Karaoke VCD On A VCD Compatible DVD Player

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I have a Apex AD-660 DVD player that is VCD compatible. My wife purchased several karaoke VCDs. I have a Pioneer Karaoke Mixer installed between the DVD player and the stereo receiver. When I play the karaoke VCD the vocals are very prominant and I can't seem to eliminate or attenuate them. How can I solve this problem?

-- Craig Suttles (craig843@comcast.net), July 10, 2002


Firstly put the DVD player on Karaoke mode. Then use the R/L button on the remote control of the DVD player to select left or right channel. One of these channels is music only and the other one is music and voacal combined.

-- Tony (afhung37@hotmail.com), July 11, 2002.

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