOP acting like you know him cause you don't. The asshole is white for a reason and i don't think it has anything to do with him not liking being black. That may well have been a skin condition and would explain why he felt the need for the complete transformation. Anyway, when it comes down to it, Michael Jackson is a filthy child-molesting pervert and NO-ONE here can prove whether that statement is false. I do however absolutely love Michael Jackass (his Bo Selecta alter-ego.) If that was him in real life, i'd respect that mutha fucka...heee heeee shimone.

-- Anonymous, June 13, 2003

I think that all these jealous people on here who feel that just because they have nothing better to do than talk stuff about an incredible man like MICHAEL JACKSON are the people have problems.Of course your intitled to there own opinion but nobody really cares what all you haters think.Your just wasteing your time writin shit thats not even true.Lets face it your just jealous and you will never know what how Michael jackson feels until you walk in his shoes.So I sugest you should keep your mouth shut until you really know the truth.


-- Anonymous, June 12, 2003

autumn you are an ugly loser. mj is a complete wanker hes a fukin pedo maybe you like licking his fake white ass but im a born black man and that means something when wacko jacko turned white malcom x probaly turned in his grave

-- Anonymous, June 10, 2003

im sorry this is my real e-mail address. If you have any concerns please make sure to e-mail me! Thank you!

-- Anonymous, June 08, 2003

Hello Autumn In my opinion I feel you are gay like MJ!!!!!!!!!!! Both of you like to take it up the ass. I really don't give a shit,but, when you start fucking with children like MJ ITS WRONG AND INHUMAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And you Autumn should be ashamed of yourself because you believe MJ's lies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MJ claims he never molested any children but I believe children would not make such stories up unless something was going on. So go fuck your boyfriend Conrad and stop suporting MJ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-- Anonymous, June 08, 2003

Today on the MSNBC website, The Orlando Sentinel learned that Michael Jackson and Martha Stewart are planning to combine their money, that way, both celebrities will have more money, since both have lost a durastic amount of money, Jackson from his Neverland Ranch, and Stewart from her insider trading scandal now in the news. When reporters caught up with the two, they both said that,"it was nothing more than love, that brought them together." Apparentally, we are to see another Michael Jackson wedding, and the second for Mrs. Stewart. Are we going to see Mr. Jackson's ecentric elephants carry them in to the wedding? Birds on leashes? Or little boys in all leather suits, with exposed genitals? Who knows, but as soon as we learn more, we will bring the story to you. -The Orlando Sentinel

-- Anonymous, June 06, 2003

leave my baby alone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-- Anonymous, June 06, 2003

Michael Jackson is the speaker for a GAY DAYS CONVENTION in Orlando, FL. He will be joined by thousands of gay couples who have flocked to the area to enjoy the sunshine and the Walt Disney World Theme Parks. Jackson told the paparazzi that he will be joined by his boyfriend of 5 years, Sir Elton John and his elderly grandmother, Elizabeth Taylor, an advocate for AIDS research. All are said to enter on llamas from Jackson's famed Neverland Ranch Zoo. - The Miami Herald


Michael Jackson announced last week that he plans to purchase a house in the Florida area. The house in question is a house fresh out of foreclosure, do to the fact that the previous owners were running child pornography from their Miami home. When asked about the alligations of the allegded happenings, Jackon replied, "They were my friends, I am doing them a favor, I am going to keep on running their precious business, one that is even more inviting than my Neverland." Members of the press also report hearing Jackson say, "I am glad to live in such a home, where we can all be free [of clothes] and can love each other." When asked by the reports, Miami Police Commissioners said that they would, "look into the situation." This gives new meaning to the phrase, "it doesn't matter if your black or white," apparentally now, it should read, "it doesnt matter if your black, white, gay, straight, lesbian, child, or adult! Come right in..." - The Tallahassee Democrat


