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My husband has challenged me to climb a 70-foot indoor wall when we go on vacation in late October. I'm overweight and out of shape, but am looking at this challenge as a kick in the rear to deal with this problem. I need to know what kind of training I should do - cardio, upper body, lower body, whatever. Obviously I don't expect to be an expert the first time I try it but I'd like to not make a complete ass of myself either!

-- Heidi Jarman (, July 10, 2002


Probably the hardest part for beginning rock climbing is your forearms getting pumped, or burning up with lactic acid from fatigue. This takes a few sessions climbing to build up some strength and you'll be able to hold on longer lower body flexibility is probably important for a beginner also

-- Colm Donoghue (, July 22, 2002.

The lowest weight that you can climb with the better. A simple test. Try 10lb weight and try 15 reps. Try doing 7 reps with a 20lb weight nope, we are all lucky to do 4 reps. Weight to power is not proportionate. Any type of aerobic execise will help. One tip buy one of the rock climbing books, take a look at the finger holds and practice then before you reach the indoor climbing wall

-- BL (, April 01, 2003.

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