An internet site [www.sciencefiction.com] ran this artical last week, "Does Michael Jackson truely have vitiligo, the sometimes deadly, skin altering disease he claims, or is it proof, that he really does have alien ties?" When asked by reporters what the website knew, they released this statement, "We have spoken to many of Mr. Jackson's employees. None of them would deny the alligations, infact, all said that they were true, or, atleast as far as they knew. They said that Jackson had told them, but that they saw no blotchiness, or skin discoloring. They said that Sam, the make-up artist, was trying new techniques for Michael's stage make-up. However, the employees said that they believe Jackson, because, why should he lie, he is immortal, he would "never lie"." Doctors working for the St. Petersburg Times report that, "Michael Jackson needs a new make-up artist, and some medical attention, not to treat the allegded vitiligo, but to help perscribe medicine for his 'numerous mental illnesses'." If you have any information on these subjects, please contact the St. Petersburg Times - The St. Petersburg Times

-- Anonymous, June 04, 2003

At the age of 33, I feel like I did at 14 wanting to communicate with Michael. I guess, once you have the opportunity to see a true soul that is beautiful there is no limits on time and the desire to bask in the pools of such beauty. Yes, I would love to converse with Michael, not just as a fan, but as a person who appreciates the wonderful soul that has never changed. There is so much I would love to discuss; yet it all seems to be imposing and so assuming. I can only imagine how it must be to have so many who believe they know you, yet can anyone truly know anyone. At my age, my seven siblings still insist my personality still baffles and amuses.

May God, give you peace Michael and may you find the happiness and joy all of us seek in this world. It only brings me joy to know that you are now a proud father. As a woman, who has always wanted to be a mother and is only an aunt; the gift of a child’s arms around you is immeasurable to those who believe the honor may never appear.

I will remain a fan forever, but exercise my fanhood by not buying into the media blitz and the tabloid money machine that is produced by your name. I am a fan not just for the beauty and moving sounds that you and your family gave shared, but also a fan of the man that continues to give in spite of our vivacious and often corroding appetite. I watch your Halloween special sometimes and I cry. I cry for the undercurrent message and the visual image where you do as society requests and disappear. It will be a desolate and bleak day when you decide to leave us to our own devices.

If you should ever read this Michael, by the grace of God I send you the love that is found in all mankind despite our moments of greed and selfishness. I will always continue to pray for you and your family. May they give you the love you have and continue to give so many. Remember, no matter what you are asked or what is written those that love the person you are will love you no matter what is said, or how you may change. You are a true example of a loving spirit!

Forever a friend and kindred spirit,


P.s. By way of interviews, Prince has the composure and knowledge of one who is much older. You are teaching him the reliance of manhood very well.

-- Anonymous, June 01, 2003

I would like to say something on behalf of Michael Jackson on this board where people seem to have nothing better to do than bash the worlds greatest entertainer, who has sold over 165 million albums to date.

Firstly i would like to introduce myself. I am a retired police officer who worked in depth on the Michael Jackson child molestation case of 1993. I cannot disclose any personal details like my name, email address, location etc... this is because i am not allowed to talk about the case to anyone, and i could get into trouble for this!

I have to honestly say that not one bit of evidnece was found to be against Michael Jackson. I met with Jordy Chandler on many occasions, the kid was lying. I dont blame the child for what happened in 1993, but his parents. I could tell that his parents had put the child up to lying about michael jackson, in order to get a pay off. The childs deposition was one that i was shocked to read, it did not sound like it had come from chandler himself.

I beleived Michael Jackson to be innocent of all charges, and i was correct. In fact, Mr Jackson was cleared of all charges after he had payed off the childs parents.

My suspisions that Jordy Chandler was lying on behalf of his parents were confirmed when i heard that they had accepted a pay off. I remember saying to a fellow officer on the case, 'why on earth would any parent whos child had been sexually abused accept payment to silence them?'. I know that i wouldnt, and if i knew that my child had been sexually molested i would continue the case, and no amount of money would shut me up.

You have to think about the circumstances. A boy becomes friends with Michael Jackson. His dad wants money for his film company... put two and two together.

In my opinion the person who should be charged with child abuse is Jordy Chandlers father, who put his own son up to lying.

Also, you have to think about the mentality of Michael Jackson. He has spent his entire life helping children of the world, giving millions to charity. Would he really risk his entire career just to abuse a boy? Come on. No way.

Another question often asked by people is, if he was innocent, why did he pay the childs family? This was because Michael Jackson's lawyers had informed him that the case could take 7 years to solve. Mr Jackson was a wreck, these allegations had ruined him. He simply felt that he could not have a long drawn out case that would ruin his career anyway. He wanted to end the mess that the Chandlers had created. After all, if you were a billionaire, wouldnt you pay to end something that was complete bullshit now, instead of having a long drawn out case which could take almost a decade?

Am I a fan of Michael Jackson? Yes, well i am now. But at the time, he was just another pop star to me. You really had to see the 'inside' details of the molestation case to know what I mean. The actions and the way the child was acting, and the way that Michael Jackson was acting made me know 100% that this whole scenario was a lie to make money.

Thanks for reading, and i hope you have learned from what i have said. I apologise for not leaving any names or anything, i really am not allowed to do this, but I felt it neccesary as many people have gotten the wrong story, stories that the tabloids have made up, again, in order to make money from Michael Jackson.

-- Anonymous, May 29, 2003

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-- Anonymous, April 13, 2003

From Argentina. Michael he estudiado canto toda mi vida y hago mis propias canciones. Mi sueño siempre fue poder compartir un escenario con vos o que seas mi profesor.Lamentablemente la situacion de mi pais no me permite llegar a vos...pero no pierdo las esperanzas de legar mi mensaje de paz al mundo a travez de mi música y de tu ayuda indirecta, ya que desde que tengo 8 años te convertiste en mi maestro,guia y mi energia. Mucha fuerza, gracias por existir Te quiere mucho.............Sabyna Banzan(22 años)

-- Anonymous, April 12, 2003

I would very much like a picture of katy marie lawson's wet vulva.

-- Anonymous, April 08, 2003

i cant believe that there is so much hate in this world. i do not think that most of the things mj has done are right. concidering the sad upbringing this man has had my heart weeps for his lost soul. i think that society has totally wreaked his life and his family should be ashamed of what they have done. mj needs our prayers not our opinions i pray that mj can find the peace he needs to heel his heart and to find complete forgiveness for his loss of childhood that he so desperately is trying to replace. i can not imagine what it would take to make someone so lost and confused and how sad it must be to keep trying to change yourself to find happiness only to know you only made it worse. his face is a constant reminder of his dissatisfaction with himself and of his unhappiness. god made mj so talented that no one can even comprehend what it must be like to be him. his music is what we should enjoy and our prayers should be our thank you to mj for all the entertainment and enjoyment he has given to the world. his whole life has been taken from him and he will never have peace until the press and hateful people leave him alone. think if a camera followed you and taped every stupid mistake you made how horrible you would look to the world. just look at princess dianna the press wasnt happy until she was dead lets hope that these terrible people see there way. mj deserves peace as we all do.

rose colored glasses

-- Anonymous, April 07, 2003

To Autumn, this is my first visit to this web site and i think your devotion to mj is incredible. i am not a lover of mj but his music is beyond excellent. as more documentries ( i have forgot how to spell documentries please excuse)are shown i find myself liking him more. if u like mj stick wif him and don't let anyone scarce u away.

Please e-mail me if anyone reads this9 please be nice)

-- Anonymous, April 07, 2003

Tomorrow's my birthday, Angelica Weston, so it would be nice if you can get those to me before then.

-- Anonymous, April 05, 2003

SHUT UP YOU JERK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-- Anonymous, April 05, 2003

Angelica Weston, I still have not received a photo of your vulva. Please advise.

-- Anonymous, April 01, 2003

you people have gone nuts about that homosexual guy!!!

-- Anonymous, March 31, 2003

you got that rite hommie MJ is the best and if he ever dance wid those pep out thea man he can kick some ass... people who hate on MJ should back offff listen to his song , that voice of his and then judge him......MOONWALKER all the way and there will always be one KING OF POP and that goes on with MJ....MICHAEL YOUR NOT ALONE...IAM HERE WITH YOU.....

-- Anonymous, March 21, 2003

Umm, i saw the documentery off michael jackson, and the Jurnalist was afraid off michael jackson, becouse off his strange behavior. I was terafid off Michael. Michael jackson is now a psycho, the last 10 years have been why to hard on him! FFS wake up world, give michael jackson a break, and tell him to go to Dr. Phil! he can mybe help him a bit, but not to give his face back. LOL, he also sad that it was his real lips, common, if he lies about that, he could be lieing about the whole thing! R.I.P michael jackson!

-- Anonymous, March 21, 2003

I would also very much like two pictures of Angela Marciel's wet vulva.

-- Anonymous, March 20, 2003

You should all just leave mj alone becuz his face is just an apperance the only thing that counts is how he feels inside.

-- Anonymous, March 19, 2003

You should all just leave mj alone beuz his face is just an apperance the only thing that counts is how he feels inside.

-- Anonymous, March 19, 2003

wanker, please let me know if you get a picture of anyone's wet vulva. Especially rachael moran's.

-- Anonymous, March 18, 2003


-- Anonymous, March 12, 2003

I would like a pic of anyones wet vulva

Shamone Mother Fuckers!!!!!

-- Anonymous, March 12, 2003

I am also against racism because I like to copulate with black men. That's right - I like to have an erect black penis in my mouth, vagina and anus!

-- Anonymous, March 11, 2003

Wow... I fell upon this web site looking for Gloria Aldred. I am offended at the name calling "nigger" you may not like M.J. (is that his nickname?) but to be so ignorant to use such a hatefull word offends me. I am mexican / affrican american What would I be? a spic nigger? Tell me Mr. white man how long have been holding all that aggression , my people ( you may call spics) came over here as migrant workers work harder than any " white man" I have ever met to raise their family in a better place with all that comes with that I am the second generation first lopez to attend college in the united states what can you say about your self? Besides using racist terms that you think cover up your insecurities and ignorants . The truth of the matter is that your ignorance shines through ... Keep shining my white brother. Love be with you just spreading the brown love to all my "spics" and "niggers" out there keep reminding yourselves of these words it will push us all to keep the love alive hispanics are the number one minority in the United states .... Atleast it's pure & real and boy can we dance!!!!!! By the way in the big picture of life just who is MJ? what does he do to better your life. I mean "stars" are mostly talented and that is great but isn't alittle wierd to get all obsessed over these people ? Let them live a normal life. Leave them alone. I watched on TV about Micheal Jackson hes a freak ( it would seem) But who am I and who are who just who is any one to Jugde? listen to some good music ... J lo maybe "la Raza" rules! Anyhow move on with your lives Stop hating on other cultures that was my whole point to writing this post. -selena

-- Anonymous, March 11, 2003

Angelica Weston, may I have a picture of your wet vulva?

-- Anonymous, March 11, 2003

hi Hilary loads of people here are making up stories of Michael that are not true i think im gonna need your help to stop them

-- Anonymous, March 07, 2003

hhmmm.... i notice that Autumn is not here anymore i guess she decided she doesn't like Michael anymore well thats to bad i guess no one is going to Defend you anymore michael!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-- Anonymous, March 03, 2003

I would very much like pictures of angelica weston's wet vulva.

-- Anonymous, March 03, 2003

i think you people are soooooooooooooooooo stupid to like michael

-- Anonymous, February 27, 2003

I would very much like pictures of holly c's and Delcita bronita's wet vulvas.

-- Anonymous, February 27, 2003

Hi i am a Michael jackson fan, i used to have a big obsession with him back in 2000...it got to the extream that me and my sister used to play a game called the michael jackson game,that game that we used to play lasted for about 2 years then we stoped playing it, we used to go to school then come home and play it all day long! it was a crazy game lol but fun...we also had some mj videos we used to watch them a lot... then i finaly got a life and stoped being so obsessed with mj.. i meen mj is cool but he must to some sort of witch craft or have a subliminal message in his music, why do his fans worship him and cry about him and think about him all the time and do nothing else? how come other fans of other artists dont do that? im not saying that mj defonitly did something like that on his fans! im just saying its weered the way only mj fans get on the way they do...or maybe its just that mj fans are weered thats why we choose to be his fans lol its a mystery still to be sought, Mj is cool but so are all the rest of us come on! why should he be any better then us just because he has all the fame and money? and why should he be any less than us just because he was un lucky to get all the rummers and hate male? see were all the same there are advantages and disadvantages to his life, he used to look so sexy but come on now he is 40 something and hey mj fans come on admit michael isnt the hotist looking guy now... im not saying we hate him no we love him but we dont know why we have this obsession, its not the looks its something deeper, its his soul that we love... hes a magnet that atracts us.. i love u mj if u ever read this website!

-- Anonymous, February 26, 2003

hey micheal u truley rule and i think u are awsome and every one who hates him go get a life hes doesnt sleep with kids or try to kill them for that matter JUST LEAVE HIM ALONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!hes reallly nice i would love to meet him and before u jude him find out the truth do wat ever you can and dont listen to the taboloud there just bull they trie and make it interesting but hering lies is certenley not coool SOthe next u make a statment on micheal jakson think think the truth JUST LEAVE HIM ALONE HE DIDNT DO ANYTHING OK

-- Anonymous, February 26, 2003

Michael was never convidted of anything..As for making black people look bad you guys are not exactly known to be model citizens. Michael should stop spending time with litle kids..I mean if kids in africa die of AIDS...who gives a fuck. tough luck. He has to realize that this kiddie sleep overs are effecting his career. hope Michael will realize this..

-- Anonymous, February 23, 2003

michael, we have to tell you so much and we think you also have to tell a lot... so contact us lots of love vio and chrissy

-- Anonymous, February 22, 2003

RE to the muffheffas who said dat mj was a fag and fucked the boys in the booty hole. I don't believe it. Re to the niggas that said he had so much plastic surgery. That is his decisions. None of y'all crackas ever clown on britney spear's boob jobs or pamela anderson, or Michael Douglas' plastic surgery. None of y'all clown on the billions on whites using suntan lotion to blacken themselves. yeah deep shit. take the plank out of your eye before you tell you neighber {Michael Jackson] to take the speck out of his.

-- Anonymous, February 22, 2003

I would very much like a picture of Christel Feghali's wet vulva.

-- Anonymous, February 22, 2003

Listen guys, when I was young I had no idea who MJ was. Seriously. One day I turn on the Tv and the media was talking about him and how the girls were throwing themselves at him. Right away, I turned off the television careless of who micheal jackson was. As i got older, i discovered this man that obviously looked white to me and I remembered as a child that he was black, I got drawn to know why. I began by listenning to his music. Perhaps he doesn't have a Whitney Houston or Celine Dion voice but he is in fact entertaining just like Britney spears who is evidently not that talented. Finally, i concluded by understanding that despite the abuse he had to go through with his father, he always respected him as well as any other human being. He taught the world of music some hardcore originality and dance moves. Also, he didn't use any drugs. What is strange about him is that he expresses his love differently but that doesn't scare me because love is love. Simply by looking at the way he looks at his children, we can see that he would take a bullet for them in a second. Does it matter that they aren't his kids? No! He has someone to love and they have someone that loves them. He's full of love and full of talent. So plz don't go hating like u know what ur talking about cuz no one really knows the truth and if he did touch that boy whom he gave millions of dollars to in order to drop the lawsuit, the parents shouldn't of taking the money if they actually cared if mj went to jail or not. They were after the money and that's too obvious. So keep it cool ...take the time to analyze things and don't jump to conclusions! Peace

-- Anonymous, February 21, 2003

Dear Micheal, I have heard and seen far to much in these years that I have lived. I am 44 yrs, old and in my life so much has changed. I remember you from when we were young. I have always admired and loved your work. I understand that people such as yourself are rare and special.You see life the way only a few are prevlidged to see.Remember one was assinated for the truth he gave to those around him. Rejoice in your own truth. God grants special giftd to those he choses. Just remember that this has been done before to others that were not understood. We live in a very hard world full of fools. Your rewards will come. Keep the faith Micheal. never let them touch the depths of your soul. That belongs to Abba. With much love , the friend you will never know , except maybe in a dream. Peace

-- Anonymous, February 20, 2003

okay, yeah, he might have been cool, but now, he is an ugly old hag that sounds like a feeble lady. it's true and you know it. he is frikin' hideous, god damn, i was going to go as him to halloween, but then i woke up because i realized i wasn't 7. c'mon, how can you like that guy? he makes crappy music these days, and you know that fag ass recent interview? he was so drugged up. what kind of sad ass excuse for a parent would let their kid spend the night at his crib? OMG, he raped them so much. tell him to get a hair cut and find his own kids, up his ass! oh, and please don't let him dye himself again, thanks

-- Anonymous, February 17, 2003

I would very much like a picture of Autumn Shifflett's wet vulva.

-- Anonymous, February 17, 2003

you freaks! Michael Jackson is the bomb!If you have a problem with him then DEAL WITH IT! he is so talented! He can sing and dance probably alot better then YOU can! People quit dissing him! He is a cool guy and his music rocks!YOU ROCK MICHAEL!IM BEHIND YOU ALL THE WAY! gina carozzi

-- Anonymous, February 17, 2003

hai micheal jackson , i want to call u as my dad bocoz i love u so much.i have seen all ut albums and beca,e ur fan.but now a days i am receiving a lot of rumors about u but i dont call them .i dont care even the god tell .i love u so much but dont do micheavous things i mean stupid things again like doing plastic surgary again to ur nose I LOVE U DAD BYE

-- Anonymous, February 15, 2003

I love MJ,I do not believe these allegations of Micheal molesting children. Micheal has a different way of expressing love and affection for young children.All Micheal is trying to do is express love he never got from his parents. I love you MJ

-- Anonymous, February 12, 2003


-- Anonymous, February 11, 2003

I mean if he's so cautious not to get any diseases from people why would he go on and do drugs which is like the worst thing u can do to your body? Mike is all screwed up. All micheal fans are crazy too if they can't see that.

P.S. by the way I used your e-mail pinkangel85@earth.net I'm undercover, and the name is fake too

-- Joey Washington (pinkangel85@earth.net), February 07, 2003.


What do you mean DO you know what DRUGS ARE??? you drink coffee?or eat chocalate or maby tea ,do you swallow asprine or do you drink whiskey???? SO don't complain about DRUGS CUZZ DRUGS IS SO WIDELY IN A RANGE FROM ABOUT 0-1000 YARDS DUDE i'll give you one hint though: endorfine=chocalate caffiene=coffee Theeine=Tea ALCOHOL=BOOZE and if your wondering about the NR 1 DRUG OF THE CENTURY ....WELLL SUPRISE SUPRISE OUR NUMBER ONE HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION OF THE WORLD "ALCOHOL" so f*ck all of you with the drug problem cuzz DRUGS ARE ALREADY INVOLVED IN YOUR I STATE "YOUR" LIFE.....REGARDS.....Amphieuss Kyuss

-- Anonymous, February 08, 2003

i hate u

-- Anonymous, February 08, 2003


-- Anonymous, January 25, 2003

I love michael jacksons, 3T's and the Jackson 5 music. So i got the jackson virus as well :)

Over 223 Michael Jackson links on http://www.michael- jackson.beginthier.nl/

Find people and more at http://www.zoeken.beginthier.nl

-- Anonymous, January 17, 2003

This site is an absolute disgrace, I demand it be removed immediately.

By Royal Order of the Real King.


-- Anonymous, January 16, 2003

Mj is the most popular, the most singfull, the most pretty singer, the most famous singer of all times i was present in his concert in Tunisia (north africa) and it was a dream concert i have never seen this before.


-- Anonymous, January 15, 2003

Errrrrrrr, I didn't realise AS WELL as MJ there were so many other freaks in this world. Jesus, you should all calm down, I like MJ's music from the 80's and before but now he's mental and writing crap. And NONE of you MJ fans can say that there isn't something seriously wrong -upstairs- (no I don't mean his bedroom). The baby dangling, the surgical mask, the funny walks in court, the fairground, the love of monkeys, the face and finally the "accusations". But no doubt 101 people will respond to this message giving me grief. Nevermind, get a life. Let's face it Britney Spears has more credability nowadays. Super Steve Banana Boy

-- Anonymous, January 15, 2003

dubbya , that's a good idea , hahahahahahahahahahaha

THRILLER, the Sequel

-- Anonymous, January 01, 2003

My fellow Americans, let me say, as your president, Michael Jackson will be our secret weapon in the war against Iraq. We'll drop him on Bagdad, his nose will immediately fall off and the ragheads will drop their weapons in horror as they stare at the black....er...white hole in his head. The war will then end. What a plan. No wonder I'm president. My family did not buy this job for me contrary to popular opinion.

-- Anonymous, January 01, 2003


-- Anonymous, December 24, 2002

I guess Michael Jackson did take his Thriller video just a litte too serious, trying to become a zombie. By the looks of him, he's been dead ever since, decaying day by day. Perhaps some day soon, when one of his bigger limbs falls off, sombody could be kind enough to finish him off with it. Then desolve the remains in a strong acid, in order te make sure, that the sad story finally and truly ends...

-- Anonymous, December 19, 2002

Michael Jackson is one of the best artists in the world. Some people are just looking for an excuse to put him down. Just because his facial features make him different, it is a sick thing to say horrible things about someone when they are the same as you or me inside. You say he hung his child off a balcony? I say Ozzy Osbourne bit the head off a bat and I say that Marilyn Manson rubbed a security guards head with his crotch. SO you see, a lot of famous celebrities have their ups and downs, but they always have the last laugh in the end. "I know you hate it, and you can't take it. You'll never break me, 'cause I'm Unbreakable."

-- Anonymous, December 18, 2002

well china it's not my web page it's a wed site for MJ fans the adress is www.mjeol.com I am a regestered member it's a great place to hang out and talk about MJ. stop by I think you will like. :)

-- Anonymous, December 11, 2002

hey when you do talk to MJ, tell him gloria aldred is looking for him in california.....snicker

-- Anonymous, December 10, 2002

hey Michael jackson rocks my world 4 ever, All you non michael fan are all just jealouse of this hero cause you people aren't as famous as him and don't have his kind if money. Anywayz he is the best entertainer that ever lived, hell he's better than elvis. And about his looks, like the saying says 'whats on the outside don't matter, whats on the inside is what counts'!!!!!!!And if michael jackson is please with the way he looks let him be, he doesn't judge you on how you look does he?? I dont beleive anything the publicity says about Michael jackson, as michael jackson said" don't beleive anything reporters say, when you hear it out of my mouth then you may beleive it!!!" I READ A SAYING IN TV HITS MAGAZINE AND IT SAYS "THERE ARE 2 KINDS OF PEOPLE IN THIS WORLD MICHAEL JACKSON FANS AND LOSERS!!!!!!!!!!!" I totally agree I LUV MICHAEL JACKSON 4 EVA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-- Anonymous, December 10, 2002

I agree with u the MJ hateers need to leave Michael alone.michael has some very good music and he is really cute so plz just stop being mean to someone that dose not dessirve to be talked about like that.....


-- Anonymous, November 26, 2002

If Mr. Mikey Jackson sneezed it would lose what plastic nose it has. I don't hate it but I also don't think it should be worshipped either. Bob Dole.

-- Anonymous, November 25, 2002

mj sucks butty.now Britney spears is why better than mj.twice as much talent and she doesnt take drugs like your beloved mj.

britney spears rules.

sincerly, britney spears lover mj hater.

-- Anonymous, November 24, 2002

What is wrong with you people. The man adopted a white baby and almost drop it over the side of a balcony. Maybe he didn't molest anyone but he did almost kill some kid. Oh and the skin disease I understand but why did he make his features white? I don't know about you guys but that man makes me confused and sick. People go love yourselves or you family or something. MJ doesn't care about any of you.

-- Anonymous, November 20, 2002

I get so upset when all you mj haters make fun of my mike!! Just leave him alone! He never touched that 13 year old boy! He uses women in his videos. And IF he was/or is gay he would've told the world already so back of and leave my husband ALONE!!!!


-- Anonymous, November 19, 2002

Hey pinkangel, just want to know, what is that website you was talking about in one of your reply's Micheal jackson the essense of love, email me the reply ok? thanks

-- Anonymous, November 07, 2002

hi, I love monkeys just like MJ :D~~

www.goatse.cx is my homepage, I love fucking little boys up the ass, just like MJ lollers

-- Anonymous, October 21, 2002

hey! I'm a HUGE Michael Jackson fan and I can do most of his moves too! (not to copy him or anything) You are a genius Michael, and I'll always be there for you. If you need AYTHING at all, just give me a message. I want us to heal the world together. God Bless You Michael.

-- Anonymous, October 02, 2002

I just want to let eveybody know MJ is a real nice person. I have always wanted to meet him cuz we both share the same birthday august 29, but i was born 1973.any one who has things to say that is not nice well they have problems with themslves and they ar jealous. So micheal if you read this love you lots and best of luck in the future..

-- Anonymous, September 28, 2002

ps. I emailed you a little present. Let me know if you get it. LOL! HaHa! don't mess with me!!

I LOVE MJ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-- Anonymous, July 31, 2002

Why do you bother coming here? No one likes you! Your a lier and a jerk who is jelous of micheal jackson! MJ is a great man! and will live on forever in his fans hearts! and my boyfriend is the greatest guy you have no right to talk about him like that. I love him!! and I will never let you hurt him! and the same gose for MJ! I love that man! He music has touched me made me feel love and he dose not desrve this crap!!!!!!!!!!!!! so just get lost I swear I will find more mj fans to help me, and when I do you are going down!!!!!!!!!! SCREW YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! born clippy! I will fight to end! I will never give up never!!!!!!! so go back to whatever swamp you came from I hate you!!!!!!!!!!!!!! your as bad as the press! Leave MJ alone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love you conrad! and.....

I LOVE MJ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-- Anonymous, July 31, 2002

Oh no not you again! dude don't make fun of my boyfriend! He more of a man then you will ever be! and so is MJ!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You suck get lost no one wants you here! You Stupid jerk!!!!!!!!! I hate you! go back to hell you devil (for people who don't swear sorry for swearing) I wish you would get a life. SREW YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I Love you Conrad! and of corse.....

I LOVE MJ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ps. You are soooooooo going down born clippy!!!!!!!!!!

-- Anonymous, July 30, 2002

just waiting for your return autumn hahahahah CONRAD what a weiner - is he a psycho as well

-- Anonymous, July 30, 2002

Hi I am back from camp it was great! I had fun saw old friends,and fell in love (sigh) I love my new boyfriend soooooo much!!!!!!!!!! but I still have love for MJ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and my boyfriend dose not mind that I love MJ. He is sooooo sweet and understanding.oh and I see that born clippy is gone. This time I hope he never comes back! so see ya! I LOVE you Conrad!!!!!! (my boyfriend)and I also like to say that.....

I LOVE MJ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-- Anonymous, July 28, 2002

I am leaving for camp today.

good bye

I Love MJ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-- Anonymous, July 21, 2002

Hi I just like to ask a favor if born clippy dose come back I need someone to help defend MJ while I am gone. I am going to camp for a week and well I hope more MJ fans come here. I feel soooooooo alone. hope you can help me. THANK YOU!!!!!!!

I Love MJ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-- Anonymous, July 20, 2002

ok that is totally gross and I don't beleave a word of it!!!!!!!!! MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!! you have a dirty mind!

I LOVE MJ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! no matter what people say about him!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-- Anonymous, July 11, 2002

hello autumn

i read nearly all your posts and your devotion to mj is phenomenal - i go around the internet looking for fans like you - when i was younger (im now 19) i was a massive mj fan - i won a trip to go to neverland and meet mj himself - the whole thing was amazing. but later in the day mj vicously bummed me with his willy - it hurt - now i dont like him as much and my bum still hurts loads - i cant poo right

-- Anonymous, July 11, 2002

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